ONE FM 91.3 应用 費iPhone / iPad
ONE FM 91.3 应用 費iPhone / iPad

ONE FM 91.3 应用 費iPhone / iPad

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ONE FM 91.3 应用 費iPhone / iPad screenshot
ONE FM 91.3 应用 費iPhone / iPad screenshot

如何安裝 ONE FM 91.3 应用 費iPhone / iPad

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ONE FM 91.3 应用 其他信息

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Thank you for the app,but have some issues with it 作者

Hello all. :) I have downloaded this app on my iPod touch (3g,32 gb, iOS 4.1, non jailbroken) after knowing that 91.3 fm has released the app on friday midnight. Days after using this app,I have some issues with this app,in addition to some users who have problems streaming using 3G connection. I stream this app using wifi connection and that when I first fired this app up from my home screen. Moments later during the streaming of this app,it suddenly crashes and it brings me back to the home screen without any reason. I do not know why it happened. Please fix the situation in addition to the 3G connection. Otherwise,I feel that it is really a blessing to have this app dedicated to 91.3 fm listeners who have iPhones and iPod touches. I have been a listener for a few years now and I love this app as much as many of the listeners out there do. I am very optimistic about the sustainability of this app as it us able to multitask and gas more features than the Meradio app like facebook connectivity. I hope that the current issue of this app will be fixed in the years to come. :) Thank you and happy updating. :)

Improve app 作者

Hi can i request that the App also include a function whereby i can know what are the next 5/10 songs that will be played so i can anticipate and know what are the songs that will be played next? Just a suggestion, thank you!

Kudos 91.3fm! 作者

Love this app! Love the station! But I can't seem to view info about the songs currently played. No artist, album info etc and can't save to favourites! Please fix thanks:)

Awesome 作者

This app is awesome. The morning session "the married man" rocks. Every morning I listened over at the gym, it really brighten me up. Finally is out on iPhone. Woots!!

You must get this app!! 作者

Radio 913 rocks!! Now it's on your iPhone!! You can rate the hits! View current song and lyrics played! Listen podcasts! View pictures and videos! The is all so cool!

Improved 作者

New app is awesome. Only problem is when i need to stop urgently and the ads always come out whenever I open the app n stuck for a few seconds. That's annoying...

Best radio station!! 作者

Love the apps guys:) best streaming and music companion:) d/l since day 1, no issue with it:) iPhone 4 with 4.0.1 and iPhone 3 with 4.0.1:) love 913!! U rock:)

Awesome 作者

Love it!! Cool features that allows us to see their uploaded photos as well as to watch their cool videos!! Awesome! Nothing can be better than this!!

Finally!!! 作者

Finally it's here! I can stop listening to those other radio stations when I'm out and about!! Do I even need to say it?? 91.3 ROCKS!!!!

Finally..... 作者

I can tune in to 91.3!! Just the availability of this app deserves a 5star, but it gets disconnected occasionally so I'm giving it a 4

Doesnt work... 作者

Doesn't work on 3G at the moment, keeps saying 'checking stream' but never streaming the radio like other users. Please fix!!

I love this!! 作者

The first app that came to my mind when I got the iPhone! Awesome app for 913 fans! And I can listen to kena plucks even if I missed it!

Hmm... 作者

Y can't i play d radio! It keeps on streaming! I've already on and off my 3G but it still doesnt work... Somebody help........!

Sound problems 作者

Great app but idk why suddenly I can't listen to anything. Everything is muted. And there were no lyrics . Please fix it thanks!

Compatibility for iPhone 5 作者

It would be good if you could maximize the screen which perfectly matches iPhone 5. Other than that, this app is great!

Problems 作者

WI've download this app with my Ipod touch 4g but how come i can't hear anything?

Radio 913 RAWKS!!!!! 作者

Finally ..... The iPhone app that I've been waiting for ..... Excellent .....

