Windy ~ Sleep Relax Meditate with natural white noise sounds to calm your mind and focus Apps for iPhone/iPad
Windy ~ Sleep Relax Meditate with natural white noise sounds to calm your mind and focus Apps for iPhone/iPad

Windy ~ Sleep Relax Meditate with natural white noise sounds to calm your mind and focus Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Windy ~ Sleep Relax Meditate with natural white noise sounds to calm your mind and focus Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Windy ~ Sleep Relax Meditate with natural white noise sounds to calm your mind and focus Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Windy ~ Sleep Relax Meditate with natural white noise sounds to calm your mind and focus Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Windy ~ Sleep Relax Meditate with natural white noise sounds to calm your mind and focus Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Windy ~ Sleep Relax Meditate with natural white noise sounds to calm your mind and focus Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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*** Promotion Celebration: -66% off for a limited time <3 ***

You will sleep, relax, meditate and focus better with Windy because Windy masks unwanted noise. Your ears will love Windy because she plays soothing high-quality winds recorded in psychoacoustic 3D for stereo headphones and you can mix in additional nature sounds. Your eyes will love Windy because every ambience comes as a motion-controlled 3D parallax illustration.

Let Windy transport your mind to a place far away – In one of the highest quality relaxation apps ever made. By the creator of Thunderspace and Sunny.

≈ Chosen by Apple as "Best of 2014" ≈

≈ Join +1,500,000 mindful people who relax with Windy ≈

"Having used Thunderspace previously, I expected a good audio experience and I got one. Wind moves from left to right, right to left, hovers overhead. Sometimes a gust seems far away to the right, other times it's whipping just overhead. It's cool that you can often hear what the wind is carrying, too." — Dave Caolo, TUAW

"Windy is what a pop-up book would look like in the digital age if you were to combine it with IMAX audio." — Gannon Burgett, The Industry

"There’s little question Windy has been carefully crafted – she’s a beautiful thing, with some real talented artists and technologists working behind the scenes here." — Paul Sawers, The Next Web

"I’m absolutely loving the wind sounds." — Christine Chan, AppAdvice

Featured and tweeted by Apple around the world.

Emmy-award winning nature sound recordist Gordon Hempton and I recorded natural winds the way you hear: With psychoacoustic 3D sound field microphones. Over stereo headphones, you'll find yourself immersed in a noise masking environment, with wind and leaves swirling all around you.

Join an exclusive group of +500,000 relaxed ladies and gentlemen who teleport their minds to a place far away with Windy, a relaxation app like no other.

≈ Features ≈

+ 6 natural wind recordings in partnership with Emmy-award winning nature sound recordist Gordon Hempton.
+ Stereoscopic 3D audio optimized for Apple EarPods & headphones.
+ 6 motion controlled 3D parallax paintings matching the wind recordings.
+ Mixer: Add rain, river, bird and cricket sounds.
+ Art by environmental star-illustrator Marie Beschorner.
+ Music composed for Windy in Hollywood by award-winning composer David Bawiec.
+ Universal app optimized for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.
+ Optimized for iPhone 6, 6 Plus and iPad Air 2.
+ Beautifully crafted audiovisual experience. Designed & developed by Taptanium.

Please note: The screenshots show Windy with unlocked achievements. Some animals shown will need to be unlocked by small actions.

≈ Questions? ≈

Email franz taptanium com or send an email through the in-app contact support page. Usually I respond within 12 hours or less :)

Windy ~ Sleep Relax Meditate with natural white noise sounds to calm your mind and focus Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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Varies with device
90.75 MB
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This app is a lifesaver at work! Posted by

I have a job that requires a great amount of concentration, so much in fact that I can't listen to music while I'm working, since it's too distracting. The other distraction of course is all of the usual noise that one hears in the workplace, which has also made working difficult. Then one day I found Windy, and I swear, the second I put the headphones on, the world went away. The quality of the wind recording is so realistic that I don't feel like I'm listening to some mindless white noise; I feel like I'm actually working out in a windswept field. The sound quality is so soothing and realistic, while the graphics in this app just set the perfect mood. I am so impressed with this app, not to mention grateful that the designers had the brilliant idea to make it in the first place. Please keep up the good work, guys. You make my work day brighter! Oh, and by the way, I love the fox. In fact, I adore him. Please always keep the fox. He is perfect and darling. :)

White noise is perfect ahhh! Posted by

If I could, I would rate this 4 1/2 stars, it is a wonderful app that I use every night to get to sleep. The only reason I would take a half a star off is because it does not have wind caused from the ocean, snow storm or rainy thunderstorm,I thought for sure this would be included in it. I thought the sounds were very authentic especially the one in the desert blowing sand, not for me but authentic. Timer is great wish could set it for longer. Also easy on the battery life. I also thought there would be an extra scene or two with different sounds. Excellent app! I'm glad I got it for free on Leap day it is excellent and worth the price I would buy it over again. I am considering getting it for my kids as it would be great white noise/relaxing/yoga music. Windy goes with me every night to bed and helps this bad sleeper get to sleep quickly.

