Apl Groove Rider GR-16 untuk iPhone / iPad
Apl Groove Rider GR-16 untuk iPhone / iPad

Apl Groove Rider GR-16 untuk iPhone / iPad

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--- Christmas offer: 50% Off for a limited time!!! --- "I always thought that writing music should be fun... Well, it is now! with Groove Rider!" - Jim Pavloff (the author) Groove Rider GR-16 is a professional step-sequenced groove box, inspired by professional hardware drum machines and rhythm boxes. It has a powerful Poison-202 based two oscillator synthesizer engine, plus a big variety of included PCM drum samples, insert/send/master effects, arpeggiator, automation recording, modulator, ADSR and filter block, and more! Built-in factory pattern library includes patterns in different music styles, which will inspire you (the list will be appended with the regular updates). Check out the patterns demo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rnGM_rL2cY One remarkable feature of GR-16 is that all the controls are arranged on one screen, just like on a real groove box device! It lets you access almost all useful parameters from the one screen. Forget about numerous sub-windows and dialogs, which ruined your inspiration in another musical apps! Groove Rider is the fastest path from your imagination to reality! You can use GR-16 as a ready-to-go realtime musical instrument (groove box) in your jam sessions together with Ableton Link feature to synchronize it with your other music gear. Groove Rider is also very handy for quickly sketching your musical ideas, allowing you to instantly record them directly by using the Record function. Making music becomes easy and fun, in contrast with boring note drawing process and dealing with tons of files and expensive plugins in the DAW's! Don't loose your inspiration, boost it up with Groove Rider! Features: • Ableton Link support • Audiobus support • Inter-App Audio support • synth engine is Poison-202 based: 2 oscillators, 5 waveforms (Saw, Pulse, Sine, Triangle and Super-Saw) • synth oscillator modulation types: Ring, Sync, PW and XFM • 83 available oscillator configurations • Filter module with LP, BP, HP, Notch type filters, 12 and 24 dB/octave • amp module • ADSR envelope, assignable to Amp and Filter • Modulator module with 9 LFO modulation shapes x 6 modulation destinations (Pitch, Filter, Level, Pan, Osc Edit, IFX Edit) • voice portamento (Slide) • polyphony up to 32 voices • 16 sounding parts per pattern • 16 steps x 4 bars per each part • each step consist of up to 4 voices (notes) • each step can be time shifted forward/backward a fractional value • assignable strokes for each step (to play several notes at one step) • assignable probability (chance) for each step note • 12 send effect types, one send effect per pattern • 22 master effect types, one master effect per pattern • 34 insert effect types, one insert effect per each part • master brickwall Limiter (can be switched on/off) • Arpeggiator with 6 modes and over 30 rhythm patterns • Scale play mode with 36 different scales to select from • Chords and Notes play mode • more than 30 different midi groove templates • up to 256 user patterns to store in one user pattern bank • import & export user patterns via iTunes File Sharing and Files.app Minimum recommended devices: • iPhone 5 and newer • iPad Air and newer Visit JimAudio website: https://www.jimaudio.pro

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