Awesome..! 作者

91.3 rocks...! Kwel app..good download.. Strongly recommended fer 91.3 fans..!

913 on iPhone 作者

FINALLY!!! I can listen to the station from my iPhone. Thank you guys.

Awesome but.... 作者

It does not alot of iOS 5

DISAPPOINTING APP by Jasmine8040 2015-03-01

Too many ads & the ads come on in the worst possible time. I know u need to make money but don't annoy yr audience in the process. It breaks down & goes quiet for a while & come back on. Bugs galore. 91.3 used to have mainly top 100 songs playing all day. now its just trying to be like Class 95 poorly though. Soooo disappointed with the "new" station. Am deleting this app after this review.

Good but keeps disconnecting after awhile by kieffw 2011-11-28

Love the station, but the app stops streaming after awhile while running in the background, since iOS 4.2 up to iOS 5.0.1. Been buggy for so long now, come on! Never had this problem with meRadio or other foreign stations, so don't go blaming the listener's network connection now.

Streaming problems by Hakimchi 2010-10-22

Well. As stated above. I also have problems with the streaming. It kept on streaming but never once it plays. I felt frustrated as I've been waiting for this app but it some sort not workable. Pls do something about it! Pronto :D

App by Gifter 2010-10-23

The developer shld try it on both 3G n WiFi before launching. I waited till midnight 12am last night juz to download the app but now u guys saying it does not work in 3G mode. :( wasted my time to be awake.

Absolutely problematic app by Hvdjdhcnh 2016-01-26

Since i downloaded it 30mins ago, it has crashed on me 4 times. For no reason, it just closes. So? I use MeRadio instead. You guys are making listeners switch just because of an app? Please fix it

91.3 by bassjuice 2011-04-04

My iPhone got heated up. And a few days after listening to it, my hardware crashed and I need to do a 1-1 exchange. Never gonna dl it again.

At last!! by juancarter 2010-10-22

Ive been waiting for this app. But i felt that it eats up a lot of power against my battery. I hope they can do something on that. Enjoy!!

bug by veleron 2011-02-13

there is a bug, when you press the stop button, and then press the continue button again, the app will crash. overall is a good app.

loading? by violynn92 2010-10-26

After downloading it for so long, was not able to use it at all! it loads to the page but nothing is playing! it keeps buffering!

Not working by Ezellyne 2011-03-15

Was working all the while then for the past two days, it just stopped working! No sound nthing. My fav radio stn! Pls do fix it!

Lyrics issue by Lisa5213 2012-05-04

The latest version all most always shows lyrics not available. The last version don't have this issue. Pls fix it, thx.

Already have an account by JJ.Loh 2011-03-26

I have a Rate the Hits account already, but there's no SIGN IN option, just a sign up option? Overall not bad app :)

Streaming problem by Airlex79 2010-10-23

Great apps but can't listen what the point, keep on streaming but no music at all. Pls get someone to fix it asap

Fix the streaming bro by haysmilah 2010-10-22

Will rate it 5 stars if not for the slow streaming...pls do something bout it...but no problem on 3GS on ios 3.02

Um.. by Chloe99_yee 2010-12-30

Great app and all, but is it slower?? I hv 2 other radios at hm and they were it a prob only for me?

good but not good enough by freefall999 2011-02-18

music often stop suddenly and keep buffering again, also don't know why my iphone got heated up too.

Fixed pls by Gooddyftgdyv 2012-09-24

Dunno is it the latest ios problem or what keep change to other radio station. Fix thanks

91.3 is my favorite radio station but.. by Krandel 2011-07-23

My iPhone keeps getting heat up and sometimes the app crashes. Please fix it !

Keeps crashing. by t3HPrO 2012-03-30

It keeps failing to startup and keeps crashing on my iOS 3.1.3. Bugfix, NOW.

Stops playing after while when iPhone screen is off by Aarontzy 2011-11-28

After while, it does not play especially when iPhone screen is off.