Word Seek HD Games for iPhone/iPad
Word Seek HD Games for iPhone/iPad

Word Seek HD Games for iPhone/iPad

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Word Seek HD Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Word Seek HD Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Word Seek HD Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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*** Come join the Word Seek HD crowd! This is the game for you if you love social word games or puzzles! ***

Sharpen your mind, expand your vocabulary, and challenge yourself to solve a puzzle with this innovative, interactive, and addictive play off a classic word search game. You’ll have tons of fun as you find as many words as possible by yourself or live online against your friends in this board game!

Not ready to buy? Download the FREE version - Word Seek HD Free

If you see any crashes with the newest updated game, PLEASE tell us about the crash at [email protected] to help us fix our issues! We hate crashes.

*** Reached #1 Word Game in the Belarus, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Macao, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand ***
*** Reached #2 Word Game in the US ***

Rated 5 stars -
"OMG........I can't put it down....this game is not only edifying but addictive. I guess having an addiction to building upon my vernacular is not such a bad thing. Great game...!!!!!”
- Ron Lewis

Rated 5 stars -
"Fabulous! Love love love this game! You can play for hours and also learn new words. Have to keep coming back to see if I can get more words and better my personal score. Don't miss it!”
- Si gal

You’ve always loved word find puzzles, think you’re pretty good at them, too. Sure, it’s kind of a lonely game but you don’t mind so much. You have the words and the board to keep you company.

But wait, it doesn’t have to be like that! Playing word finding games isn’t a solitary pursuit anymore, now that there’s Word Seek HD. This app offers the very best in high quality game boards and stunning HD graphics, as well as interaction with others who love word finds as much as you do.

If you enjoy playing Scrabble, Text Twist, Scramble With Friends, or Words With Friends, then we're sure you'll love Word Seek HD.

Avid users have already played more than 50,000 hours worth of Word Seek HD and hundreds of games are being played every single minute!

Don’t think that the games are too easy, just because they’re in an iPhone or iPad app! Select a 4x4 or 5x5 grid to play and find out for yourself how fun and challenging these word finds can be. Missed some words? Don’t worry, the app will show you a list of all the possible words at the end of the game, to help you out for your next try.

One of the things you’ll notice, right off the bat, is the amazing HD quality graphics in Word Seek HD. Combined with the easy-to-use interface, this app is an absolute pleasure to use.

Feel like mixing things up? Great! Try your hand at some of the other challenges available in Word Seek HD. Play online live against others just like you, and see if you can score more points than them!

Once you’re done a game, it’s okay to brag about how well you did. Go ahead and share your scores with Facebook and Twitter fans, maybe even challenge them a match. Competing with others is easy, using the Apple’s Game Center. Look for the top scores on the leaderboards then try to beat them.

Check out some of the incredible features waiting for you in Word Seek HD:
* Easy, attractive interface
* Amazing HD quality graphics
* Full, ad-free version
* Just drag or tap to find your words
* Share your scores with friends on Facebook and Twitter
* Compete with others using the Apple Game Center leaderboards

No matter how you look at it, Word Seek HD is just lots of addictive fun. There’s no downside to this app, whether you’re a veteran word puzzler or a beginner. You’ll expand your vocabulary and join the world of avid word find fans.

Got feedback, questions, or ideas for the next version? Drop us a line at [email protected]! We will read everything from rants and raves to media inquiries and more.


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Single player boggle, multiplayer needs work Posted by

Like others have mentioned the game is very similar to Boggle. However with the standard single player you obviously aren't competing against anyone. You make words earning points for each letter in the word. Letters that are harder to use earn you more points. So the more letters you use, not necessarily the longer words you find, will earn you the highest score. They have very nicely incorporated online leaderboards. They tell you what percentage you ranked on the particular puzzle, but I think it would also be nice to see your actual rank with a few of the players above and below you. The one area that needs the most work is the multiplayer. I will admit I have yet to try finding a random player. When trying to play with a friend the game got stuck on the connecting screen about 2/3rds of the time to the point that I will not be trying to play with a friend until the next update. Unfortunately the game would not crash on it's own and powering off seemed to be the only option to restore the game. I have waited 10+ minutes to no avail. Some improvements to multiplayer would be a list of your words and your opponents words after the game has ended. After winning or losing I want most to compare our performance by means of words found. Alternate game modes would be nice a la Boggle; canceling out words and whomever finds the most wins. And of course why not up it to four players. Overall excellently executed game. Incredibly worth .99c. Get it while it lasts!

