Windytv / Windyty Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Windytv / Windyty Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Windytv / Windyty Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Windytv / Windyty Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Windytv / Windyty Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Windytv / Windyty Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Windytv / Windyty Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Windytv / Windyty Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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The new, ultra-cool Windytv iOS app will blow you away! This interactive world map weather forecast is visually stunning and practical. With proven accuracy by some of the most adventurous surfers, kiters, boaters, fishermen and pilots, this user-friendly app provides you with wind, temperature, cloud, wave, rain and snow extended forecasts. Now that Windytv is at the tips of your fingers, you can check your local weather, or a get a future update for a planned adventure with the detailed location forecast and nearby webcam viewing option. Powered by the data of either the ECMWF (European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts) or GFS (Global Forecast System) models, you receive high resolution and more accurate forecasts. As an addition to the original site, this app is truly the best available like it on the market. It provides the user with a powerful presentation layer, smooth and fluid option adjustments and an incredibly easy to use interface - you can even use it one-handed! Viewing these dynamic and colourful weather patterns makes exploring the map a true pleasure. Whether you are looking for world weather, a tropical storm update, impending dangerous weather along your journey, or simply if it will rain on your garden over the weekend, this app will provide you with the most up-to-date weather forecast around. Be WINDGURU and find all WINDY days. There is no doubt that Windytv is the weather channel to watch! Features: • Multiple Overlays: wind, wind gusts, temperature, dew point, humidity, clouds, rain or snow, waves sea, wind waves, swell, swell period, and pressure. • Altitude Options - some layers allow you to view it in different altitudes: surface; 330ft AGL; 300m, 1000ft; 600m, 2000ft; 750m, 2500ft; 900m, 3000ft; 1500m, 5000ft; 2000m, 6400ft;3000m, FL100; 4200m, FL140; 5500m, FL180; 7000m, FL240; 9000m, FL300;11.7km, FL390; 13.5km, FL450. • Unit Options: (wind: kt, m/s, km/h, mph, bft), (temperature: C, F), (precipitation: mm, in), (wave height: m, ft), (snow accumulation: cm, in), (atmospheric pressure: hPa, inHg). • Data Source: ECMWF (6 day forecast), NOAA’s GFS (up to 13 day forecast), and WaveWatch3. • Data is updated twice daily with ECMWF and 4x daily with GFS. • Timed forecast available in 4 hour increments (to use drag from the bottom of the display). • Map Option: select from either or HERE MAPS. Detailed Forecast for Exact Location: • Forecast: 6 day detailed forecast including time detailed temperature, outlook, wind speed, and precipitation (mm). • Forecast data option: select from either NEMS or ECMWF. • View webcams in the vicinity. Wind and wave forecast. • Airport Location Details: • Runway and time information. • METAR - decoded and raw. • TAF - decoded and raw. • NOTAMs • View webcams in the area.


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Almost there! Posted by

This comes so close to being the ultimate weather app for me. I originally got it to compare with other wind monitoring apps but discovered, to my great delight, that its "detailed forcast" feature makes it better than all my other weather apps too, including Weather Bug. However, I wish there was a way to show the detailed forecast ALL of the time or at least provide a way to access it. The only way it shows up is when the app first launches. Which means it must be force quit in order to refresh that forecast next time it's opened. And sometimes, even that doesn't work! But oh, if that gets fixed this will be THE ultimate weather app for me! It would also be nice to have more contrast on the map. It's hard to see the names and borders of states.

Great app Posted by

As it is on the WEB so it shall be in APP! Great job. I use the web version daily as an operational weather forecaster in Iraq. Love it! Hey I do have one question... can you add the ability to display Dust Extinction to the overlays? THe search for location on the APP and the link up to OBS is great as is the forecast display. I use an IPH5 ... I suppose I will have to get use to the touchy feely parts. Trying to zoom or do other things and get different results due to the touch to display items that change levels and overlays. But a small price to pay... this is a great app! Thanks!

Best Weather App Out There Posted by

Ive never left a rating or comment on an app before and am only doing so because this one is so deserving. Like my title says, this is truly the best and most accurate weather app available. I use to check the doppler radar sites for my weather bc the stock apps on my phone are literally worthless. Then I found the windytv website through a user on Reddit and never looked back. My 3 yr old also enjoys the app, all the colors and such... then explaining what it all means. Super cool.

Beautiful app! Posted by

Wonderful!!! Love it. It's slick and informative and I could stare at it for hours. Such a user friendly intuitive touch interface!! Particularly love that you can see the traditional forecast format with just a touch as well- no need for a second app. Only improvement I'd like to see: I love the current function on the website and would like to see that go mobile. And the play forward feature if at all possible :D

Visually stunning Posted by

I've been a big fan of the web version of this tool and glad it has made its way to iOS. The interface is very intuitive and I like the options to customize units to my preference. As always, the weather graphics are top notch and entertaining to look at. Very cool experience with this app.

Great detailed weather app; wind forecast and animation is a plus Posted by

This is the first review I've ever written for an app. This app is one of the best standalone weather apps, and it's free. It is detailed and technical enough for professionals, but its animation and simple forecast give weather at-a-glance for everyone. I can't recommend it enough.

A new favorite app. Posted by

So incredibly useful - I often use it multiple times a day. The interface is fast, full featured, and a pleasure to use!

Nailed it! Posted by

Been waiting for app version and they did an awesome job. Quick and easy functionality! Great for surf forecasting.

Best weather app to date. Great for watching storms transpire. Posted by

The app mimics the PC/web client beautifully. A great app to see storms and weather locally or around the world.

Awesome app Posted by

I have already recommended to a few apple buddies. Best part: no in app purchases !!!! Thank you for that.

Insanely Great ! Posted by

And I have a Ph.D. In wind engineering. But it's not just Wind - It's a superb Weather App.

Brilliant UI Posted by

It is finally on the iPhone. Brilliant UI, wonderful job.

Awesome Posted by

Was waiting for their app for a long time.. awesome

Awesome! Posted by

The coolest weather app I've ever used.

Disappointed by Annekohl 2017-01-08

I love the windytv website, but the app -- not so much. Despite what other reviewers say, I find the interface unintuitive. So far I can't figure out how to access any of the website functionality (overlays, etc).

Love website, hate app Ipad by Znurtdog 2017-02-11

Not sure why but there is a huge difference between the website and the app on my IPad Air. So much more functionality on the website.