Speech Calculator Pro Appar gratis för iPhone / iPad
Speech Calculator Pro Appar gratis för iPhone / iPad

Speech Calculator Pro Appar gratis för iPhone / iPad

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Hur man installerar Speech Calculator Pro Appar gratis för iPhone / iPad

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Välkommen till AppNaz.com, där vi ge dig information om rabatterade priser för alla program, inklusive spel, att du älskar på iOS. Med AppNaz.com, kan du lätt hitta den app / spel du vill ladda ner eller att följa sina prisändringar även om du inte kan hitta appen på andra butiker som iTunes Store på grund av regionala block eller andra skäl. Med utlandssamtal, kan du också följa kurshistorik på din favorit app i din lokala valuta.
För att ladda ner Speech Calculator Pro från vår hemsida på mobilen (iPhone/iPad), följ stegen nedan:
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"For math novices and veterans alike, this one is well worth it!" - TheiPhoneAppReview.com

·SCP2 is the only app of its kind on the market, the new edition brings a number of fresh changes and a completely new design.

· *Speech calculator pro 2 allows you to do hands free mathematical calculations. With our new Voice Recognition Software, we've effectively made it easier than ever before.

· Our goal is to provide a simple and accurate way for users to do what they need to, quickly and correctly.

** Here are just some of the new improvements of SCP2

· We have redesigned the app from scratch, tossing out the unnecessary bloat, and capitalizing on speed and accuracy.

· With our new design, you'll enjoy the aesthetics no matter what version of iOS you're running.

· Our app is in fact twice the speed of the former.

· We've also included 9 new beautiful themes available for purchase within the app.

· Were also happy to announce speech support for over 34 new accents and languages. These include:
• Croatian

• Czech

• Danish

• Dutch

• English

• English [UK]

• English [AUS]

• French [EU]

• French [CAN]

• Finnish

• German

• Greek

• Hungarian

• Indonesian

• Italian

• Malay

• Norwegian

• Polish

• Portuguese [BR]

• Portuguese [EU]

• Romanian

• Russian

• Slovak

• Spanish [US]

• Spanish [MX]

• Spanish [EU]

• Swedish

• Turkish
• Ukrainian

• Vietnamese

** Languages Currently In Beta

• Arabic [Egypt]

• Arabic [Saudi]

• Arabic [UAE]

• Catalan [Spain]

• Chinese Mandarin

** These are just a few of the amazing improvements we've come up with. Were confident you will enjoy using SCP2 as much as we've enjoyed working on it. **

It is our core mission to continue support and include new features, as well as general improvements, in future updates.

- Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

[email protected]

[email protected]

• speechcal2.com

Speech Calculator Pro 2 copyright 2014

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