WebSSH Pro - Best SSH / Terminal / Shell Apps for iPhone/iPad
WebSSH Pro - Best SSH / Terminal / Shell Apps for iPhone/iPad

WebSSH Pro - Best SSH / Terminal / Shell Apps for iPhone/iPad

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WebSSH Pro - Best SSH / Terminal / Shell Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
WebSSH Pro - Best SSH / Terminal / Shell Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Best iOS SSH Client - Amazing, Everywhere & Safe

Supported protocols : SSH + SFTP
Supported iOS versions : 9

◢◤ SSH Functionalities ◥◣
▪ Connect using : password, challenge (two factor authentication), RSA / DSA / PuTTY Private Key
▪ Emulation : XTERM-COLOR256 / XTERM / VT100
▪ Profil management : background / foreground colors, font size, backspace sequence
▪ Keyboard : Virtual or Bluetooth
▪ Bel : Vibration (sound for iPad)
▪ Font size : pinch to increase / decrease font size in live !

◢◤ SFTP Functionalities ◥◣
▪ Create / Rename / Delete files and directories
▪ Edit text files
▪ MD5 files

◢◤ Multiple Screens ◥◣
▪ You can open multiple screens in order to do all you want : SSH / SFTP / WHOIS / PING and more at the same time !

◢◤ Network Tools ◥◣
▪ Ping
▪ Whois

◢◤ Keyboard Keys ◥◣
▪ Special keys Esc, Tab, Ctrl, /, :, -, !, |, $, *, ↖, ↘, ⇞, ⇟
▪ Virtual arrows keys over the terminal in order to move inside programs even without keyboard displayed

◢◤ Access Protection ◥◣
▪ Protect WebSSH with Touch ID
▪ Protect WebSSH with a PIN code

◢◤ Translations ◥◣
▪ English
▪ French
▪ Russian
▪ Spanish
▪ Korean
▪ Simplified Chinese
▪ Italian
▪ German
▪ Portuguese
▪ Portuguese Brazilian
▪ Polish
▪ Danish
▪ Swedish
▪ Japanese
▪ Turkish

◢◤ WebSSH Sync & Backup ◥◣
▪ You can sync your connections and credentials across all your devices !


Do you want a new feature not available into WebSSH?
Contact us, we will try to meet your expectations!

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WebSSH Pro - Best SSH / Terminal / Shell Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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Varies with device
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A couple of small issues Posted by

I was going to give this five stars, but some small issues prevented that. I chose this because it supports, and works well with an external keyboard - thanks for that! Now the problems: When I connect, I see the remote system prompt, but also a pop-up dialog saying "Connecting". Well I am connected! Next problem is in the number of lines on the screen. In portrait mode, no problem. However in landscape mode, it gets it wrong. To illustrate, run a command to fill the screen, then issue a clear command. It leaves the top line, and places the cursor one line down. Last small problem, when using the external keyboard, I would like to remove the extra line with the useful keys. If I hide keyboard it is hidden, but then won't take input from the external keyboard.

Love this; a few suggestions Posted by

hey! I am running a web server with ssh on it, as well as ftp. IT WAS AWESOME THAT YOU ADDED FTP, IT IS AWESOME. However, it seems that it is only viewing files at this point. If you guys would either add a text editor or allow us to open the file in another file so that we can edit stuff from the ftp, that would be great. Pros: -ssh/sftp client for ipad -saves connections -works well Cons: -no code/text editor -no ability to download files to edit them -in ssh, the arrows that control which line you are on are very small and hard to press Other than that, I am loving it. Keep up the good work!

Don't see what the problems are Posted by

This app is great. It's painless to set up, the interface is clean and looks nice, the setup is painless, and the ads are unobtrusive. Oh, and it's FREE. I haven't had any problems with the keyboard covering the text (you can just scroll up or down). My only suggestions would be some more specialized keys at the top of the keyboard as well as slightly larger arrow keys, but those are really not an issue. I thank the devs for providing such a great app for free and strongly recommend that any heavy users buy the in-app purchase. (Using an iPad, if it helps.)

Quite Impressive Posted by

Works as described and worth every penny! Great for running Ruby in a terminal window on an iPad connected to a Ubuntu local server during app development/testing. Avoids having to always sit up straight in front of the PC ;-). One possible improvement would be to advance the cursor past the last character typed. It's a small nit, but the background color of the block cursor tends to obscure the visibility of the last character. Once you remember it's there and don't retype it, you're ok.

