iPhone / iPad 용 OrasisHD 앱
iPhone / iPad 용 OrasisHD 앱

iPhone / iPad 용 OrasisHD 앱

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무료 ₩2.19 2018-03-12
₩2.19 무료 2018-03-08
무료 ₩2.19 2018-02-12
₩2.19 무료 2018-02-08
무료 ₩2.19 2018-01-14
₩2.19 무료 2018-01-12
무료 ₩2.19 2017-08-13
₩2.19 무료 2017-08-12
무료 ₩2.19 2017-07-09
₩2.19 무료 2017-07-05
무료 ₩2.19 2017-06-10
₩2.19 무료 2017-06-07
무료 ₩2.19 2017-04-16
₩2.19 무료 2017-04-14
처음 추적 됨 ₩2.19 2017-02-28

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OrasisHD is a 1-shot HDR app. It takes a SINGLE image and automatically transforms it to a well-exposed, natural-looking photo, simulating the way your eyes perceived the scenery at the moment the photo was taken.

Based on a decade of academic research, OrasisHD uses a proprietary image processing algorithm: dark and bright image regions are enhanced, revealing information that was not visible previously. More importantly though, well-exposed areas are not affected! To the best of our knowledge this is a unique feature not offered by any other app in the industry.

If you are not sure that OrasisHD is good for you, please try our FREE version (Orasis), before purchasing OrasisHD. Our customer base consists of satisfied users, and we do not intend to change this any time soon :)

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