Whataburger Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Whataburger Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Whataburger Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Whataburger Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Whataburger Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Whataburger Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Whataburger Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Whataburger Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Whataburger Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Earn Rewards, pay with your phone and find a Whataburger near you. Good news, Whataburger fans: with Whataburger Rewards, you can get free Whataburger—just use the app on five separate visits to earn rewards and get one of five favorites for free. Features: - EARN REWARDS: Five visits earns you free food. Just use the app on five separate visits, and get a free Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit, Medium French Fry, Taquito, Cinnamon Roll or a Small Shake on your next visit - PAY WITH YOUR PHONE: Get your favorite food faster by connecting a debit/credit card, Apple Pay, PayPal, or Whataburger Gift Card - LOCATION FINDER: Take comfort in the fact that you’ll always know exactly where the closest Whataburger is located - EXPLORE THE MENU: Study up to perfect your order and get nutrition info on the go


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This app is great Posted by

Yes if your signal is poor the app has issues loading but it's not the app, it's your service provider. If you put money on the app, don't use your credit card and then you wouldn't have interest charges. If you think the rewards don't work when they scan, when they scan they say your name when it goes through. If the bar code doesn't come up because your service provider is so-so then screen shot the bar code page and use your photo.

The best app ever ! Posted by

The app works great I have used it a couple of times at first I didn't know but now i got the hang of it and people that are getting mad that you have to but money on the app it's not true go to a whataburger and ask ! And about the coupons come on it's a fast food restaurant there not going to be giving out coupons like crazy they need to make there money also . They already give out coupons in the mail !

What an APP !! Posted by

Reward me for loving Whataburger? <What's better than that!?!> I signed up, loaded my gift card using Apple Pay. Cashier scanned my App Barcode, greeted me by name and thanked me for being a loyal fan !! App is easy to use and easy to get visits and Rewards. Thank you Whataburger !!

Well designed app Posted by

Great app but for a truly turn-key experience you should have support for Wallet. I'm so fat...that being able to order and eat without getting out of my car isn't enough. Anything that sheds seconds off getting that burger in my hands is worth a mention.

Best fast food app Posted by

This app is really well laid out for a day one release, tested it out and it works quickly in store. Allocation of funds into the account is like a gift card and they call your name out like a rewards member in store too. App is just like their food, excellent.

FANTASTIC!!! Posted by

This is by far the best app I own. I love Whataburger and the app even more. The maps and menus are extremely user friendly, and make the app better than any other I have ever seen. The team at Whataburger hit a home run with this one!

Works well, but not widely accepted Posted by

I wish this app was accepted by every Whataburger. I haven't had log in issues but I do get rejected frequently. I should have 3 rewards by now, but I don't even have 1. Most Whataburfers in my area don't participate.

Works great and does what's described Posted by

People complaining about the costs and coupons aren't even describing the app. You're going to a fast food restaurant. And this makes it easier on top of the already easy method it already has.

Money Saver!! Posted by

This app allows me to save money and I'm all about it, and if you have money saved on the digital gift card or have Apple Pay enabled you can pay with your phone, even if you forget your wallet.

Drive Through Posted by

You need to be able to enter a drive through as a visit. There is nothing on the drive through receipt to enter into the Whataburger rewards program. Other than that, it's great.

Awesome Posted by

If it takes 30 minutes to download ur using Sprint or an abacus. This app launched post-haste. Get a real carrier and join the modern world. PS, it may not work in a cave.

Excellent Rewards Program Posted by

Love love love this app. Already have 2 visits since I installed it. Can't wait to redeem my first reward! I am sure it will be soon! Thank you Whataburger!

VP Posted by

So happy to see the Flying W on my iPhone screen. Can't wait to pay with a bar code and it won't be long until I get my reward after 5 visits.

Needs to add Apple wallet support. Posted by

What's the point of a barcode function if you can't put it with the rest of your loyalty cards in the Apple wallet?

Great Rewards Posted by

A lot of pride, care and love went into making this app. I work on the team that helped build this. 5 visits = Free Food!