Bogglicious! Posted by

All the "Boggle" type games I've played are plagued with too many non-words and some actual words missing. That said, this is the best one I've played so far, and it has been an essential app for me for a long time. I LOVE playing ad-free!!! I also love having options to play 2 sizes of boards. The game is well-designed with dynamic and well-balanced graphics, which is where others really fall short. It is easy to navigate. The game shows you how to slide across letters to grab them, but you can also tap on letters and double tap the last one. You can easily backtrack if you grab the wrong letter. I usually play with no time limit, until I get at least 70% of the words or more, and until I'm completely stuck. Usually what is left are words I don't recognize, that may or may not be real words. There are options I would love to have: I agree landscape mode would help for when my power cord is plugged in. I would really love to listen to music from another app while I play, and maybe the ability to change colors, although the existing scheme is fine. Thanks for the fun game!

Boggle on steroids! Posted by

I love this game - very addicting and fun. It is like Boggle, but so much better, as you can actually build decent-sized words. I also like that there is no "PC-correct" dictionary in play, such as you find with Scrabble, Boggle and other games. To be treated as an adult, imagine that! Couple things that could be improved IMHO: 1. The game isn't always able to keep up with my pace, often lagging, leaving letters out if I have gone too fast, or not capturing a word entirely. 2. Most of the time, it only highlights the last three or four letters I have selected, rather than all the letters of a word. For instance, say I am trying to spell BREATH... Only ATH would be highlighted, making it hard to tell (in action) if the first three letters were captured. 3. The graphics are just okay. The color combo is really unattractive and mismatched. 4. Would be nice if there was an option to make the board (4x4) smaller, so I don't feel like the elderly with a big button phone - ha! 5. Would be nice to be able to change orientation, too.

Challenging Game Posted by

This is a great game because it has flexibility. You can choose which size puzzle you want to do and set the timer for the time length that works best for us as an individual. This game builds a persons vocabulary because new words are intriguing and you will want to look them up and find out what they mean. It would be nice if there was more of a breakdown of the scoring of the words after the game. The little game board does not show the amount for each letter. It would be great if there was a little box at the top or bottom of the word list so when scrolling through the word list the score for each word would pop up. When playing the game it takes away from our concentration to pay attention to the score of a word while trying to put words together. I really like the drag method for putting words together.

Best of the Boggle-type Games Posted by

I've tried most of the word games of this type in the app store and this is much better than most. The boards always have lots of words--none of those boards where all the vowels are clustered in one corner. The dictionary is good too--I haven't had problems with it rejecting real words. My only complaint is that the tiles are too close together, which causes problems with the drag-and-drop. Sometimes letters get deselected before I can finish the word. There are times that I try to enter a word 4-5 times before the correct letters stay selected. If this was fixed, I'd give it 5 stars.

Great game and gameplay Posted by

I have this loaded on both my iPhone and iPad. Fantastic way to kill a few minutes. Good mental exercise. Only three gripes -- some of the possible words they show are impossible under the rules of the game, as you can't double use letters (or if you can, it's not obvious). Playing head to head matches requires waiting a long time, which is probably an artifact of their servers being overloaded. And the leader board is keyed to the max points in a single game, but some scores show above 100,000, which is physically impossible, so seems like something else is happening here.

Great Game Posted by

It is a very addictive game and I've spent a lot of time playing it. Humbling also because of the astounding vocabulary it has. I can't seem to successfully turn off the sound features so I can play while listening to my own music however. And the fact that I can't see the regular clock to know what time it is (and how much time I've spent on the game) is a wicked feature on the app creators' part. Nonetheless I'm hooked. Got fed up with Boggle's myriad of bugs and found this one more reliable. Except for the music complaint.

Nice word search game; a few issues Posted by

Fix the orientation/sound, make there be customizable themes, the timer optional, different modes/difficulty levels; and maybe add more content the perhaps this good app could be fantastic. You're given a four by four screen with scrambled words and try to form words by sliding your finger and connecting letters. I like the big, clean simplistic layout and how it's ad free and challenging. It certainly passes the time, but best for a few minutes here and there.

Great game! Posted by

I'd give it six stars (if that we're possible!) if there was a rotate function for the letters ... Sometimes you see words you missed when looking at the letters from a different perspective. I'd also love to turn the iPad in the other portrait orientation (with charging cord on top and thus out of the way) but the app doesn't allow it. Still, I find the experience of playing this game better than the Boggle app. Thanks!

