Windytv / Windyty app free for iPhone/iPad
Windytv / Windyty app free for iPhone/iPad

Windytv / Windyty app free for iPhone/iPad

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How to install Windytv / Windyty app free for iPhone/iPad

Download Windytv / Windyty for iPhone/iPad
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To download Windytv / Windyty from our website on mobile (iPhone/iPad), follow these steps below:
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Download and start using the app
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The new, ultra-cool Windytv iOS app will blow you away! This interactive world map weather forecast is visually stunning and practical. With proven accuracy by some of the most adventurous surfers, kiters, boaters, fishermen and pilots, this user-friendly app provides you with wind, temperature, cloud, wave, rain and snow extended forecasts. Now that Windytv is at the tips of your fingers, you can check your local weather, or a get a future update for a planned adventure with the detailed location forecast and nearby webcam viewing option. Powered by the data of either the ECMWF (European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts) or GFS (Global Forecast System) models, you receive high resolution and more accurate forecasts. As an addition to the original site, this app is truly the best available like it on the market. It provides the user with a powerful presentation layer, smooth and fluid option adjustments and an incredibly easy to use interface - you can even use it one-handed! Viewing these dynamic and colourful weather patterns makes exploring the map a true pleasure. Whether you are looking for world weather, a tropical storm update, impending dangerous weather along your journey, or simply if it will rain on your garden over the weekend, this app will provide you with the most up-to-date weather forecast around. Be WINDGURU and find all WINDY days. There is no doubt that Windytv is the weather channel to watch! Features: • Multiple Overlays: wind, wind gusts, temperature, dew point, humidity, clouds, rain or snow, waves sea, wind waves, swell, swell period, and pressure. • Altitude Options - some layers allow you to view it in different altitudes: surface; 330ft AGL; 300m, 1000ft; 600m, 2000ft; 750m, 2500ft; 900m, 3000ft; 1500m, 5000ft; 2000m, 6400ft;3000m, FL100; 4200m, FL140; 5500m, FL180; 7000m, FL240; 9000m, FL300;11.7km, FL390; 13.5km, FL450. • Unit Options: (wind: kt, m/s, km/h, mph, bft), (temperature: C, F), (precipitation: mm, in), (wave height: m, ft), (snow accumulation: cm, in), (atmospheric pressure: hPa, inHg). • Data Source: ECMWF (6 day forecast), NOAA’s GFS (up to 13 day forecast), and WaveWatch3. • Data is updated twice daily with ECMWF and 4x daily with GFS. • Timed forecast available in 4 hour increments (to use drag from the bottom of the display). • Map Option: select from either or HERE MAPS. Detailed Forecast for Exact Location: • Forecast: 6 day detailed forecast including time detailed temperature, outlook, wind speed, and precipitation (mm). • Forecast data option: select from either NEMS or ECMWF. • View webcams in the vicinity. Wind and wave forecast. • Airport Location Details: • Runway and time information. • METAR - decoded and raw. • TAF - decoded and raw. • NOTAMs • View webcams in the area.

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