Wallpapers for New iPad Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Wallpapers for New iPad Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Wallpapers for New iPad Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Wallpapers for New iPad includes all kinds of beautiful Wallpapers, specially for New iPad Retina display, and many more every day.


● Lots of categories of beatiful Wallpapers.
● New wallpapers added Daily!
● Stunning UI
● Easy Navigation – Swipe, Zoom, Pinch
● Beautiful Full Screen Slideshows
● Share by Email, Add to Contact and Facebook

Wallpapers for New iPad Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

Current Version:
Varies with device
10.52 MB
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What's up with the adds??? Posted by

Wallpapers are cool, and there is a big selection to chose from, but I paid $5 and I still get stupid adds!!!! Remove the adds and I'll give it 5 stars, if not its going to 1 star!!!!!

Wallpaper Posted by

Excellent fount to enjoy and creates something different wow!!!

Great! Posted by

This was great for a freebie. I found many nice wallpapers.

I like it Posted by

This is the best wallpaper app on my iPad. Kool colors.

Beautiful Posted by

Hope I can use these as picture back grounds.

Review Posted by

Luv the format and wallpapers r interesting.

Tuyệt vời Posted by

Tuyệt vời!

Awesome Posted by

Great app!

Low res. poor selection. Duplicates. Stretched. by Douggiie 2012-06-13

I Luv dis app cuz I'm too dumb to kno wat my screen resolution is. ~10% approach retina quality, many images are unacceptably stretched and fitted, such as earth, now looking like an egg, or a super tall rabbit. There is nothing here, and all images can be found through google. Don't support poor developers by downloading and viewing ads in their apps. Mediocrity deserves nothing.

Worst app ever by Josh j david 2012-04-29

This app is just plain terrible. 10k wallpapers? I went through all of them in 3 minutes. Half of them are the same pattern just ten different color versions of it. IPad retina is 2048x 1536. These are not retina wallpapers. Mine was advertised as free, one ad connecting to another saying free for a limited time...they are all the same thing!

Not what was advertised by Firestriker 2012-04-25

This app has nowhere near as many images as claimed. The majority of the images available are boring and basic. They also do not seem to be optimized for the retina display. Most basic wallpaper apps have better quality images than this.

Not what I expected by DevryPerez 2012-04-01

Yeah it's free but it's not quite iPad retina resolution. The pics look terrible when compared to true 2048x1536 images.

terrible by Infantryman116 2012-11-06

kept getting kicked off. Pics were....okay. not paying for it sorry. gave star cuz I was told to

IT SUCKS by 7shane 2012-08-01

The pictures are good but it closes it self after 2 minutes automatically

Dishonest ads by D4567b 2012-07-05

It prompted to download a 'free' app which really costs $5.