Best App EVER!!! Posted by

The most rewarding app I've ever downloaded!! Thank you Whataburger!!

5 visits = Reward Posted by

Sweet app, super fast in the iPhone 7+!! Already have a reward!!


Free food what's not to love!!!!

Cool Posted by

Free food. What's not to love?

BOB Assassin Posted by

Free Whataburger? BEST DAY EVER

K.I.S.S by Cowboy243 2016-11-06

If you don't know what that acronym means, you're out of the loop, ask one of your coworkers. The app takes too long to download and almost 30 minutes to read the terms and conditions. Adding money from one of my credit cards to your app is a no-no. It may take weeks for me to use the money applied to the app, and meanwhile I am paying interest on that credit card unless I pay it off every month. Other restaurant credit cards like Outback and Panera bread don't require adding money to the app in order to use it and you still get the rewards. I'm deleting the app even though I eat at Whataburger several times a week. I'm deleting the app unless you can come up with something better.

Can't order, must prepay!? by RVB 2017-02-13

Very disappointed in this app compared to other fast food chain and coffee shop apps. I expected to 1) place orders and 2) pay for a meal only when I've made an order. Instead 1) I can see the menu with the app but can't place an order and 2) I'm forced to prepay Whataburger a minimum of $15 for the 'privilege' of earning a reward by scanning a QR code at the counter. And scanning that dumb QR code is the only way to get reward credits. And to add to the disappointment, no Apple Watch app from a company that has accepted Apple Pay (with iPhone or Watch) for a long time. At least let me display the QR code on my watch!

Great idea poor execution by elduces_ghost 2016-11-07

It sounded great. Downloaded it, logged in. Well made app, I'll give it that. It is unclear and does not outright explain how to log your visits. I also can't believe that they don't have a picture of the classic A frame building on the app, but whatever. I came into read reviews to see how and found out you have to add money to the app and that is how they keep track. This could have been great with a barcode on the recipe to scan with the app. Not surprised by my disappointment with this. It's still not as disappointing as the chicken strips are now. BRING BACK THE OLD STRIPS!!

Pointless by Paul By. 2017-01-15

This app will just leave you frustrated. 1. Rewards are not $ based. 2. You can only get a reward PRIOR to paying!!! You think you would be able to scan your receipt like other places but no. 3. App logs you out each use. Logging in works sometimes. I had "system error" last time so no rewards for me even though I had an order over $20. App started working after I paid but there was nothing they could do is what I was told. This could be a good app if they are willing to listen to all of these reviews and make changes.

IRT by IzzyRiverT 2016-11-14

Disappointed with app. Download the app, been to your establishment more than four times, presented barcode and your cashiers claim that they scan the barcode, but I have yet to cumulate rewards. Another downside, if you pay first and not disclose the barcode cashiers won't Scan it. There's another Miss opportunity for rewards. Why can't the barcodes be printed on your receipt, and customers scan their own barcode from payed receipt? Or perhaps cashiers need to be trained properly on how to explain how to use the app.

FAIL! by cyclopsed 2017-01-11

Third time I've been to Whataburger since downloading the app (including the 1st time I heard of it and downloaded it while waiting in a long line). I've yet to get an credit because the first time authentication took forever and once signed up the process is counterintuitive and your employees neglect to remind or inform your customers the bar code must be scanned BEFORE you pay... why can't I scan my receipt? You're producing nothing but a bad taste in your customers' mouths. FAIL

Features Are Good! Needs bug fixes. by Unknown2082782 2016-11-02

This app looks great and it has a bunch of really neat features. However the app has a bug that causes it to constantly lose connectivity which causes a frequent pop up. I also think that you should just be able to keep your card stored in the app and then pay with the card. It's not very convenient to load up your app with funds and then use those funds to pay. Besides that this app is great and I hope you will continue to push out updates to improve the user experience!