A super Leap-Year gift Posted by

This DOES have it all in spades: beautiful 3D-type graphics, fantastic sound and a nice little story-book framework as well. I can't wait for the arrival of my 5 year old granddaughter in an hour or so. She will love this as much as her Poppop! OOPS! Make that past tense; you see, as I began my progression I was suddenly stopped and could go no further unless I purchased another app from this company; as I further explored I discovered the need to purchase additional apps until all currently available apps were owned. WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT IN SPADES!!!!! Of course I can just live with the sound, pictures and story from the first 3-4 chapters but I can get all the sound I want in 256 k from my Spotify app, so why take up the space? No, this is being

My new favorite! Posted by

Very relaxing. It's helped improve my sleep to the extent that I actually have to set extra alarms to wake up. Love it! Update: Months later and still my favorite. This is my go to app for creating a soothing sleep environment. Sounds are incredibly realistic and sound great from the ipad speakers; though they're even better with headphones. The graphics are impressive and the fox is adorable. The timer is a wonderful addition. I set it 10 minutes shy of my alarm clock and the gradual fade out allows for a less jarring awakening when the alarm does go off. Thanks guys!!

Thank you Leap Year freebie! Posted by

I am not one to write a review, but this app really is a cool one. It has definitely helped me fall asleep at night. Like others have posted, I do get insomnia some nights. The sound quality and the variations are definitely a great feature! The sounds definitely make you feel like you are in a tranquil and serene scene. I can definitely imagine being near a creek, or maybe at a cabin sitting on the patio feeling the breeze of the wind. Thank you ITunes for making this a freebie! I would have never found this app!

One of the best for what it is! Posted by

It's great for what it does. It doesn't have any of the unnecessary stuff like annoying music that takes you out of it and what there is is generally adjustable to your preference. The one GREAT thing about it, for me, is that it can run on my devices (iPhones 6s plus (128), iPad Air 2 (64), iPad 4 [64]) virtually forever in the background even if I'm playing music or watching/streaming videos. Windy keeps doing what it's doing! And does it without interrupting your chill with ads as well!

Relaxing and pretty. Posted by

Love the wind sounds, especially the leafy breeze ones. Reminds me of home in tree filled NS. In the desert where we live there are no trees and the real wind is strong and not very soothing, this app has very relaxing sounds of tree leaves rustling in the wind. Nice. Been using it as a white noise sleep assist the last few nights and it's worked great. I especially enjoy the timer feature so if I wake up and the wind is off I know I should probably be waking up now haha

Just that little moment Posted by

In this hurry up want it yesterday world we live in, it becomes harder and harder to find that little moment of peace and quiet that can calm our soul and defuse our temper. Well Windy is that little moment. It allows me the deep breath that I desire to wrap around the days frustration and exhale it away leaving me at peace with myself and those around me. All of that without drugs or alcohol that is mostly free. Thank you for the gift of joy!

Highly Recommend!!! Posted by

Update: Thanks for the bug fix, Franz. Windy is beautifully designed with a wide variety of realistic wind sounds. Having listened to other wind sounds on a variety of apps, I can honestly say these are the best. Wind is a difficult sound to capture, but the developer figured it out and delivered another fantastic app. The developer is quick to submit bug fixes, regularly updates the app, and is responsive to emails. Two big thumbs up!!!

Brainiac Posted by

This App is incredulous! The stereoscopic surround sound is incredible and it is the only app which helps me sleep and relax. I have severe tinnitus from a brain injury and I use this app every night to allow me to settle enough, in spite of the intense ringing in my ears, to fall asleep. I let it play the entire night and I especially enjoy the other apps this developer has created. Most definitely worth it to upgrade.

Beautiful sound app Posted by

This app was available for free, so I decided to try it. What makes this app so different from others (if you haven't read the description): it has amazingly beautiful backdrops, and a basic storyline that runs through it. It also has this 3D effect which makes visuals pop. It's a lovely, relaxing app. I've even considered purchasing other apps that this company has released--I like it that much!


i saw this on the "free app of the week" bar and so i downloaded it cause it was free. when i started to have a panic attack in public i remembered i downloaded this app and so i turned it on and it just relaxed my whole entire body. i don't know why. i don't know how. but this app just relieves my anxiety when it flares up.