Addictive and Fun Posted by

My whole family loves playing is game on my iPad. We fight over the screen! Even my mom, who is a bit techno-phobic enjoys this intuitive and challenging word game. One small quibble: It would be nice if the game self-adjusted for landscape play since my iPad case easels only that direction. Also, it would be fun to be able to play the same puzzle and be able to challenge another person in the room with you to do better.

A year later and it is still fun! Posted by

Bought this game a while ago on my iPhone and I still play several boards in one sitting. The game is a wonderful no-stress game I can relax to with its fun interface and great ambient music. It looks really good on the iPad so I bought it for that device as well. While it feels encouraging to see when I do get "top score", I sometimes wonder what metric is being used for that rating. No complaints!

Hours of fun! Posted by

I have to say I am impressed! This is a quality game and has great options... Such as setting the timer or even turning the timer off so you can search for all of the words on the board. Even in the free version the ads are unobtrusive... I really enjoy this app! A must have for anyone who likes word games! One suggestion to the devs... Show how many possible words are left during play..

Play it too much Posted by

I love the game it is addicting. Big problem with the challenges. Just can't seem to hook up. I guess you need more players. The music gets boring and if you turn the sound off you can't hear when you score points so if you can't offer music choices you should have a mode that signals scoring without it. Doesn't freeze. Very good game.

Word Seek Posted by

Love this game. Have not wanted to stop playing since I bought it. Addictive and challenging. I purchased another word game just prior to this one, hated it & did not play it 2 min., so I was a little skeptical about this one. Glad I got it. Do not like having to turn my IPad this way when playing, no big deal. You will not regret buying it.

Great game Posted by

I downloaded the free edition first, and within a few minutes I knew I would buy the paid version. Really - $1.99 is cheap for a fun game like this. I don't tweet or share my game results on Facebook so I can't say how well those features work. Wouldn't mind seeing a dictionary connected to the word list.

Almost perfect Posted by

Absolutely love this game. The only 2 features I'd like added is to be able to rotate the box of letters to see the same board from different angles, and the ability to rotate the game window to allow for portrait or "upside down". I'm bothered by the cord when I need to charge while playing.

Challenging! Posted by

Want to feel humble? Spell your 4 letter words and then look at all the possibilities!! But it's really fun and a good way to motivate yourself to do better. Word list needs to be edited - I am certain some computer went wild looking for possible words, some of which are barely sensible.

Awesome!! Posted by

I think this is the greatest app I've played on my ipad. Very very nice! You probably can't think of other words coz you thought you got it all, but wait until the time runs and you'll have to find out that you're missing a lot more. A must recommend to a friend and fam! :)

Rating app Posted by

This FREE app is very fun and addicting. The only thing I wish is that you could choose a degree of difficulty, but I suppose that is what makes it so addictive. We have recommended this game to others. One other favorable comment...you DO NOT have to deal with ads popping up :) thanks!

Happy camper Posted by

U will luv this game my daddy n mommy luv this app n u will 2 so get it yah this comment is brought to u by my iPad and my mom 4 letting me buy this app and me 4 pressing instal and my dad 4 playing the app and grandpa 4 studying test with me.if u get this app u will be a happy camper

Word Seek HD by gfasdfgwerfbdfgt 2012-02-20

The plus: Enjoyable game, keeps me addicted for hours. The negatives: 1) It should be in a tiltable format (it can only be played vertically) as I like to keep my iPad charged while playing, and the cord comes out the bottom. If it has to be vertical, at least allow a 180 rotation. 2) If you are going to allow arcane and antiquated words (and there are too many of them) then also allow proper names or technical terms. 3) MOST IMPORTANTLY, please add a direct link to the DICTIONARY you are using (i.e., for specific words) as the real value of this game would be to learn new words. As it is, it takes a lot of extra time to hunt through several dictionaries, bc so far I have not found all the words in one source. Thanks. Please fix it.

Nonexistent online play. by Cherries On Top Sometimes 2012-12-22

If you're looking for an online boggle-type game, look elsewhere. I bought the full app in hopes that I'd be able to find opponents in real time, but have yet to successfully start a match (having waited up to 15 mins to locate another player). I recommend rooms of players be added to this app in order to fully take advantage of the dearth left by the now unsupported Scramble Challenge edition. Without the real time online/interactive component, this app is average at best, and not worth the buy price. Try the free version first, but if you're a competitive boggler, this app is garbage.

