WeatherDesk Apps for iPhone/iPad
WeatherDesk Apps for iPhone/iPad

WeatherDesk Apps for iPhone/iPad

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**Limited Time Christmas Offer - Merry Christmas** WeatherDesk is a simple and beautiful desktop app to show real time weather updates for the current location.Weather app is designed to ensure that it looks stunning with your desktop wallpaper. *** WeatherDesk is a handy must try weather app for a price of coffee, and we are sure, you wont regret it. We are happy to hear from you. Let the world know what is good and let us know what is bad in the app. :) *** On your desktop Weather app is placed on the desktop but behind all your active windows so that it is unobtrusive and at the same time visible easily. Realtime weather Updates Weather app ensures that you get the latest and real time weather updates from you nearest weather station in the most simplest format. Your choice of Units Weather presents the details in both Celsius and Fahrenheit standards. You can just select the unit of your preference and weather does the rest for you. Launch on Start You can configure the Weather app to launch on start so that the app launched automatically on your start up and makes the weather information loaded. Matches with any wallpaper Weather app is designed to ensure that it looks stunning with any wallpaper that you might have on your desktop.. Anywhere on your desktop Different users have different desktop preferences and hence we have provided the option to locate the Weather app anywhere on the desktop.


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Hoping Posted by

I’m hoping this will work. I have this app on my desktop and my laptop. So far i have not been able to have it work on my desktop and this is my second time to try on my laptop. When this works it is great, but when it doesn’t work it gives me a headache. With the help of support I’m trying again. When it works I would give a five. I just now tried to get my weather desk to move and it won’t. Rats. So now after addingmthis I’m hoping I can move it so I can see it.

Testing this app Posted by

I usually have a widget from Geektools running but the scripting is not working great so I am trying this. Would be nice to have multiple locations available so I can check weather in another place. Since I cannot move it and cannot make many changes right now it is difficult to really review. Hopefully after this review, I can move it (as the application implies) and then I can really test it out.

Nice, but limited Posted by

I enjoy having it on the screen so that I can glance up and see what the temp is outside, but it seems very limited if you have the free version. hope this is helpful if you are thinking of downloading this application.

Nice App for a NIce Price!! Two Suggestions Posted by

Love having the wallpaper match your current weather!! Two suggestions: Would love the option of having a 5 day forecast, plus the option of slowing down the videos on the desktop (some of them seem to run too fast)!

Love it Posted by

I like how it is visible, but not overtly so to make it an eye sore and distracting. However, the screen changing tgheme from day to night is not always accurate.

Great app! Posted by

Thank you for such an amazing app. :) It’s been more than 24 hours and the position feature has yet to unlock. Please fix. Thank you,

WeatherDesk: Fast Posted by

Works well for me. Just type in a zipp code for the area that you want a report and it quickly shows you the weather . My OS is 10.9.5.

Simple and accurate Posted by

Cool app (no weather pun intended). Cross-referencing conditions from local radio and tv has been reflected accurately and responsively.

Cool App Nice Effects Posted by

Very simple to use and very cool effect that mimic the weather currently in your area. I would recommend this to anyone.

Weather made pretty Posted by

If you want your desktop to come to life with the changing weather around you then this is the app to get for your Mac.

Weather at a glance - PERFECT! Posted by

If you’re looking for a minimalistic app that shows you weather at a glance on your desktop, this is the app for you!

Love the app. Posted by

I really love this app. It’s really great. I wish i could choose my own wallpaper with dynamic wallpaper.

Great Posted by

Really great and it really useful when quickly checking the weather. Also really reliable and accurate :)

화면 밖으로 벗어나네요... Posted by

구형 맥북(mid 2010)인데 화면 밖으로 벗어납니다.. 그것 말고는 괜찮은듯..

Don’t like extra in-app purchases - updated by JRH Reviews 2016-12-23

App appears to do what is advertised - time will tell how often I use it. However, I have an issue with any paid app that has additional in-app purchases — either charge for all of them or give the app away for free. But to charge for the app, then charge again with in-app purchases is unreasonable. After using the app for 24 hours, I found that its ZIP code is not functioning properly. It would not recognize anything other than the main zip code for the city, but not eh zip code where I live. Knowing there can be pretty dramatic differences in weather between the two, that cost a star. Also, the folder in the containers library reported using over 890MB of space in just 24 hours. I can’t imagine what was taking up all that space, but that was enough for me to delete the app. I may reconsider in a future release of the app. For now, I will stick with the apps on the iPhone.

Disappointed! by 2K6GTO 2016-10-02

First off, the app can’t be moved on the desk top unless you either pay another dollar or rate and write a review. Nobody likes being held hostage. Each time you start your computer a drop down appears from the tool bar for a long enough time you either need aditional action to close it or have the patience of Job for it to finally disapear. I’m deleting it after I submit this.

Convenient little app by Davisnn 2017-02-21

Like that you can use either the small view or weather inspired background. However, located under menu so view is half hidden. Created an initial review with the offer to complete a rating to unlock movement of the display, however weeks later it still remained locked. Disappointing.

Hopeful by BotSO 2016-12-23

I think this App is off to a reasonably good start. However, it’s a bit frustrating to use at first. We’ll see how well the app works after I unlock the app and can move the widget. As of right now, I cannot see the widgent because it’s blocked by the tool bar. More to follow.

1 Problem by Battery Monitor 2017-01-03

I sort of like it but it wont let me move the position unless I rate a review or buy it for one dollar, that is ridiculous! But the application is not bad. But it is useful and worth it. I tried to rate and write a review but it still dosent work. I am still not going to buy it.

Really? by 3glot 2016-12-22

By default this app starts up in the way top left corner of my screen so that its upper half is cut off. You can only move the display by submitting a review or paying an in-app purchase. Not impressed Try WeatherPlus for a better alternative

App looks nice by Drfa1001 2016-12-30

The dynamic wallpapers seem promising but it’s asking me to write a review to be able to move the widget on the desktop. Right now it is stucked in the upper right corner with half of it masked. Not the best way to start.

Booooo! by Irritated825849 2017-01-13

This app might be nice, but the fact that the app is locked in a practically unusable position on your desktop, unless you write a review or pay for it, makes it, pretty much, function on similar principles as ransomware.

Interesting App by TomKalEl4411 2017-01-09

So far this is the first app of its kind that I have been looking for. I’m looking for individual apps an widgets like this one to make my desktop look different than the average computer. Thanks!

Half the display window is under the menu bar. by sgginc 2017-02-19

Half the display window is under the menu bar. Unable to move it. Want's 99¢ to be able to use this utility.

ok app by Privacy sucker 2017-01-15

It’s an ok app, but don’t see a big use of it since you have similar weather widgets built-in

Nice idea, needs multiple monitor support by Remo Evans 2017-01-12

Nice idea, needs multiple monitor support and forecast.

not sure yet by mashnee 2016-12-22

Zip code entry does not work, so at a dead stop