Yomiwa Japanese Dictionary and Translator Apps for iPhone/iPad
Yomiwa Japanese Dictionary and Translator Apps for iPhone/iPad

Yomiwa Japanese Dictionary and Translator Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Yomiwa Japanese Dictionary and Translator Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Yomiwa Japanese Dictionary and Translator Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Yomiwa Japanese Dictionary and Translator Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Yomiwa Japanese Dictionary and Translator Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Yomiwa Japanese Dictionary and Translator Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Yomiwa Japanese Dictionary and Translator Apps for iPhone/iPad

Download Yomiwa Japanese Dictionary and Translator for iPhone/iPad
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Yomiwa is an easy offline way to translate Japanese with your camera. The app displays a pop up with English translations of single kanjis and words as soon as you point to Japanese characters with your iPhone or iPad. You can as well take a picture or pick one from your camera roll and navigate it to translate chosen characters. Yomiwa also lets you recognize Japanese characters by drawing them on your screen.

Tips / Features :

- translate into English all types of Japanese characters (kanji, hiragana, katakana)
- translate Japanese characters with the camera or from the camera roll pictures
- freeze the camera frame and navigate through the picture by dragging the cursor
- tap to focus, zoom by pinching and move the picture by dragging
- copy the recognized characters with a long press gesture
- draw characters on the screen to translate them

Video visible on the link below (developer website).

Feedback and suggestions are very welcome : [email protected]

Yomiwa Japanese Dictionary and Translator Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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Varies with device
81.75 MB
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Essential for serious Japanese learners Posted by

This app does an amazing job of Kanji recognition, even for names!! It is essential for serious study - I am using it to read online newspapers and a paperback novel. My reading skill has greatly improved. The way to use this app is to do a screen capture to your photo roll, or use Camera+ with image stabilization turned on, and then read in the photo. The live camera is too jittery. The ocr window generally needs to be adjusted to be narrower and the zoom increased somewhat in order to get the best accuracy. The developer, Vivien, is extremely responsive to feedback and provides bug fixes. Top enhancements would include: 1) export vocab lists to use in other Yomiwa instances, for example I want to alternate between iPad and iPhone, and to share with more comprehensive dictionaries, like the "Japanese" app 2) reliably restore the same yomiwa screen when switching to different apps or restoring from the iOS lock screen 3) remember and restore all the settings between sessions, including scanning window orientation and size, so you can pick up where you left off

Excelent ! Posted by

Yomiwa review When I first examined this application , I noticed the trial version had an issue drawing a kanji correctly. I purchased the full version confident this issue would be resolved. The reply from it's developer was most informative and exactly as stated in the reply, the issue was resolved in approximately 3 updates. - This application's excellence at kanji recognition and built in dictionary are the very reasons I tolerated this issue and purchased it. - You will not regret in the least your purchase of this superb utility. - I offer my most sincere appreciation and gratitude to it's developer. - Another ability setting Yomiwa above others, is the OCR manual correction. Sometimes conditions are less than favorable, such as OCR of a monitor. Yomiwa allows each character to be corrected by a convenient scrolling list of similar characters. This is helpful to say the least. Yomiwa is by far the best in kanji recognition :)

Awesome Posted by

I mostly use the camera feature to help me read kanji I don't know or have forgotten since I studied Japanese. It makes reading manga for the intermediate reader of Japanese sooo much easier than it was before. I've found it to be pretty accurate. It even recognizes compounds, which is exactly what I need. There are some times when it doesn't read correctly and/or it's difficult to get the camera to focus correctly (the lighting sometimes seems to have an outsize effect on its sensitivity), but overall this tool is WELL worth what I paid for it. Technology can do so much these days. I highly recommend this tool to aid in reading Japanese manga or other print material for those who already have some background in the language but aren't highly proficient in reading kanji.

My go-to japanese app Posted by

This is the best app i've found for what it does. Living in Japan and trying to learn Japanese sometimes requires speed and efficiency. When i'm at the doctor and come across an obsure medical kanji I don't need a translation and I don't have time to do a dictionary search for every kanji by its radicals. Yomiwa elminates this with it's fantastic camera-kanji recongition system and user honed community. But perhaps even more useful i've found is the ability to lookup a kanji by drawing it. Yes there are other apps out there that allow this but Yomiwa is the only one i've found that ingores stroke order allowing you to quickly draw what you see and move on instead of contemplating with line goes next. Saving me a ton of time.

Definitely Useful Posted by

As someone who has lived in Japan I can vouch that this app is very useful. The fact that you can just point and figure out what kanji on a street sign means is both a time and life saver. Plus, it has the draw function that can cover for the odd time the camera can't pick a kanji up due to a weird font or something. It also functions as an English-Japanese dictionary which is also very useful in studies and just figuring out that one word that is on the tip of your tongue. This app is useful for those just starting Japanese as well as for those already fairly learned in it. It's become my tool of choice.

Works great for some purposes Posted by

Amazingly good optical character recognition of Japanese characters. I personally would like the ability to Copy & Paste recognized text. As that would allow some options to run found charters through other translation software. Doesn't do the next step of converting thought chunks into intent-words. On the other hand it does fragment out the idea bits into a conceptual stream which has some useful future Artificial Intelligence potential.

A must have for all Japanese learning people Posted by

I have passed JLPT N2 level and find this application very useful and time saving. Especially when reading paper books where there is still a lot of new vocabulary. It saves time from going to the dictionary every time. It works best when you can get a clear shot of the image and it is in focus. Even in moving trains can be used by focusing by tapping and freezing the image. Good recognition algorithm. A must have for every Japanese learner.

