Wallpapers - Pink Edition Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Wallpapers - Pink Edition Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Wallpapers - Pink Edition Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Wallpapers - Pink Edition Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Wallpapers - Pink Edition Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Wallpapers - Pink Edition Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Wallpapers - Pink Edition Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Wallpapers - Pink Edition Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Wallpapers - Pink Edition Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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HD Wallpapers All Optimized for the latest iOS 9, iPhone6S, iPhone6S Plus, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C & iPod Touch 5 (640 x 1136), iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad 3rd Gen and all other iOS devices.

Love Pink Wallpapers? Can't get enough of Wallpapers - Pink Edition? We have the app for you!

Pick from hundreds of the cutest, most adorable Pink images and use them as your wallpaper

So many different designs and scenes with different angle, perfect for the ultimate Pink Wallpapers fan!


**Update Features**

Create your own Design with Photo Collage & Photo
Editor with amazing features

Play Fun Puzzle Game to your own Choice

**Awesome Features**

Best Handpicked Collection of latest Wallpapers

Super fast loading & less memory consumption.

Fast and easy navigation within App using swipe, pinch and zoom.

Friendly search key to your favorite choice.

Categorized Organization of Wallpapers.

Unlimited downloads every day.

24/7 update so that you don’t get bored.

Pixel level detail of Cool User Interface making your time inside the App a soothing one.

Slide to enlarge image anytime



All the contents are collected from different sources those doesn’t violate copyright law and the purpose of this application is fully non-commercial.

Special Note

Your Rating & Feedback make us wake up & inspire for new creation every day. Please post your valuable opinions in terms of Ratings & Reviews. Don’t forget to like & get social with us on FB & follow us on Twitter for updates & special promotions.

Website: awfulappsshop.blogspot.com
E-mail: [email protected]
Twitter: http://twitter.com/awfulapps
FB: http://facebook.com/awful.apps

Wallpapers - Pink Edition Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

Current Version:
Varies with device
32.23 MB
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Soo awsome Posted by

I love this app it is sooo awsome I love the pink wallpapers they Look amazing on my screen and home lock I wand to give hug bear hug to the person who created this


i just downloaded this app to my iphone 3g n had no problems wit it. the photos r awesome n look great on my lock n home screen! :)

PINK!!!!!! :D Posted by

I love love love this app! I've already downloaded a bunch of wallpapers. If you like pink then you'll love this app!!! :)

Pink Posted by

I like most of the images. Some doubles, and a few images that have been removed from the server. All in all, not bad.

Review Posted by

I like it a lot I got a lot of their wallpaper. In my photos and a lot of them are really neat also cool nice looking

Amazing Posted by

It's so cool I found all kinds of wicked paper and designs my fav is the cartoon icecream it is just so cute

So cute Posted by

Most of the pics are really cute. But I would prefer even more collection. Then I will give 5 stars.

Reviews seem to be rigged by mcdisney2001 2013-01-25

Most of the favorable reviews here seem to resemble each other, and use similar grammar. I tried this app, and had several problems: 1: The wallpapers I downloaded never showed up anywhere on my iPad that I could find (not in wallpapers, photos etc). 2: Every time I started the app, I got a popup trying to get me to download yet another app. The popups were written in the same poor grammar that many of these reviews use. 3: Most of the wallpapers were for portrait mode, rather than landscape. Not a crime, just didn't work for me. I deleted the app, partly because it didn't deliver and partly because it raised security concerns.

My Review... by -Ladybug 2012-06-10

It's Poop. It stinks, too. Dislike! Dislike, Dislike, Dislike- 1,000 over again! Don't waste yo' time, bro. Wouldn't youu rather hang with yo' bud, than see dis?

A star to shine on you by Kailyn Davin 2013-01-05

Sometimes you need a star.You need a star to shine on you.If you get this star. Well it will shine on you and sometimes it will get you to do something new.

Help!!! by Cwc2 2012-08-23

When I click the app I get nothing but Internet connection error???? And it seems that all the background apps are like that!

Not saying that its awful by Sunday fun 2012-07-13

Ok i have a proplem when i go on it goes back to the menu im not saying that its bad but it needs an update for bug fixes

It's ok......... by Torietheglittergirl 2012-07-30

This game is ok......... And we all have our own opinions,and mine is there is There is not any cute background pics

This app really is horrible by Veronica's Muffin._. 2012-08-23


Don't bother by Madsam1 2012-06-15

I installed it but when it goes to load it says error each time and I can't get in!!!!!!!!