Winter Fishing Deluxe Apps for iPhone/iPad

Winter Fishing Deluxe Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Winter Fishing helps you find the best fishing times for your winter fishing activities. Best fishing times are based on the Moon and the Sun positions.


- Best winter fishing times calendar.
- Day and month view of best fishing times in winter.
- Flashlight: Never be in caught in the dark.
- Sunrise/set time, know when to use a flashlight.
- Weather forecast – be prepared for any weather!
- Share your catches via email to friends

- Daily notes in the calendar
- No internet required!

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Niche app par excellence Posted by

This app is a dream come true for those who fish, be it professionally, or as a hobby. Pick a day - or, indeed, a month, and the app churns out a load of geography and physics in the background - coupled with tons of experience, I am sure - and predicts the best times to go fishing. Definitely worth a look. The best part is that you don't need to be connected to the Internet. Didn't think they installed wi-fi points up the river.

A must have for fishing enthusiasts Posted by

It's amazing that in this day and age we can carry so much data in our hands. It's a fishing app with it all, location services, excellent maps, tide graphs, I could go on and on. Did I tell you it has like a log of your fish, where, when you caught them, can add photos. Don't let this app be the one that got away.

Impressive Posted by

This seems a good featured app. Options to cover calendar, weather location etc for anglers including a record of your caught fish. Also has a good torch facility with SOS distress and blinking functions. Seems that this includes everything an angler could hope for from their phone.

Very logical, unlike my captain! Posted by

With this app I am chief science officer on our fishing voyage, captain keeps saying "to boldly catch what no man has caught before", I think he is being illogical, because I know exactly where we are going, tides and what we might catch there.

Winter Fishing Deluxe Posted by

Not a fishing fan, not by a longshot. But i impressed my dad with the information i provided him today as he loves fishing. Wish the app improves over the time with updates.

Winter Fishing Deluxe Posted by

I never thought an app could take advantage of the positions of the sun and moon to provide you the best days to go fishing. Well, this one is quite a catch (pun intended).

Nice app Posted by

This is a good app for anyone that likes to fish. You will always know the best time to fish in the winter. Also, it has a nice user interface.

Useful Posted by

A great app. Really helpful for fishermans. Worth a download

Fish by lukepolo 2013-02-27

My dad's a rather heavy fisher and I can't wait to turn him onto this app. It has everything one needs to keep track of catches, although it could probably be a bit more user friendly. Maybe a tutorial on launch to explain all the features? Beside that, pretty good app.

Seems good by Divdasunder 2013-02-25

I haven't gone out and tried it but is seems to have good info on it. If u fish more than I do it may be worthwhile to you

Okay by hot_spy 2013-02-27

I don't think it's bad but I don't its that good either. It's gonna be perfect for people who fishes though.

Interesting app for fisher by Sminkerz 2013-02-25

If you're in to fishing in the winter then I guess why the heck not. Decent app.

Not bad by drlazy31 2013-02-26

Good app for anyone who loves fishing.

Good by razor990 2013-02-26

The app is pretty interesting to use