Webcam Settings Apps for iPhone/iPad
Webcam Settings Apps for iPhone/iPad

Webcam Settings Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Webcam Settings Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Webcam Settings Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Webcam Settings Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Webcam Settings Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Quickly customize your webcam's settings while using FaceTime, Photo Booth or Skype on your Mac.

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Webcam Settings allows you to adjust settings including the exposure time, contrast, saturation, and white balance temperature for your webcam, whether it’s a Built-in iSight, a more recent FaceTime/FaceTime HD Camera or an external USB webcam.

• True hardware level control of your webcam.
• View changes in Real-time to your video as you move sliders and change other settings.
• Fully plug-and-play; Webcam Settings, automatically recognizes your USB webcam when it’s connected to your Mac.
• Automatically identifies various settings that your webcam supports.
• Feel free to try any different settings as “Reset to Default” button brings back original settings from your camera.
• Works with almost every video or photo app such as Photo Booth, FaceTime, iMovie, Skype, iStopMotion, Wirecast, Sparkbooth, GoToMeeting, WebEx, Jabber, Flash based webcam app and many others.

Supported Settings (varies between cameras)
• Auto-Exposure Mode
• Exposure Time
• Gain
• Aperture
• Brightness
• Contrast
• Hue
• Saturation
• Sharpness
• Gamma
• White Balance Temperature
• Power Line Frequency (anti-flicker)
• Backlight Composition

Advanced Settings (Only Microsoft LifeCam Studio, Cinema, Logitech HD Webcam C525, C615, C910 and C920 support Zoom, Pan and Tilt, please check our website for camera support.)
• Focus
• Zoom
• Pan
• Tilt

* Webcam Settings support UVC (USB Video Class) webcam only; FireWire camera such as external iSight is not supported.
* Your USB webcam must be working on your Mac properly (function normally with FaceTime, iChat/Messages, and Skype) before it can be used with Webcam Settings.


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A Wish Come True! Posted by

I have been working on building up a video blog, and had been using iMovie '11 as it is quick and simple to do everything I need to do. Sadly my built-in iSight is an older non-HD model, so my husband purchased me a Logitech C920--a sweet USB camera. But what's this? Logitech does not play nicely with Mac, and this is one of their cameras which works in just about anything BUT iMovie. And trying to find replacement software that would even simply record in HD quality, let alone give me control over my camera settings, was a futile effort. Everything was either underpowered or overpowered (I don't need an entire scren-capture suite just to record some videos of me talking to a camera!) It was literally while I was doing research to potentially return this fab camera and replace it with something not as good, but that would work with iMovie, that I came across Mactaris' Webcam Settings, and its partner product Webcam Settings iMovie Enabler. In one fell swoop, Mactaris has create a pair of plugins which not only allow me much more control over the output of my USB camera, but now lets me do it while directly working in iMovie '11! My only complaint is that while it does recognize my camera, and the quality is HD, it does not record it in widescreen. I have to film a little further back, and then when I bring the clip into the event I am creating, it crops it into a widescreen format. Not ideal, but considering it solves so many other larger problems, I only took away 1 star for this simply because it is the only way in which this particular program combo didn't suit my needs. I am so pleased this has worked out for me. Looks like Mactaris is very communicative over on his blog, and responds quickly and thoroughly in his replies. So if you have any questions about the product definitely go over and chat him up.