Stupid rewards program by Tyson J 2016-12-13

Every-time I've tried to use my app to to scan the code to show how valuable of a customer I truly am, I'm told..."it's too late to scan, you're suppose to scan before you pay!" What the heck?! The employees are trained to ask for our order, then get us to pay; in that order. Then when the dust settles and I ask how to use my app I'm told it's too late? Come on Whataburger. Still the best burger joint!

Not to user friendly...... by Peppertex11 2016-11-11

The app finally downloaded. Have had it for about 3 weeks. Within those 3 weeks I've been to Whataburger more than 3 times and have yet to utilize the app. MAIN downfall is that they don't ask if you are a rewards member and IF you happen to remember about the app and you have paid, well you are S.O.L., they cannot add your purchase to the rewards. YOU the customer are suppose to tell them that you are a rewards member.

Too Difficult to Login by Hunteronradio 2016-12-21

The fact that your app locks our a user out for 30 minutes after using an incorrect password to login is ridiculous. There should not be this much security to login to a quick service restaurant app. Adding Touch ID would make this app more user-friendly. Instead, you are locked out of the app for 30 minutes which means that you cannot use the app to pay while in the restaurant unless you stand around and wait. Horrible UI.

Waste of time by Kloner27 2016-12-12

This app has given me too many problems throughout my 3 visits. It did not work anytime they scanned my code. Two of them had to be entered manually at the restaurant and the 3rd time, no one knew how to enter it. So I contact the tech support and guess what...they can't add my 3rd visit either! I won't even dare put money on it or even get a reward because I know that won't work either. Deleting.

Typo after apply Gift Card & no location notifications by utrph77004 2016-12-20

Decent app. After applying my Gift Card to my account, the box opens and "available" is misspelled. Also would be great when approaching a Whataburger location, the app sent a notification, asking me to "Open the app" for use. If you don't like that idea, please add a URL shortcut, so 3rd party apps like Launch Center Pro or Launcher can open your app. Twitter: @utrph77004

App ok; restaurant not ready by Drowning in Errors 2016-11-11

Local Whataburger didn't know what to do with app. I had to ask about it, cashier said to talk to manager, then manager said app had to be brought up before the order. Compared to how well the chick fil a works in the restaurant, this whole process was a disappointment. Poor communication. WB needs to make sure its restaurants are on board with app before implementing. App deleted.

Not Practical by Work and Listen 2017-01-13

So the APP is attractive and easy to navigate but to give rewards based on visits rather than dollars spent is crazy, what if you feed a family of six, you just spent 50 bucks, shouldn't that be worth more than the guy who buys one meal. The listed rewards are not inspiring either, how about a surprise reward that way at least there's a hope of maybe a Yeti Tumbler or something

Kinda useless by alot19 2016-11-02

Whataburger has never been generous with discounts or deals. I thought this app would have coupons like other restaurant apps but it just has low value rewards after 5 visits which are barely worth it, knowing that after five visits you spend so much at Whataburger. Being as expensive as it is youd think theyd have deals.

Garbage by Lil' bjt 2016-11-03

Looks like a useful app but if you haven't tested the app before you release it to the public, you're wasting our time. The app has a bug that causes it to lose connectivity. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and get the same issue. Come on Whataburger, get your stuff together.

App unresponsive by mfried21 2016-11-01

I know it's the first day, and there are obviously millions of Whataburger enthusiasts downloading and signing up, but the hype for this app has been going on for a month now. Why are we getting service errors? Don't roll it out if it's not ready.

Glitchy by mbowdy 2016-11-27

I can't update it for some reason it won't download. But I can't delete it either because it's in the process of always trying to update. This is getting frustrated. Either give me a way to delete the app or fix it.

Great idea, but hasn't worked yet by Jordylove92 2017-02-05

The barcode for them to scan never loads when I open the Barcode page. It seems to work better for this kind of thing when the app scans a receipt code, rather than having to load its own code (like Cici's and Freebirds).

Stupid setup by Whole seller 2016-12-16

They never ask and you can't go back and get credit. It's not a complicated program a window so you can still receive credit after you pay in the drive through and make your employees ASK IF YOU'RE A MEMBER!