Surprised anger by Protein Princess 2000 2012-07-12

I like the game and I have been playing for several months. One day while playing the game numbers appeared on the top right iin stars. I thought I entered a new level of the game, BUT NO!! I figured out... suddenly the game was keeping track of the 4, 5 and six letter words and etc... I was finding. I cannot believe this!! I have been playing this game and TODAY is the first time this has happened!! Sure enough on game center .... suddenly I have achievements. I don't know what kind of bug the game has but it needs to be fixed!!

Needs improvement by winkleperi 2012-06-19

This is a good first pass. It's a fun game and a nice-sized board. Some problems: 1) We need the abilitynto turn the board. All Boggle games have this function! 2) it's too easy to touch surrounding keys and the points appear in such a small font that I can't see them while I'm playing to see if I spelled the word correctly, didn't accidentally hit other keys, and whether I got points. Making the points more visible would help. The developers should take a look at Scramble with Friends to see how they handle this.

All around great game except... by J-War 2011-12-25

... Except for minor glitches! Don't get me wrong, my husband and I really like this game. We like timeless mode, we like timed mode, and we like head to head mode. But there's a text glitch when it displays all possible words, very frustrating. Also, some of these words aren't found in a dictionary- we looked. Be warned you'll never find every single word on the list. But then, it always makes it a challenge, right?

Great, but fatal flaw by normanconquest 2011-11-11

This otherwise well-designed game has a major bug that has frustrated many, including me, from becoming serious addicts. If you're playing untimed and leave the game for a while (eg to answer an email), on return you game is likely to be lost; you face a new game. This doesnt always happen, but happens randomly & often enough to make long- running games unplayable. Fix this, and Ill give this game 5 stars!

Slick by Videoopp 2012-05-17

Nice start for this app. Play is smooth and responsive. Had some trouble syncing with friends but I am sure this will get worked out. Nice app to use as practice for Scramble. One improvement would be pass and play option. Why do all Boggle type apps out there assume that everyone lives alone and would only ever want to play with others on line. What ever happened to playing against a friend in the room?

Great game, crashes NOT FIXED by Dr. Kwothe 2012-03-01

Great app and would have five stars, but it crashes EVERY time I play a game with a friend over the Internet. I have a brand new iPad 2 and everything else works great, but the crashing is consistent. I have never been able to finish a game over the Internet without this app crashing. Love the game, just wish I could actually finish a head to head game with an opponent and see the score without crashing...

JD by JammingJan 2011-07-29

Please send fix update !!! Would love this game except it freezes every time you play online with an opponent. As soon as the game is over, it freezes on a blank GAME OVER screen and won't let you get back off that screen. Stayed that way for 2 days every time I tried to open the app. Would give 5 stars if fixed !

Not mutli version compatible by Laveshan 2011-12-05

Stupid app doesn't allow you to play head to head against another player with word seek social. Both players have to have word seek social or word seek hd. So i cant play against my buddies with iphones, i have an ipad. Sort out the compatibility and I will change my review.

Options have ceased working. by MathChique 2011-10-18

The app worked great the first few times. But then I wasn't able to turn off the really annoying music. Every time I tried to select an option, other than the default choices, the app spontaneously quit. I tried reinstalling (twice) and rebooting iPad but nothing worked.

Good game but need an update! by godD4ddy 2016-10-29

How does someone get over 9,000,000,000,000,000,000? I need that hack :(. Good game nonetheless. Last update for this one was in 2013 compare to 2016 for the free version? Need to add more words to the list. I was surprised to find some weren't.

Sound vanishes by carrie640 2014-10-13

Every so often, after upgrading to the latest iOS, my sound will stop in game (only this app). I have to exit the game and start again to get it to come back.

Great, but crashes a lot. by iKizziah 2012-01-01

I have crashed about 4 times in the past hour in the middle of gameplay. Very annoying. Worth the buy, if they fix this. iPad 2.

Crashes by Crashprob 2012-04-06

The games great but multiplayer is still crashing after every game. I've tried reinstalling but still have the problem.

Please optimize for iPhone 5 by Gaspar101 2012-12-17

I love this game on my 4s but it looks horrible on the iPhone 5!! Please optimize this game for the iPhone 5's display.

Crashes by psguru$ 2011-08-14

Lots of fun but crashes right after starting a second game on iPad.

Finger numbing by focushard 2012-04-14

Great game. Could use horizontal rotation for iPad. 2

Good but now crashes by TuTu Terry 2013-05-14

Installed update today; crashes upon opening. :-(

Players need help by Thaufeer 2017-03-02

App freezes and then new download does same thing