webcamSettings review Revised please Posted by

I wrote a poor review the first time around. I would like to revise that review now, please if I may. I'm going to upgrade it from one star to 5 stars . Why you may ask? To my surprise the developer who wrote this camera program contacted me, listened to my concerns then followed up with me until my problems were resolved. Is that Customer Service or what..? Since then the program has undergone several more improvements and WOW such improvements they are. What more can one ask for... this is just the best app. that one can find for my Logitech C-910 camera running OSX, iMac, Lion. You can easily adjust: Exposure, Brightness, contrast,Hue,Saturation, Sharpness Temperature, Gamma, Gain,Aperture, go Manual or Auto,Shutter priority, Wow the list goes on and on. Logitech sure didn't offer this with iMac buyers but provide the absolute bare minimum I.E. turn on turn off,snap a photo with no features. But that's another story. Apple's Mission Statement holds true: "Apple is committed to bringing the best personal computing experience to students, educators, creative professionals and consumers around the world through its innovative hardware, software and Internet offerings." And that's just what they did for me….Kudos to the Programmer and to Apple App Store…I Thank You. And as if that's not enough it is compatable with Photo Booth too--- that a bonus and other cams too. But most important I say is it's Develop[er who didn't settle for just a so-so attempt but when over and beyond his goal to provide features that the iMac people asked, required and must have to enable their work to be professional. Thank You for all that hard work for an application that WORKS beautifully for those who follow and purchase Apple expecting the Best of the Best and user friendly items.

Heaven-sent for my Logitech 920 Posted by

Runs my Windows webcam on a Mac Mini -- beautifully! I purchased the Logitech 920 for my main Windows desktop ASSUMING it would work just as well on my Mac Mini Mid-2011 Core i7 quad. WRONG. Turns out there is NO Mac software for the 920, and when I launched Facetime, I could have passed for the Phantom of the Opera. Oh, great, I thought. Gotta buy a second webcam just for my Mac? Scoured forums for help and someone recommended Webcam Settings. WHAM. Perfect! It doesn't have the masks and other fancy doodads on the Logitech Windows software, but you probably never use that anyhow. For serious stuff like white balance, zoom, pan, tilt, brightness, saturation, it's every bit as good. Plus it lets you save settings for different purposes and lighting arrangements, which I really appreciate. If you're trying to use a 920 on a Mac, the $7.99 for this could save you the $65 or more that you'd have to spend for a Mac-optimized webcam, and cut down your clutter as well. Don't get me wrong -- if you need to use your webcam fulltime on the Mac Mini or Mac Pro for podcasting or other professional purposes where quality is everything, get a dedicated Mac webcam. But, for Skype or FaceTime on a Mac Mini, this is a no-brainer and my hat's off (yes I do wear one sometimes) to the developers! P.S. If you do NOT have Logitech 920, I would bet this will work for you as well. Check the reviews below. The software is a dream -- much easier to use than Logitech's own Windows drivers, in fact.

It works really great with Logitech Pro HD C920! Posted by

With this app i gain total control of the webcam, and in this version i can keep settings even if skype or other software tries to reset the changes! Quicktime records in full HD with a constant 30fps! Photo Booth take amazing pictures also! And after send an email to the developers regardless the iMovie widescreen capture problem, i got a very quick response that did the trick! I here cuote the solution: "I found the real trick to make iMovie '11 recording widescreen format. While in iMove's video import window, use QuickTime Player to help switch between 4:3 and widescreen! QuickTime Player allows you to choose 3 levels of recording quality. Medium Quality, QuickTime Player sets C920 to 4:3 at 640x480 resolution. High Quality, QuickTime Player sets C920 to 16:9 at 1280x720 resolution. Maximum Quality, QuickTime Player sets C920 to 16:9 at 1920x1080 resolution. While switching different recording quality in QuickTime Player, you will notice resolution is switched in iMove's video import window as well. This way you can control iMovie's recording resolution." Remember to download the Webcam Settings iMovie Enabler to enable your Webcam on iMovie 11. Just amazing! Now i can say that this is a must have app!

Absolutely fantastic app! Posted by

I've owned a Quickcam Vision Pro for a few years, and while the camera itself gave me good enough video quality, the frustration of not being able to adjust any settings manually was very irritating. Webcam Settings has changed all of that! I can adjust important things such as brightness/saturation/contrast/etc with just a slide of the mouse. It's incredibly helpful to anyone who has the desire to get better picture quality from their webcam. I must add that the addition of a "manual focus" feature is something extremely helpful to me personally, as I am a stop-motion animator who needs a precise focused image when animating. So besides the average person who just wants more control of their webcam, this app is also highly recommended for any animators. I will also add that the creator was very helpful and detailed in his explanation when I contacted him with a question via email. He explained everything I needed to know in a simple and understandable way. Very friendly guy! All in all, this is a necessary app for ANY mac users who have a webcam!

