Apl Denver Maps - Download RTD Maps and Tourist Guides. percuma untuk iPhone / iPad
Apl Denver Maps - Download RTD Maps and Tourist Guides. percuma untuk iPhone / iPad

Apl Denver Maps - Download RTD Maps and Tourist Guides. percuma untuk iPhone / iPad

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★★★★★This is a fast PDF viewer designed to view large travel map files for Denver. Most PDF software on iPhone cannot handle large files well, they are slow in loading the files and zooming in. Our app is designed from ground up to be a fast reader for large image PDFs. It downloads the PDF from the internet and convert them into smaller image tiles so you can browse it quickly whenver you want. It will process it in the backgroud with the new multi-tasking features in the new iOS 4.★★★★★

Download publicly available maps and store them on your iPhone or iPod Touch (iPad version coming as soon as it gets the new iOS). You can download the maps when you have fast wifi connection - and then use any time in the future without delay.

Please note that we do not provide any of the maps and by clicking on any of the links, you are downloading directly from the web and agreeing to the respective sites license agreement. The software helps you to store and load the downloaded copy to save repeated download time and costs.

★ Download and store maps and guides for offline use - no more time-consuming searches!
★ Works with iPhone or iPod touch with HD support for Retina Display.
★ Supports the iPhone pinch-to-zoom feature!
★ Tap on the map for full screen view to hide the toolbars.
★ Simple user interface and intuitive user experience.
★ Supports multi-tasking (background tasks) on iOS 4.0 for downloading and processing.
★★★★★ Add Map Packs. Join our travel communitry to grab two free Map Packs.★★★★★

★ Check out http://www.OnDemandWorld.com/ for more information.

COMING SOON: Our team is already working on the next version which is even faster, other new features including customizable list for adding and sorting your own list of maps and guides, favorites lists, integration with web community, user-ratings and translation into many languages. Stay tuned for the free update.

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