Wallpaper Liberator Apps for iPhone/iPad
Wallpaper Liberator Apps for iPhone/iPad

Wallpaper Liberator Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Wallpaper Liberator Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Wallpaper Liberator Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Wallpaper Liberator Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Wallpaper Liberator Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Wallpaper Liberator Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Wallpaper Liberator Apps for iPhone/iPad

Download Wallpaper Liberator for iPhone/iPad
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Liberate your home screen!
Showcase your latest photo or wallpaper on your screen without being restrained by the fixed app icons on your screen NEVER AGAIN!

No matter if you want to let you photo or wallpaper be the centre of attraction on your iPhone’s screen. Or you just want the have the freedom to place the app icons to your preferred location.

Wallpaper Liberator is the only app that allows user to have precise control over how the screen should look like. This simple yet fully functional application will provide you with the tools you need to let the wallpaper shines by itself.

Wallpaper Liberator simply creates icons that mimic the photo/wallpaper at placement which you want to replace. All you need is to replace the newly created icons with the current ones. Removing the icon is similar to removing an app on your phone.

Take a look at the screenshots below and see how Wallpaper Liberator works for you in ways you never imagined to be possible.

The only thing that is restricting you is your creativity!

For user encountering issue with the app. Please contact the developer at [email protected]

Check out the guide below:


Current Version:
Varies with device
19.57 MB
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Hit or miss Posted by

This app will either work well for you or not at all.... It worked for me and i dont think its a bad app. But the only thing is that itd be better to have a wallpaper that has color... The shadow effect from icons totally mess with a white wallpaper. The only other problem is that theres no way to size and crop your picture with this app and it will auto stretch/skew however it wants so if you thinking about using this app, make sure you have it formatted properly beforehand

Perfect for my needs Posted by

Just purchased this app and it is precisely what I wanted. I use a black wallpaper and wanted to create spaces between some of the apps. If functions exactly as described and created the spaces that I wanted. Absolutely perfect for my needs. Prior to purchasing the app, I sent three emails to the developer and he responded quickly and with the information I needed so that I could decide whether or not I wanted the app. Excellent response.

Updating previous bad review Posted by

I figured it out. It does work perfectly but the instructions need to be more clear. I can see how a lot of people can't figure it out going by just the instructions. Everyone- you have to take a blank screenshot of your picture wallpaper without icons on it. (Tap and hold and icon to move over to a blank screen) And use that instead of the actual picture. This creates the correct sizing.

App error Posted by

I have purchased and have been using this apps and absolutely love it.... I would recommend this app to anyone interested in personalizing their home screen.. With that said, the current version lost the capability of selecting multiple icons to create at one time... This makes it time consuming to create for multiple screens... If possible, please bring back that function.. Thanks

A must have for customization! Posted by

This app works great in tandem with Pimp Your Screen! First use Pimp Your Screen to choose your background and crop it to the right size and add shelves or icon skins. Then use Wallpaper Liberator in just the right spots to bring out the background image. The best alternative to the hassle of jail breaking for customization that there is!

Works Just fine Posted by

I think the app works just fine for me. The only thing is when your creating the blank apps you have to be quick at hitting the add button to make the blank app, but other than that I think it's worth the money and I think the other people that wrote reviews on this app didn't know what they were doing when they bought this app.

Good App Posted by

I've been using this app for a while now and it's great but the new IOS 7 update isn't as user friendly as the previous one. This update changed it back to where you can only make one background filler at a time instead of all of the ones you want all at once. If you bring that back it'd be awesome!

Love This App!!! Posted by

It is so easy to use and works perfectly! The only complaint is the app icon is hideous...so, I just delete it after I use it every time. With all the new updates it is really a perfect app for us who want to see our wallpaper in the background! Great job! Keep it up! ^*

Love Posted by

Clunky and time consuming to use. But, the only way to put blank spaces between icons on an iPhone. So, pretty much priceless in my world.

Does It Need Updating For iOS 10? by No Nicknames 4 Me 2016-10-15

After following the directions, at least on my 6S running iOS 10, I could not get this app to do what it claims - as a previous review described, the resultant icons are overexposed & misaligned. Update: though artifacts still show when swiping between pages, I found out that this app does work. Here’s what I did: 1. Settings: under General, Accessibility, Reduce Motion: set to on 2. Wallpaper: use one that matches your iPhone’s screen size (not its parallax size), e.g. for 6/6S use 750Wx1334H (not 852Wx1608H) or for 5/5S use 640Wx1136H (not 744Wx1392H) 3. Screenshot: put your iPhone in wiggle mode, swipe to the last page (which is empty of icons) & take a screenshot 4. Wallpaper Liberator: when selecting an image, use only this screenshot to create the new icons (not the original wallpaper you installed) I’ve found that if the app is left open for a longer period of time, Safari will drop the connection & give an error, so you will have to restart the app. And every time you open the app, you are presented with the tutorial, so you will have to press the “Skip” button. But given the complexity of steps required, maybe this is a good idea! I updated my rating from 1 star to 3 stars.

Wallpaper is in strange crops by Greyshade 2011-06-09

This was a waste. The icon is real and it works, though you need to read the manuals. But its barely even possible for me to resize my own wallpaper to fit the exact template of the icons that is being created. Icons need to be done one by one.

Not worth it. by Tyvek Nomex 2014-03-30

Read all the bad reviews on this app before buying it. They're all true and correct. This app does not truly customize your home screen. Your wallpaper will not look the way you would like it to. Thank God it only costed me .99 cents!

Boooo by KenChell 2015-04-13

App doesn't work a waste of money. I want my money back. It does nothing it said it would. The pictures never match up. Ugh I wish I could write this review and give no stars. I have never had a bad review as bad as this one

No by Gabe Tinge 2016-10-16

Do not buy. Doesn't work for multiple pages, fake icons show up in recent apps since they're just bookmarks. It's fine if you really want to have free roam with icons, but so many better ways to get it.

Doesn't work by noltron 2011-06-29

The pic you select will be rotated 90 degrees and then when you select a spot to create an icon, the icon pic it creates is not a pic of what you selected. Would give Zero stars if possible.

In theory good, reality- bad by A girl up north 2014-03-27

When selecting a personal photo for your background, the app stretches the photo making it impossible to match up with your correct photo that is your background, so they don't match up.

Money thrown away by Brazmcfly 2016-07-07

This was definitely the worst purchase i made in my life. The icon is raised on the screen, your wallpaper looks like a puzzle made by Frankenstein if you use someone's picture on this

App is crap!!! by Mickeyvwilliams36 2011-07-18

Waste of money cause this app doesn't work and it keeps crashing when attempting to use the app. Save your money and don't download this useless app!!!!

Rip off by Machetti 2011-12-07

Doesn't work. Have the iPhone 4s. Question mark comes up for icon. It's nothing thats advertised. I'd still be mad if this was free.

Does not work as advertised by Wasdking 2016-01-13

The app doesn't line up the icons properly and so it never fits with the wallpaper on IPhone 6.... Want my money back...

Review by Superstar_23 2015-01-06

This app does nothing like described in the photos. The app needs to be free. I would like a refund.

Does not work for iPad by Bittica 2012-06-29

Icons are the wrong size for iPad even though it says it is compatible. Waste of money!!