I’ve Been Waiting a Long time for this program Posted by

I’ve been running a High School News Program with a USB based multicam BoinxTv setup using a Logitech 910 and two 920s on an 2011 iMac (OSX 10.6.8). A year ago there were no options for these sorts of cameras… they were too new and drivers (or lack of) for Mac were a nightmare. I finally found some independent developer who was creating similar freeware but it could only support exposure and iris on the 920s. Good enough but really hard to light and keep good color temperature. Not a terrible scenario but broadcasts had funny color temp and green screening was nearly impossible with all the shifting variables. Basically the setup worked but was generally janky. Webcam Setting installed easily and added all the features I needed. I had control of way more adjustments than I thought possible. Finally the 910 and 920s are working out for the best. Thanks for making this! It is a super niche market and I figured no one would have developed this good of a product. Color looks great, chroma key looks great. I love thei interface. Thanks!

YES! Works on Logitech C920, too! Posted by

By mere accident, I got into a conversation with a friend who was evaluating this app and it was interesting to me, too. I bought it before he did and now he's convinced to buy it, too. I have a Logitech C920, which has _no_ OS X software at all, but the camera works fine in OS X apps (except for iMovie and Photobooth). I had always hated missing the manual controls like the Windows software provides. I had to do weird things in order to get my lighting right—and then not move at all! Webcam Settings fixed all this for me! Now I can control my C920's white balance, exposure, and even focus! And the app does truly directly control my webcam and doesn't function as a new webcam (like CamTwist Studio does). I was impressed that I could start controlling my webcam immediately after launching the app and I didn't have to restart my program that was already using my webcam. The program is lightweight, extremely useful, and works wonderfully! Definitely worth the cost!

Great for a Photo booth if you are using a WebCam Posted by

If you have a Macintosh Computer you already have the program Photo Booth and for a very small investment you can set up a very nice Photo Booth, this program Webcam Settings supplies everything you need to have basic controls of your WebCam. Forget about printing the pictures, Apple’s program Photo Booth makes it very easy to apply effects and email the photo you have just taken, in my opinion much nicer then printing some little strip of pictures. Everyone has a smart phone now days and they can forward it to anyone they want to. Well worth the small price that they charge. Anyone can be taught to use it in about 15 minutes. This would be a really nice add-on service for any videographer, photographer, or anyone just wanting to set up what has become a very popular Service for any special event.. And the nice thing you can email the pictures allowing you to charge a much lower fee then people who print the pictures.

Logitech and Apple should be paying for this app Posted by

I finally had to buy an external Logitech HD c615 webcam because the Macbook's built in iSight camera takes horrible video and there seems to be no way to adjust zoom, color/contrast/sharpness/brightness. Well, I installed the software for it and it kept crashing. I finally got an earlier version of the Logitech webcam software to work, but still, no way to adjust zoom, color/contrast/sharpness/brightness. Between Apple and Logitech, how can these companies not include such basic functionality in their software? I never had a problem with webcams in windows, and I'm not a windows fanboy. Anyway, kudos to this developer for being the only one to come up with a viable solution. I just wish that apple would buy it from him and include it in OSX.

LifeCam Studio on OS X El Capitan 10.11 iMac 2005 PERFECT!!! Posted by

LifeCam Studio video perfection on 2005 iMac 23” El Capitan 10.11. Note 1: On rare occations, allow 10~15 seconds for a large adjustment to take effect. Be patient. Note 2: After about 20~25 minutes, Webcam Settings video window starts flashing on and off continuously but DID NOT DO THIS IN 1.5 HOUR ooVoo VIDEO CONFERENCE immediately afterwards. Guessing; The flashing on and off may be Webcam Settings way to remind user to turn off that video window before using your video application. This makes sense but I don’t have the experience yet to know for sure. I only know that it did NOT cause any problems within my video conferences where the LifeCam performed flawlessly with the auto focus.