Great Posted by

I love this app. I don't use apps to help me fall asleep so there are many times I forget I have this app however, when I do remember to use it is amazing. I go to sleep in no time. Glad I got this for free on leap day. It is worth the money if you have trouble going to sleep and do not want to use medication.

Love the sounds Posted by

I've been using this app just a few weeks now and love it. Have both Windy and Sunny. I wish Thunderstorms was headphone free as I like to leave it in for hours when I go to bed early and I cannot sleep with headphones. Anyway, if you need a customizable white noise machine this is it!

Very good for relaxing Posted by

I'm so happy that I found this app in the App Store. It's my kind of thing. I love a good nights rest. So much so that my iPad mini and Bluetooth speaker work beautifully. You should try this out for yourself you'll never find a better way too get to sleep..!

Релакс! Posted by

Мне понравилось приложение! Релаксовые звуки. Можно было бы и больше добавить, но "за бесплатно", вполне себе сойдёт!) Спасибо разрабам!!)

잠이 잘 안올 때 켜 놓으면 잠이 잘 옵니다. Posted by

혹시나 하고 받아 봤는데요. 잠이 잘 안되고 잡 생각이 많이 날 때 옆에 켜 넣고 자면 잠이 잘 옵니다. 시간은 자동으로 1시간 30분에 맞춰져서 자동으로 꺼집니다. 무료라서 더 좋습니다.

Great sounds Posted by

I enjoyed using this on the plane to block out the annoying, noisy people. It also worked wonders to help me focus while studying in a busy area. Although I got this for free through the Starbucks app, I think this may be worth the money.

I use this all the time Posted by

Read. Sleep. Drive. Work out. On during testing. On during relaxation time. I use this every day. and I can’t say enough about Windy. I’m letting my students who need isolation use it on my iPad and it’s so effective.

Just What I Needed Posted by

There are times when the hustle-bustle of life crowds in on me. That is when the sound adventures of Windy come to the rescue. On nights when sleep seems to elude me, these scenarios bring me peace and lull me to sleep.

Not Bad! Away Should Only Be $1.00 At Most! by Asaintfort 2016-03-15

Windy isn't bad though it doesn't have as much to choose from compare to others in that price range or cheaper. But it still helps with the sleep. Away only has one scene. It doesn't matter about morning or night pic. Not much in it for the money$.99.00 is more than enough to sell it and it should have been an update to windy. I'm not gonna pay more than $1 for it.

0 stars if I could by Deepseaer 2017-03-02

Noticed right away I made a mistake with this choice over others because of its limitations. Even free I would have it. To top that off, after running the program for 1 day it won't let me in the program unless I forward it to others via social media. If I buy something I expect control of use without botheration. Fail

Real cash cow by Dynien 2016-03-31

Overall this app is OK at best. Its biggest problem comes from all the in app purchases. It literally tries to nickel and dime you to death. This is not ok from a paid app. The basic app you get from your first purchase is minimal and stays minimal for each add on purchased. Steer clear from this one.

I would change to five star if... by FrankyNewJob 2016-12-22

Very good white noise generator like "flow". I would give it five stars if I could keep the playback rolling when the device sleeps or if I want to open another app. Anyone know how to fix this?

Loved it. What happened? by Eliz417 2016-08-25

I have been using this app every night for months now, to drift off to sleep each night. Even my little doggie likes it. Tried to use it tonight and it has stopped working. Any tips or suggestions?

Great sounds, but... by Wife of a Vegeterian 2017-03-09

I don't expect to not get the full product when I've paid for it and find it obnoxious that they tie acquisition of some of sounds to social media sharing. Not cool.

Windy review by Phire King 2016-03-21

It's an awesome study app, until you have to pay for more sounds and backgrounds so I believe that if you stay with what you get there shouldn't be any problems.

Maybe I just don't get it ... by Carlosc647 2016-03-13

I find the white noise a bit too loud or shrill. I do not find windy to be inspirational and the scenery is too flat and dull to capture my imagination.

Works well enough, a little vague & naggy by Skulleigh 2016-03-29

Can't really tell that much difference between scenes. Tries too hard to be ethereal and mysterious. Give me sounds, not an extremely vague story.

Any non-drug sleep aid is a good thing by QueenBeeCook 2016-03-12

This app is good if you like the sound of wind. I refer the sound of water. But any non-drug sleep aid is a good thing, especially if it's free.