WhatSize Apps free for iPhone/iPad
WhatSize Apps free for iPhone/iPad

WhatSize Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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WhatSize is a file system utility that allows you to quickly view and reclaim disk space.

WhatSize quickly measures the size of your hard drive and allows you to sort, filter, and refine the results. The files and folders are automatically sorted by size with the biggest sizes first.

A visual display of the contents of your hard drive that enables you to drill-down and discover how your disk space is being used.

Intelligent tools that suggest ways you can reclaim disk space. Such as unused language locales, unused binary portions from universal applications, etc.

Identifies duplicate files on your system so that you can remove them. You would be surprised at how many useless files might be laying around on your hard drive.


Current Version:
Varies with device
4.07 MB
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Service and superior product Posted by

I read about this software online while chaising an issue with a filing up SSD on my iMac. In order to find the files that were causing the problem I got this from the MAS. Installed and worked wonders. I managed to not only find the files (/private/var/vm/swapfiles.xxx) and delete them. I also found out this little package will also search my multiple drives (one at a time) and find duplicate files on each drive. It'll do it on the whole computer, but that looks like a big time consumer. Then it shows them in a nice table form and allows you to delete them after inspecting to see if they are needed or not (I found an installer that has 3 copies of one file, but in different Contents folders. Don't want to touch that). The softwarte is licensed for 2 computers and I wanted to install on a media server that I have isolated from the internet. In order to activate the software I have to connect it to the internet. I used the contact page from the link to the developers site in MAS and got a reply in a very few minutes and with a couple of other questions I got a complete resolution of my questions. Quick pleasnat service. I just wish he would sign his name on the emails ;-) I don't know what it is. So you get good, stable, useful software, and quick, pleasant, useful support, hey, what more can you ask for $14.99!!

Does the Job, Clean UI, Clears the "Other" Files, Posted by

The problem: I have a macbook air and 60GB of space. 30GB was classified as "Other" under "About My Mac > Storage." Mac does not show you where all the space is being used! Word of advice, if you want to clean your harddrive and your not sure what is taking up all your space, try CCCleaner first. It is free and does what most other paid disk utilities do. If that fails and you still have problems, I would recommend using this. It shows you exactly where all your space is being used (even hidden files). I was going mad trying to find it and luckily this app provides you a painless way of finding it. I managed to delete 17GB of needless stuff with this app in minutes. PROS: - easily find large files labeled as "Other" under your About My Mac. - initial view of your first launch of the app quickly shows you which folders are the largest (sorted by file size) - better than most of the free ones and the low priced disk utilities. The low priced disk utilities really only do what you can do yourself manually after googling how to clean my mac. CONS: - first and foremost is the price. This is really just a fancy windows explorer. - it allows you to see and delete system files which could wreak havoc on your mac. Make sure you know what you're deleting.

Very Helpful! Posted by

First of all, I'd like to start off by saying I'm new to the Mac. I recently noticed my 500GB hard drive was drastically filling up, and I had no idea where it was all going. I know I had movies and music, but I wasn't anywhere near that size yet. I checked the Disk Utility app and another app, but I only saw that most of the data was considered as Other. After doing some research online, I saw that this app was mentioned as easy to use and helpful in locating taken drive space in all folders. I ran the utility once and quickly noticed where the issue was with such ease. A very big thank you to the team that has developed such a wonderful app!!

Important Tool Posted by

I use a cloud backup service as a secondary backup for my Documents and Pictures folders. Together, it amounts to about 34 GB of data. All of a sudden, I have over 140 GB of data that that service wanted to back up — a situation that was just not workable. Using WhatSize, I was able to diagnose and remedy the problem in less than 5 minutes. Otherwise, I might have wasted many hours trying to figure out the problem. I have a large harddisk now, but in the past, I have used WhatSize to squeeze down my data when my data threatened to outgrow my harddisk. I wish it was a little cheaper, but when you need it, you need it, and it is fast and efficient.

Great app but don't buy from the app store! Posted by

I has having the usual problem of trying to clear space on my hard drive. I purchased this from the app store and while I was extremely happy with the detail, design, etc. it could not report on my other user accounts on the same computer because Apple apparently doesn't approve apps that run as root. If you buy the app directly from the developer, it will do that, which, for me, makes it more useful. Either way, fast app, very intuitive interface and did exactly what I wanted to do, which is clear up much-needed hard drive space.

Very Usefull App Posted by

This app does what it says and does it very well. It's much quicker than I expected too. Certainly YMMV based on what mac you have, but I think you'll find this app useful regardless. If you find yourself right clicking (or control clicking for you true mac people) and using the "Get Info" command from the menu alot, then you'll want to get this app. Like others said, the price is a bit steep, but its worth it if you need this info. Verdict: Buy

My favorite for what it does... Posted by

There are some other apps out there that do this type of thing and do it very well. However, this one is my favorite for finding what files and folders are taking up the most space on my drive. I really like the fact that it offers options on how I want to view the information unlike another app that I have that limits me to viewing it in a Pie Chart style. It's a great app and I would highly recommend it!

Just what i was looking for! Posted by

Excellent program. If you’re a pc convert like myself and looking for a program like Treesize for the pc, this is it. Found a duplicate movie on the hd right away, have no idea how i ended with two of the same one. Also has a “find duplicates” mode too. Kinda cool to see how things are structured in the mac world of hard drives. Anyway great $15 spent.

Great! Posted by

Very easy to use, worth the $15! I'm not super computer savvy, so having everything laid out visually like this program does was extremely helpful. And the duplicates? I've reclaimed over 10g of hard drive space after getting rid of a couple hundred duplicate pics and videos. I mean, how did I end up with 8 duplicates of a 5 mb video????

Excellent App Posted by

This app saved me a ton of space on my hard drive. It's easy to use and can also free up space on any external volume! I've tried Open Source and other commercial products. This app is #1 on my list!! Pro - Works with external and internal drives Sorts by size and color codes the list Cons - Large folders take a long time to calculate

My "Go To" App for disk clean up! Posted by

I have been using this app for years. Decided to take the plunge and purchase it from the app store so I can easily access the download for any of my macs. Do waste your time with other disk clean up apps, just get this one! You won't be sorry. It is money well spent.

Just found 23 Gigabytes! Posted by

Great App. No issues to install or run. I found some old sync files in a hidden folder, duplicate files, and deleted some large free iTunes U files that I will not use. Definitely worth it.

WASTE OF MONEY by Bananastand_ 2012-09-02

I bought this to see where exactly the space is being taken up in my HD. It will let you delete duplicated files, however, you have to select files ONE BY ONE because the program will not let you select ALL of the duplicated files of your HD. Also, you are NOT able to delete the duplicated files that are in the password protected files, because WhatSize DID NOT INCLUDE the Administrator toggle for you to delete them. This App is a complete waste of money. Don't make the same mistake I did!!! I just sent them an email asking for a refund. Unbelievable what they advertise on the site, and what actually comes out…

Bait and Switch by docgarner 2015-07-22

Learn from my mistake. This is a version they’ve downgraded so that it can no longer scan as root. It’s a full version number and then-some behind the actual current version on their website. Once you buy this, you’ll learn that it costs an extra $15 to upgrade to the current version of the program. There are a dozen entirely free utilities that does what this version of the program does; the only prior advantage was that it could scan as root (to show hidden disk space usage) and this version absolutely does NOT do so. Save your money.


This is a terrific app, but I would love a way to have multilpe windows open at a time– I have a bunch of old convoluted backups and it would be fantastic to be able to compare different file structures across multiple drives.

Paid, but won’t download. by reefbreak10 2015-10-06

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