Logitech C615 now usable Posted by

I just bought a Logitech C615 to use as an overhead "homework" cam, so I can do homework with my brother who lives in a different city. The c615 is "fully supported" by logitech in OSX but, their software is reminicient of PC bloatware garbage. Zero control over the camera, its a poor, relatively useless *test* app. The focus on my camera was flippant, constantly switching between my hand, and attempting to focus on my paper which was washing out the colors. Long story short, manual focus, hue, saturation, sharpness, and more. All the tools I needed to dial in my camera. It was about to get returned. Now it will be usefully implemented. THANK YOU for this software!

Exactly what I needed. Posted by

As as someone who records videos where manual focus is absolutely needed, I was concerned I'd never be able to use any webcam on my computer, becuase I searched for what felt like forever and found no manual support for anything on OSX, and all the apps I found online made to support manual webcam controls either didnt work or worked at a very small resolution. This worked wonders, did exactly what it was meant to do, and isn't bogged down by a whole bunch of useless features like funny filters or presets. It just lets you control your webcam. A must-have for people like me who use their webcam for more than just the occasional skype session.

Wow! Forget the software LOL this guys customer service is like hes in your house with you Posted by

I bought this and it didnt work right. I uninstalled it and found I had an issue with Iglasses and Facetime after the 10.8.1 update. I uninstalled Iglasses, rebooted installed Webcam Settings. Still had some issues I thought, but the developer was quick to answer all my concerns and why within a few hours sometime a few minutes after a total of 11 emails. I am sure that this will continue to be the software of choice as each version grows in function. Iglasses support, well I have heard from them once since Sunday! Very happy in all regards ~~~ Bri~

Works for Logitech c615 HD on Macbook 10.6.8 Posted by

I recently purchased the Logitech c615 HD for my mac and was sad to see none of the detailed settings were compatible, i.e. zoom, lighting, contrast, hue, etc. I was skeptical about the $7.99 and purging more money into a brand name webcam. I searched all over Logitech's website and noticed many people with the same problem. Logitech doesn't provide the detail settings in the installation package for Mac. Note, the webcam does work for mac. In summary, BUY THIS APP TO GET THE FULL BENEFITS OF THE LOGITECH C615 HD WEBCAM FOR MACBOOK (10.6.x)

Great Developer Support Posted by

I purchased this to change settings on my Logitech C920 and initially had issues with it detecting my camera. However, Liang-Hsin responded within hours and helped me diagnose the problem (turned out to be some bad Matrox drivers). The upside is that FaceTime, which has been broken for months (probably since I installed the Matrox drivers) now works again as well. :) Also tested it with my several year old Microsoft Lifecam Studio and it worked great. It is awesome to finally be able to fully use high quality webcams with my Mac!

Made my cheap webcam perform much better. Posted by

This software installs a menu in the upper right of the menu bar, allowing you to control your webcam’s hardware directly. For my Logitech camera from 2004, it allowed me to control all the picture settings (brightness, contrast, exposure, focus, color temperature, saturation, etc.). Now my useless webcam has new life. Dunno why the haters are hating, because it works fine for me, even on Yosemite.

This app just works! Posted by

I purchased a Logitech 920 about 2 months. I was going to use it with my PC but it died and I decided it was time to make the jump to a Mac. I was sad that Logitech didn't make native drivers. I found this and it worked perfectly(so far)! I'm VERY happy and the $8 just saved me a lot of time and headaches!

This is how your camera supposed to work! Posted by

Absolutely great app for my Microsoft LifeCam Cinema. Has all the settings that my camera offers under windows. I actually had a virtual machine with windows on it just to use my webcam before. Now my struggles are over, finally! It'd be nice of Apple to implement all the settings in OSX, but, alas.

Works just as intended! Posted by

This app did just what I wanted. The default settings on the mac for my Logitech Vision Pro were terrible. Within 5 minutes, I was able to download, modify the settings, and immensely improve the image quality on the webcam. Nice little app!!!

Works great Posted by

Much better than the Logitech download on the App Store. Using with my iMac and the Logitech C920. If you are looking for an app to let you control this camera, this is the one you want. Glad I found it.

