WiFiPerf Apps free for iPhone/iPad
WiFiPerf Apps free for iPhone/iPad

WiFiPerf Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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WiFiPerf Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
WiFiPerf Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
WiFiPerf Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install WiFiPerf Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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WiFiPerf a bandwidth performance measurement app for OS X. The app can operate as a client and/or server. WiFiPerf can be used for OS X-to-OS X testing or iOS-to-OS X testing. WiFiPerf should work with other operating systems that support iPerf3 but has only been tested with our WiFiPerf iOS app.

WiFiPerf can be used for both wired and wireless network testing.

Compatibility: WiFiPerf is based on iPerf3 version 3.0-BETA4 (2 Aug 2010) source code.


Current Version:
Varies with device
2.07 MB
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Good start to a GUI for iperf3 Posted by

This is a good GUI for iperf3. The iphone and ipad version allows you to email the results, i wish the mac app would also let you either exort to a file or email the results as well. otherwise i've found it very useful for supporting and trouble shooting both wired and wireless networks.

Love this tool Posted by

If your a wireless professional, this is a must have tool. This matches up nicely with their iOS version of Wifiperf to run the server/client.

Great Wifi Test Tool Posted by

Excellent tool for testing Wifi performance on-site, particularly when testing between OSX and IOS devices!

Good for casual testing/Poor UI and lack of exports is crippling by ctdawe 2014-02-09

This is a casually useable UI for iPerf3 for bandwidth performance testing and has been very helpful for me in gathering initial information on real world network performance on several wifi networks. That being said, the UI design doesn’t allow for resizing of certain elements, and you can’t save or export your test results, which is ridiculous.

WiFiPerf by Ralph + F 2013-10-07

Perhaps I don't know how to use this app, but it puts out nothing but nonsense every time I run it. It says the WiFi data rate is around 15 Gbps, which is at least 1000 times what my actual WiFi data rate is. I am using Mac OS X version 10.7.5.

Fails to work on Mavericks by PatAugustine 2014-04-04

Don’t know if it works on other OSes but on Mavericks, it simply beach balls. I’ve not been able to get it to do anything at all, not even once. You have to Force Quit it every time. I wish I had not bought it.

Unstable & Crashes by NWNSM 2014-09-04

A great app in concept but it crashes all too often. Many times it won’t even complete a single test before it hangs. I then need to force close and try again.

Crashes. Alot by 524287 2014-02-19

This would be a great app. BUT IT CRASHES TO OFTEN. As in, I rarely finish testing more than 1 or 2 locations and it crashes. I'm unhappy with it.

nothing but trouble by abolit 2013-09-22

purchased this app to test the network throuput transfer rate. does not work on mountain lion. Extremely disappointed.

Doesnt work. by stayupthetree 2013-12-06

Save your money.