WikiLeaf Apps free for iPhone/iPad
WikiLeaf Apps free for iPhone/iPad

WikiLeaf Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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WikiLeaf Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
WikiLeaf Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
WikiLeaf Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
WikiLeaf Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Need to find some weed? We’ll show you where it is. Get right to the information you need so you know what strain to ask for and where to find it. *MAP FINDER - Know where the nearest dispensary is. Also, find who carries your favorite weed strain. *STRAINS - Knowledgeable information about each strain, lineage, strength, and where to find it. *MEDICAL - Going beyond just basic strain information, know what strains work for your ailments. *TIME OF DAY - What’s the best strain for a wake & bake? We’ll let you know. Whether you’re new to cannabis, or not, we have the information to help you find your ideal strain. Learn what sativa and indica mean, what to expect when you try a new weed strain, and what strains solve specific ailments. We’re not here to clutter your experience with weed stories or stoner videos. Our map shows you where the nearest dispensaries are located along with what strains are currently in stock. Be informed when you walk into a store by reading up on strain information. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


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Comparing marijuana prices, yes please! Posted by

I use other marijuana apps and love how informative and educational Wikileaf is! Not only can I now compare marijuana prices here locally in Seattle and other cities, but I can read up on marijuana strains. For example: Wikileaf breaks down each Marijuana strain by overview, average THC content, medical use and effects. Their blog is also very interesting to read and I like the different posts they have. For example: best strains for anxiety, how to make pot brownies, what is THC, benefits of cannabis, laws, etc. Cool app/website for sure.

Sweet App! Posted by

The App is real slick!! Works awesome and very informative. I especially like that it shows which dispensaries have the best deal and ranks them that way, because this weed ain't cheap! And that's what's most Important to me as long as it's still quality. I don't like going to the multiple stores in my area to check availability or prices so that's where this app is very useful! This app is way better than the other weed app options for sure

Love the detailed descriptions!! Only 1 issue with this app! Posted by

First off, I love this app. It's way better than Leafly in my opinion. I love how detailed each strain description is and how well they explain the high. My only issue with the app is not being able to sort the strains by top rated or most reviews or anything like that. Please add this one feature! It's the only thing this awesome app is missing!!

Very useful app! Like GasBuddy for weed! Posted by

Love this app. I went to Portland for a week and found some amazing buds at ridiculously good prices (at least compared to where I'm from). I like the way you can scan your immediate area for dispensary deals. The strain info is great too. Nicely done.

Helpful Posted by

People who download this for credits and other things need to realize lots of people need this as MEDICATION. Don't lower the average score just because you disagree with it. You're the one who downloaded it.

Awesome for price and strain discovery Posted by

Love wikileaf and what they have built here. This app is superb for finding specific weed strains in your city and then comparing them on price and THC. The strain knowledge is also comprehensive and easy to digest.

My every weekend app Posted by

This is one of the few apps on my phone that I use pretty consistently when I'm out and about. It makes is super convenient to find dispensaries, look up strains, and check prices.

Easy to use Posted by

This app makes it so easy to find nearby dispensaries and search for specific strains. Loved it.

Perfect Posted by

Great app. No bugs or crashes for me! Keep up the great work.

Finding Exactly What I Need Efficiently Posted by

Search optimization has never been easier.

Nice app Posted by

Really cool

Smoke weed everyday Posted by

Get high

Maps Posted by

Easy map

Sweet! Posted by


Why? by xBey_ 2017-01-05

I've downloaded this app for free points, but by the time I had got to reading the description it was already too late. I feel embarrassed knowing this download is in my history.

WHY IS THIS AN APP by WeedHater 2016-12-23

Why is this in the app store? I only downloaded it for featurepoints, and then immidiately cancelled the download once i read the description. Just... Why?

... by Imnsaneaniknowit 2016-12-10

My question is why..? I'm only getting this app so I could earn credits for another app >.> Never shall I use it...

Only for Seattle? by Jerel2u 2016-12-21

I live in California and the closest anything was in Seattle!! Guess I'll stick with Weedmaps and Leafly.

Trash by True reviews 5555555 2017-02-10

Weed should be illegal now there is an app! Are you kidding me this is a joke.

Why. by Bdhsncsi2638 2017-01-08

I only downloaded this for points on an other app.

I downloaded it for points by DaplayerXD 2017-01-22

Is this even legal?