Herky, Jerky sliders by apobibcv 2013-04-10

My new Logitech C615 works great but the webcam software doesn't work in Mountain Lion. So I purchased this app and it helps a lot. Everything works, sort of, except the sliders don't slide easily and there is a long lag between the slider movement and the appropriate action in the webcam. But it basically works with a little fiddling, which I shouldn't have to do. With Screenflow I had the C615 taking a wide shot and my whole room was showing in the the 16:9 size window. The Logitech software didn't work, so I tried this. After fiddling with the Zoom I was finally able to get it to zoom where the resulting movie only showed me and the bookshelf behind me, rather than the whole room. I saved the setting and so it works great…just fix the slider sensitivity to where it works well and then it would be a 4 star. The ability to change the screen size from 16:9 to 4:3 would be great also. Then in Auto-Exposure Mode only two buttons work, Manual and Apeture Priority…Auto, and Shutter Priority are greyed out…huh? I'm sure a few releases down the line will iron out a lot of these things, and it may be the fault of Mountain Lion, who knows.

Boo! by pixshifter 2012-09-29

Well, that was a waste of 8 bucks. Adjustments are not usable on re-start, so you must start over every time. If you make an adjustment while in "Auto" mode, the changes don't stick after you quit and then reopen Webcam Settings. If you make changes in "Manual" mode, it again just resets everything to default and back to Auto mode after restarting Webcam Settings. If you make adjustments in "Manual" mode, quit FaceTime, but leave Webcam Settings open, then reopen FaceTime, the picture goes nearly black and again, you must start over. The only combination that sort of works is leaving Webcam Settings running all the time and in Auto mode. Even then, it is buggy and, of course, you have less adjustablility than in Manual mode. Also, FYI, it has almost no control over a Logitech Orbit AF. (Tested with both the built-in cam on a 2011 iMac and with the Logitech.) I guess I'll wait for ecamm's iGlasses to go on sale to try to compensate for my 8 bucks.

Does not work with Rocketfish HD webcam by TTurnbull13 2013-03-02

As I'm now coming to find out, Mac OS does not play well with many 3rd party devices, even when "Compatible with Mac OS" is listed. The Rocketfish HD webcam is too dark, and it seems the auto exposure functions are broken on Mac OS. I was hoping that this app would allow control of webcams similar to what PCs are offered, but not in the case of the Rocketfish HD webcam. It seems the app does have some control, but instead of the super dark default, this application also gives an extremely overblown 1 sec exposure setting. There is nothing inbetween. So it unfortunately did not solve the problem. What's more unfortunate, is the app store policy of zero refund window. Meaning there is no money satisfaction guarantee, if your experiment fails, you still pay full price. This isn't the developers fault, it's Apple's.

Works about 20% of the time by naturalbboy 2013-04-19

Installed with USB Webcam (Logitech C15) on Mac Pro, the functions that work, when it actually does work, is nice. But, when I change settings or save a setting to load later it reverts back to factory auto settings most of the time after a little bit of use. Kind of dissapointing. If they can fix this issue in future updates i will have no problem adjusting my rating, but for now definitely 2 stars for only working 30% of the time Also installed on my Black MacBook, the only setting that works is the saturation and gamma, so absolutely useless with my built-in iSight. UPDATE: on version 1.4 and STILL does not retain any settings I change or save. It will work for a few minutes and then reset back to factory settings. SO, nothing has change through the past few updates and still doesnt not fully work.

useless to me by Zuruckgewiesen 2015-06-20

I hooked up a Logitec Web Cam Pro 9000 to my Mac Mini, it came with software for Windows that allowed me to digitally adjust the pan, tilt, zoom, and resolution on the camera and also had tracking capabilities. Unfortunately Logitec didn’t offer this software for Apple, at least I couldn’t find it. I found this app in the store and bought it because of the positive reviews but was very disappointed with it. When the camera is not being used by another application this application can activate the digital pan and tilt functions but doesn’t have controls for zoom, motion tracking or resolution selection. When the camera is being used by FaceTime I couldn’t activate the pan or tilt functions. This app is pretty much useless to me, fortunately $8 isn’t going to break me.

