iPhone / iPad用Zaim
iPhone / iPad用Zaim

iPhone / iPad用Zaim

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インストールする方法 iPhone / iPad用Zaim

ダウンロード のZaimiPhone/iPad
ようこそ AppNaz.com、ここは iOS で大好きであるゲームを含むすべてのアプリケーションの割引価格の情報を提供します。AppNaz.com、アプリ/ゲームをダウンロードしたりそのアプリ など他の店または地域ブロックによる iTunes Store ストアやその他の理由を見つけることができないにもかかわらず、価格の変更に従うことのようにあなたを簡単に見つけることができます。国際的なアクセス、あなたの現地通貨であなたのお気に入りのアプリの価格の歴史も追跡できます。
モバイル (iPhone/iPad) 当社のウェブサイトから、Zaimダウンロードするには、これらの手順に従ってください。
ITunes 上のアプリにリダイレクトされる AppNaz.com の「インストール」ボタンをクリックします。
注: 上記の手順は、無料アプリ開発者からです。すべての有料アプリに iTunes Store をリダイレクトされ、携帯 にアプリをダウンロードして支払うことがあります。お金を節約の方法は、無料ダウンロードしたり、お気に入りアプリの最低額を支払うために AppNaz.com にあなたのようなアプリの価格の浮き沈みに従うことです。


Zaim is an easy, fun to use social bookkeeping app, perfect for our generation. Basic bookkeeping features are streamlined to make them as easy to use as possible, while various analysis tools help you understand your finances better by answering questions like "how much does everyone ELSE spend on food". There are even features such as “Update Stamp Rallies” that reward you for staying on track. The goal of this service is to make it fun to stay on top of your finances, and we will be working rigorously to release new features on an on-going basis to keep it that way.

Reasons to use Zaim

1) Easy to use user interface with attention to detail
2) Easy to use graphical analysis tools
3) Compare your expense trends with those of others
4) Track remaining funds for each budget item
5) Update Stamp Rally that rewards you for each update
6) Ability to register stores where you spend your money
7) Integration with Twitter and Facebook
8) Detailed online help and guides to assist beginners
9) Share your journal with other users for multi-user entries
10) Make it easy to enter frequently used items with the Favorites feature
11) Multi-currency support (155 types of currencies)

- Record expenses
- Record incomes
- Associate stores with each expense item
- Memos
- Update Stamp Rally to track updates
- Post to Twitter
- Post to Faceboook
- Set budgets for each expense category
- Customizable icons
- Graphical analysis of your income and expense
- Expense item based reports
- Personal profile
- Comparison of expense trends with those of other Zaim users
- Ranking of expense amounts among other Zaim users
- Comparison of expense trends with those of other users based on location
- Save favorite input settings
- Create entries from saved favorites
- Create entries from past entries

In addition to that, you can read all of the Life style magazine contents if you join our Premium service. There are a lot of benefit for you to manage your money with the Premium service.

About the Premium service
1. Read all of the Life style magazine contents (Japanese only)
2. Input quickly and hide advertising
3. Update the bank accounts manually
4. Multiple accounts management
5. Adding the balance graph


[How to update]
The membership period is automatically updated by month as long as you do not cancel it in 24 hours or more before the end date of the premium service member period. We will charge you within 24 hours after the end of the membership period if you continue to join the Premium service.

[Charging method]
We will charge to your iTunes account.

[How to withdraw from the Premium service ]
Unsubscribe by the following procedure.

1. Open the App Store app
2. Select "Recommend" tab and scroll to the bottom
3. Select "Apple ID / Account"
4. Select "Subscribe / Management"
5. Remove "Zaim" from the list.

You can also confirm the date of the next charge on the same window.

* We do not accept the cancel of the current month.
* It is also possible to cancel and change the settings of the automatic update from the iTunes app.
* Please note that you cannot complete the cancel of the automatic update of the Premium service from the Zaim app and web sites.

[Privacy policy]
* Japanese only

[Terms of the service for the Premium service]
* Japanese only

Currencies supported
We support 155 types of currencies.

US Dollar, Euro, Canadian Dollar, Yuan, Yen, Pound, Australian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar, Taiwan Dollar, Singapore Dollar, Won, Swiss Franc, Peso, Baht, Dong, Ruble, Rupee, Real, Rand, Sheqel, Ringgit, Swedish Krona, Danish Krone, NOK, Philippine Peso, Indonesian Rupiah, Mexican Peso, Afghani, Lek, Dram, Antillean guilder, etc.

Zaim アプリ 6.1.0 その他の情報

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