Works great Posted by

I use this app everyday when I'm at the office or a store and can't read kanji on a label or in a book. It works great on typeset characters, but is often defeated by the handwritten or artistic modes found on ads or sake labels, for example. Nonetheless it's made studying and surviving in Japan a lot easier. Well worth the $3.

Awesome app Posted by

This app is great. I have a Mitsubishi tractor that has Japanese writing and I was able to decipher 95% of it. The draw feature is great. You just draw the symbols and it will convert it for you. The only thing I would add is a partial eraser so if you mess up a little you can just erase that part. Great app. Would recommend for sure.

Instant Recognition Very Cumbersome by JHNoah 2015-06-22

I love the concept and inspiration behind this app, but the default instant recognition/translation of content makes meaningful translation during travel (signs, product packaging, tickets, etc) virtually impossible. The problem is the app immediately tries to ID and translate isolated pictograms in Kanji haphazardly across the image out of textual context-- so you get random lists of possible meanings of various pictograms and have to quickly try to select just a series of characters together and hope the app translates the phrase or idea in the context of nearby characters (which it sometimes does and sometimes doesn't). I found myself having to take pictures first and then carefully selecting area of text and hoping for meaningful context-sensitive translation. So for on-the-fly travel translation, this app didn't really help me. For identifying the dictionary meanings of a single Kanji character isolated at a time, it works great though. Hiragana too it seems to translate fine. I applaud the author's intentions though and hope the app improves going forward!

Works erratically by Mcnibblet 2016-04-02

This apps best feature is that it works offline. It's worst feature is that it works poorly. In live acquisition mode small red squares highlight characters it has recognized. However these flicker rapidly with every tiny movement of the phone, losing the "lock" on the character. You can "freeze" the photo but the app has no ability to analyze the photo like google translate does. Basically you must hit the freeze button at exactly the right time when all the characters you want have been locked. And even then, the app has a hard time identifying a series of characters that make up a single word. Instead you get definitions of individual characters which is often unhelpful. Even under perfect conditions this app is frustrating and the rest of the time it's maddening. For a $4 I expect something that works. The app in its current state is a parlor trick to show friends but is not useful as a traveling tool.

Wish I liked it by Cedric808 2016-03-03

I was really excited about this app as it is so difficult to look up Kanji by radical or stroke count. The concept of using your phone for instant character recognition and definition is great. But after trying the app, it is still just a concept that doesn't seem to have been realized. Admittedly, I am using it with a relatively new iPhone, which could be a big part of the problem. But it is very difficult to get the app to focus on characters you want to read. The way it scans past every character except the one you are looking to define is headache inducing. This problem is obviously worse with body copy (say around 10 point type), which is the size of most of what you are likely to try to read. For headlines or magazine covers set around 24 point type, it works fine. At some point this concept is going to work and make learning kanji much easier. Yomiwa on an iPhone, however, is unfortunately not that point.

It is not working well for me. by phrmiller 2014-04-26

After using the excellent Pleco app while traveling in China, I hoped to find something similar for traveling in Japan. This app is new and had two positive (though sparse) reviews, so I decided to be another guinea pig. In short, the app fails to be useful in the most important scenarios, like reading signs and menus. In two days of using it, it says that the character it has identified are "not found in the dictionary" about 80% of the time. My limited experience with the app suggests that the character recognition works well, but the step of parsing those characters and matching them to dictionary entries is quite poor. This is another case where I wish you could sample an app rather than be forced to buy it, because I would definitely like my money back.

Great concept, poor execution by cherello 2014-03-25

I've tested this app out on various documents, signs, posters, etc., and it is rarely ever able to recognize the characters. Occasionally, it might produce the correct character, but you have to hold impossibly still, or it disappears the next instant. Even using the "freeze frame" feature, the app can't recognize most kanji. The option to input characters through handwriting also rarely returns what you're looking for. It's a great app conceptually, but unfortunately does not actually work well. Maybe things will be fixed with updates, but right now, I say it's not worth the money I paid for it.

Great app, but twitchy by brian0r 2016-07-05

This app is a great translator app. It allows on the fly translation of Japanese which is a must have when you're learning your way around Japan. The problem is how twitchy it is. I wish there was an option to implement stabilization, and smarter detection as you have to move the text box quite often to get a good read if possible. Yomiwa should include a "straighten" option or include a better way to detect text on a screen. Right now for example, bottles or lettering that isn't perfectly straight is misread.

Simultaneously the best and worst app ever by burnsuburbia 2015-08-30

This app is genius. The idea is, anyway. And sometimes, it works...and those are beautiful moments. Often though, it doesn't recognize words, instead choosing to focus only on a single character, before flipping violently away from the character like an injured porpoise. But again, for all that, this is still an insanely useful app. Mr or Ms developer, please keep improving this app - when it really works every time, it will be the best app on the app store for Japanese learners!! Don't give up. :)

Good app but............... by Bryan-232 2016-02-06

I really love this app but it sometimes can't recognize characters from anime show screenshots. It also can't recognize names it's just gives you the details for each individual kanji. If these two issues where ever fixed I would happily pay $4 again and give this app a 5 star review!!!!!!!! Plus my iPhone is in Japanese so a Japanese interface would be nice!!!!!!

iOS 6 version is bad by Bryan-232 2015-12-30

My device is stuck on iOS 6 and the only version of yomiwa available crashes as soon as you open it. I don't mind that this app is no longer getting updates below the current version. My only wish is to have an iOS 6 compatible version that just works cause without this app my Japanese studies are gonna hit a hard wall and be stuck!!

Good by Ranerific 2017-02-10

It's really helpful recognizing Kanji and Hiragana, but sometimes I experience glitches when it tries to read Katakana. Sometimes when it reads from a textbook or worksheet it will freeze or not recognize certain words. Overall, it's helped me a lot though.