Buyer Beware! by JATO757 2012-12-04

I purchased this app for zoom and picture adjustment capabilities for my Rocketfish webcam that I use with my Mac Mini. After installing virtually all the options (including zoom, pan, tilt, auto-exposure mode, etc.) were greyed out and unsusable. I tried to find support on the developers website (which is minimal) and basically found that the developer has tested this software with most Logitech cameras and some Microsoft cameras. This is terrible testing for an app that costs $9 and doesn't list compatibility with only a limited number of cameras in it's description. Esentially this app is completely useless to me and I am out my $9. If you own any camera that is not a Logitech or Microsoft cam, I would be VERY reluctent to buy this app.

Once could open in iMac and it played nice with Webcam by Ofcourseware 2016-07-27

I’ve written Logitech and now trying to get support from Webcam Settings. My app won’t open. It was what I used to make the HD PRO Webcam C920 work (like actually have adjustments). Now this camera only is a pointer and works (but no controls or panels) because Webcam Settings will not open. I have version 2.3 and there looks like there’s an update but since I cannot open, I cannot get it. Please suggest what I might do because I already have iSight. I wanted better, clearer, options with my Logitech and Webcam Settings used to make that possible. Just want access to the panels again. The rating is based on the fact I cannot even open it.

Jury is out by HibsMax 2015-01-01

I have a Logitech Orbit AF and it doesn't work with my MacBook. I installed this after seeing the screenshots with pan / tilt and reading other people's reviews claiming success with other Logitech cams. Alas, for me, I don't have the pan / tilt settings for some reason. This is annoying since the only way I can adjust the pan / tilt is to plug the cam into my Windows laptop, adjust the settings and then reattach to the MacBook. I barely use my Windows laptop so this is an annoying production to go through.

Used once, will not risk again by Alygator81 2013-03-22

I have a brand new MacBook Pro (OS 10.8.3, 2.9GHz Intel i7) Installed this software and tried using it with both the built-in Facetime HD camera and my Microsoft LifeCam Studio. With each camera after a few minutes of connectivity on FaceTime, my video feed became slow and unintelligible. The only apparent fix was to restart the computer. I conduct my business through video conferencing and I simply cannot risk using this software again.

there is no supporting software for older versions of apple operation system by yozhik000 2013-12-25

I tried to download "logitech camera settings". It did not work because 10.7 or higher version of the operation system was required. My operation system is 10.6.8 (so close!) I purchased the "webcam serttings" hoping it will allow me to use the logitech camera 920. The installation was good. It allowed me to make adjustments to nothing. The camera still does not work with my MAC.

Awful! Waste of Money!! by alexalexalex9911 2013-09-09

Shockingly Awful App!!! All settings are for 1 call in Skype only. For the next call start adjustment all over again or your video will be completely dark. Thanks to review from Pixshifter I installed iGlasses App instead and it's working just perfect, unlike this terrible Webcam Settings App. I wish I had read reviews before I wasted 8 USD.

Zoom / Pan doesn't work on Logitech C310 by CaptiveUrbanite 2012-12-03

Bought this app specifically for zoom ability. I was able to use zoom and pan in windows. App works well if you want to change anything under the "Basic" tab. All that seems to work fine. I contacted the developer about this today, hopefully I'll hear back regarding this issue.

Works by billMCMLX 2013-01-14

The app appears to work fine - I suspect the webcam I'm using has some limitations that cause specific functions not to work - or perhaps Mac OS/X drivers don't support as software I have on a Windows machine can control all aspects of the webcam.

Junk. Stay Away. by Nick Radford 2014-01-06

This rendered me video chat-less until I un-installed it. I’d change the settings to look fine, and every 10 seconds it would revert to a super contrasty underexposed image. Un-useable.


Downloaded it, the app will not launch. Tried on two different computers, same result, deleted it and requested a refund. DO NOT BUY THIS!!!!!!!