Welch Allyn Home Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Welch Allyn Home Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Welch Allyn Home Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Welch Allyn Home Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Welch Allyn Home Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Welch Allyn Home Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Welch Allyn Home Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Welch Allyn Home Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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TRUSTED IN THE DOCTOR’S OFFICE, MADE FOR THE HOME With the Welch Allyn Home solution, you can take and track accurate readings from the comfort of your home, using a brand trusted by clinicians. You can also automatically share your readings with your doctor so you can work together to improve your health. Home monitoring makes it convenient. Welch Allyn Home makes it ACCURATE and EASY. 20 seconds for an accurate blood pressure reading with the Welch Allyn Home BP monitor—fastest on the market. (1) 98% success rate in presence of motion (other devices don’t tolerate motion). (1) 95% of physicians surveyed would recommend a Welch Allyn blood pressure device over comparably priced options. (2) For you: BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR— Based on the technology used by your doctor, but with one-button operation for ease of use. It also quickly syncs with the Welch Allyn Home App. WELCH ALLYN HOME APP— Automatically and securely sends your readings to your doctor, as well as stores and tracks your results. For your clinician: CLINICAL PORTAL— Provides direct connectivity, which is proven to help get patients to their target blood pressure. (3) Download the App and let’s get started! Need help? Go to: welchallynhome.com/support Please note that by downloading this app you are acknowledging that you have read and agree with our terms and conditions (welchallynhome.com/terms). The Welch Allyn Home software is not intended for the use in the diagnosis, cure, treatment, or prevention of disease. It is not intended as a substitute for medical care by a healthcare provider. It is not intended for emergency use or real-time monitoring. 1. Welch Allyn. Home blood pressure monitor motion tolerance clinical study-research summary. Manuscript, August 2016. 2. Welch Allyn. Physician Research Study MC13358, April 2016. 3. Green, B. Et al. Effectiveness of Home Blood Pressure Monitoring, Web Communication, and Pharmacist Care on Hypertension Control. JAMA 2008;299(24):2857-2867.


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Life Saving! Posted by

I'm so excited about this app. As someone who has heart disease and other ailments in their family, I love the fact that my doctor can get immediate data about vitals and can provide suggestions when things don't look the greatest. This will give doctors a much better snapshot into their patients health!

Healthkit integration Posted by

Very easy to use acurate. I'd give it 4.5 Stars but would be 5 stars with Healthkit integration. I like having all of my medical info in one convenient place and it doesn't seem like it would be that difficult to allow the IOS Health app too recieve data.

What's up doc? Posted by

Super easy, accurate. Tell your doc they need this.

Dude Posted by

Awesome. Easy to use. Convenient.

1 Posted by

Excellent! Fast and accurate.

Fantastic! Posted by

Great product!!