Perfect! Posted by

It works. Lag free and bug free. Uses space very efficiently. Clean and customizable interface. Can background. Has SFTP support. Also supports "open in" function. I can't complain, this app is near perfect. One feature I would like though is the ability to have two sessions open at a time, one ssh and the other sftp. Update: I'm stupid... Just looked at the third screenshot and discovered the "screen" section. Perfectly happy user. Tested on a [jb] iPhone 6 running iOS 9.3.3

My iPad suddenly became way more useful Posted by

I can now SSH into my CS lab from my iPad. No need to bring my laptop to campus now! This is the greatest. And it's free, too. I use this dozens of times a week. Sometimes the programs don't run as I expected, but I mean I shouldn't be programming from my iPad in the first place. But it's free and convenient. Only thing is that I wish it would scroll with the touch screen.

A few improvements please by Brian Binder 2015-04-03

It's a good app, and I'm licensed for pro. Here's a few things I'd like to see and I'm happy to increase the stars. Better sorting options-when you have over a hundred connections it's just nice to have some sorting options like by name, IP, instead of just a group. Performance could be better on this; it's laggy compared to its competitors. Can't figure out how to use the up arrow key to bring up the last command. I emailed the developers so we'll see what they say, but that's a convenience I'd like to have. Overall a solid app and I did get the pro version for free. Please make a few improvements to it and I'll review again.

SSH by SSHUSA 2012-05-09

I needed an SSH Terminal to check the status of my Linux server. this tool helped, but it lacks of required functionality and performance in the interface algorithm. Lags when introducing text, a 'Tab' key would be SO helpful and also try to keep the terminal output above the keyboard. Purchase required in order to save a connection information, is the reason I will remove this program from my list and use a truly free one instead, asking for donations is better as this is not a professional product.

Password doesn't work by B_rad125 2012-04-05

This would be my preferred free SSH app if it would work. I've tried out many apps but this one seems to be my favorite so far because it provides just simple command-line access which is all I want (and it's FREE). I'm pretty sure it's not just me but i think the password isn't correctly being sent to my server because it refuses it every time when starting from a fresh connection or from a saved one (with password embedded). Get this to work and I'll give it 5 stars.

Almost by Shogun88888888 2015-06-05

Work fairly well It works There's lag in keyboard The sync feature is a MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT you have to create something called a sync bucket then do all sorts or transferring then enter a ridiculously long password This is the main reason I bought the app is for sync across devices. There's this thing called iCloud, the developer may wish to read up on this clever new invention.

Not quite by DerBard 2012-05-01

I was able to connect, but there was some serious lag time between typing and the text appearing on screen. I tried to screen -r and it didn't like that. I became stuck without a prompt. Honestly, if you need to do something simple, this app will work in a pinch. It's far from full featured, but I found it usable.

Helpful by Jack Humphries 2012-10-14

This app works as promised and it's free. The screen is buggy though (the keyboard covers what you are trying to type and scrolling is annoying) and I think it's bad that if you type a capital letter it doesn't automatically move back to lowercase. My sudo password has capitals in it and this is really a pain.

Great, if they'd update it by Educated_caveman 2016-09-29

This would be 5stars if they'd update it for iOS 10. It's been 2 weeks and the touch ID lock has been broken since the update 2 weeks ago. I contacted support and they said they were aware of the issue and it should be fixed in an update, but that update has not come.

Sorry. Not as good as zatelnet by Untrusted208 2012-12-01

Everytime I did a tab complete and actually I "think" about every 10 seconds the session would go solid white. I'm running iOS 6, so maybe a quirk? Regardless. For me if I needed to restart a box this would be ok, but otherwise my real useable, thus 2 stars.

Looks good by Sinnerula 2013-09-13

Thanks to developers. I am finding it easy to use this ssh app.but I did not like the part that it disconnects when my iPads screen went off.i would also like some keyboard improvements for mostly use characters like the '/' Good work and keep it up. Thanks

iOS 10 Killed the app by ojunior 2016-10-16

Ever since I updated to iOS 10, the app has been freezing. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it worked fine for a while. Then this morning it once again broke. It refuses to go past the touchID authentication.

works ok but not great by tagger9 2016-10-20

running this on an ipad with ios 10. This app works ok for basic stuff, but crashes if I have more than two sessions. It has a sluggish keyboard, and a non-intuitive interface. There are better ssh apps out there.

fail by Big_Zach 2012-07-29

I am a blind iphone user. This app doesn't work with voiceover. How hard can it be to make a simple text based app accessible? I'm glad I have an ssh client that actually works on my pc. BLAH