Voxkit! Apps for iPhone/iPad
Voxkit! Apps for iPhone/iPad

Voxkit! Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Voxkit! Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Voxkit! Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Voxkit! Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Voxkit! Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Voxkit is a fundamentally different iOS music instrument, designed for drums, bass lines, and backing chords. While you can trigger sounds by touching the screen, the app is designed to trigger notes with sound.

Play with drum sticks on a practice pad -- Voxkit can hear the strike, and transforms this into a drum sample, a bass note, and more. You can beat box, tap a pencil on a desk, clap your hands.

Triggering notes with sound has a number of advantages. First, you can use drum sticks on any surface (other than your iOS device, of course); the bounce you get from the stick will help you keep in time. There's also less latency and jitter in the notes; sound moves through iOS like clockwork, while touches on the iPad screen can sometimes be delayed.

Voxkit uses a high performance spectral analysis engine to detect the tone of the first fraction of a second of sound -- and from this, it can trigger up to four different notes. Play a snare on a practice pad, use your voice to trigger a bass drum, and strike the sticks together for a cymbal.

The interface is arranged with four rows, with four pads each. Each row supports a separate SoundFont instrument; built in to the app are hundreds of sampled sounds from pianos, guitars, bass, synthesizers, and thousands of percussion sounds.

Each pad can play a single note, a chord, or even send MIDI control change and program change messages.

The app supports Audiobus 2.1 with preset sharing, Inter-App Audio, MIDI input and output, and MIDI over Bluetooth. Presets for the pads can be shared and imported from Email, or through Twitter.

Voxkit is a fundamentally different iOS music app; visit the Secret Base Design web site for more information, and demonstration videos.

With four separate SoundFont engines, and incoming audio signal processing, we recommend the iPad4 and better for the best performance. For less powerful devices, individual SoundFont engines can be turned off if not needed, and the app can be used as a simple MIDI controller. With the built-in Apollo MIDI over Bluetooth, you can use the app as a wireless controller for another device running a synthesis or sampler engine.


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Midi Drum Controller Posted by

In the same way that we have midi keyboard controllers, Voxkit enables us to come up with our own drum kit using four distinguishable tones to enable midi control. You can now employ percussive techniques and speed to create your music. This app is significantly different than Impactor as it's not transforming the dynamics of your audio into drum sounds, but rather using the speed of sound rather than screen touches to control your music. Voxkit is now like a totally new app which is very usable. Basically you need to come up with four different sounds you can play and then you can map these onto your kit. Think of it as 16 pads divided into four tracks with four instruments each. You can turn each track (row) on or off and each pad column is triggered by one of your four audio sounds. So you can have one sound sending four different midi messages to any combination of apps or midi instruments. It's got a built-in sound font player, and midi out which you can use to send out midi to four different apps or midi instruments. In fact each track can send midi to any combination of apps and/or instruments. The promised speed and responsiveness to the audio signal is there along with the flexibility to assign the pads to notes, CC, chords, and midi program changes. The midi implementation is solid, flexible, and comprehensive. Supports Audiobus, IAA, and the manual is great.

Great app with one flaw Posted by

I've been waiting for an app exactly like this to come out, mainly so I can tap out a beat on my desk, export the MIDI, and use that MIDI in my DAW to trigger my drum plug-ins. For a first version this app is great. My only complaint: I do a lot of double-kick in my music with fast triplets and what-not, but the app simply can't respond quickly enough to those fast sequential triggers. I tried tweaking the threshold level to get it to recognize all my kicks, but no avail. Even at the highest sensitivity it doesn't get it right. Please consider us metal/hard rock drummers and get the quick trigger recognition right and I'll gladly give the app 5 stars. I know it can be done because the iGog app by WaveMachineLabs handles double kick type triggering almost flawlessly.

Voxkit Rocks! Posted by

I was looking for an drum app that I could trigger using a cigar box stompbox for live performances and Voxkit works great. You train it to listen for a particular sound and Voxkit will replace that sound with a sample in it's Soundfont library. I have only used the percussion samples so far, but from what I've listened to, the other samples sound pretty good and you can add your own! I emailed a couple of questions to the developer and they got back to me really quickly with useful advice. I was most impressed. I've used Voxkit for several live shows and find it to be very stable and reliable. It's now a staple in my gig bag. I'm sure I'll find more ways to use Voxkit in our performances.

SoundFonts + Drum Pads + Chords Posted by

I'm giving Voxkit 5 stars not because it's a perfect app, but because it's affordable and offers some good content in a unique way. The marquee feature is the sound control, which allows you to trigger sounds with audible sounds picked up through the microphone. I had trouble getting it set up, but that must be error on my part. Still, there's a whole library of SoundFonts that you can assign to the 16 pads, and these include traditional instruments, drums, and synths. There's also a chord feature, which is something rare for this price range. Interesting app that got a lot better with the recent update!

Very Cool Posted by

Good to have extensive update! This is a very fun app for me (a drummer) as I can carry my "kit" in my pocket and play on found sounds! When and where the mood "hits" me I'm on it! Much more natural way to play! Thx Secret Base! I love your apps!

Nice drum kit Posted by

Especially cool being able to "train" the app to recognize any sound for drum hits. Put your iphone next to you when you play Air Drum the next time and let this amp you up with some full drum sounds, it's a sweet little feature.

Another great app from one of the responsive Devi Posted by

You may not think that you need VoxKit, but you will...

Useless crap don't waste money by Thefamousbicycleride 2013-02-23

Bought this in hopes of converting beatboxing to midi, but it is either over responsive or under responsive depending on settings, and completely useless as far as I am concerned. I tried to use it with other sounds and had the same problem. Don't waste your money.

seems like a cool idea, but by Mr Neptune 2013-01-31

this app is a very cool idea. but it doesnt work very well. cant get it to ignore sounds. cant play to notes at once. save your money and buy a digital drum set. sorry i really wish it worked well. sadly, it doesnt.