SGAG 应用 費iPhone / iPad
SGAG 应用 費iPhone / iPad

SGAG 应用 費iPhone / iPad

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SGAG 应用 費iPhone / iPad screenshot
SGAG 应用 費iPhone / iPad screenshot
SGAG 应用 費iPhone / iPad screenshot
SGAG 应用 費iPhone / iPad screenshot
SGAG 应用 費iPhone / iPad screenshot

如何安裝 SGAG 应用 費iPhone / iPad

歡迎訪問本網站 - 網站提供所有應用/遊戲的打折信息在iOS的遊戲市場上。 在這裡,你很容易地找到或下載你愛的應用程序/遊戲或跟踪應用程序/遊戲價格的上升/下降無論是由於有限的區域或其他事項它不允許在iTunes商店提供。 以按國家的價格查詢,你可以輕鬆地比較你喜歡的應用程序/遊戲價格。
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SGAG 应用 其他信息

13.99 MB


Nice app 作者

The app is quite laggy idk whether is it jus me XD and can u like add a button so it will scroll up and refresh cos everytime I wan to refresh I must scroll all the way up. Overall it is still an awesome app and the meme are so damn funny

Sgag app review 作者

The app's good for users who just had a bad day to look at and have a good laugh out if the memes . There's only 1 word usable to say about this app : PERFECTION

Always been a fan. Never really know how I could... 作者

Track SGAG better with their quirky updates. Found out about the app. Now I am not going to miss any more updates. Keep up the good work SGAG!

Good Job 作者

Been waiting for an app for a long time, but now it comes! Problems, slow loading of photos ( i using 3G), sometimes unresponsive(Iphone 5s)

Welcome To Sgag Army 作者

If You Already Are One Seriously Download This :D This App Deserves More Ratings From All The Bros.

Thanks for the app 作者

Glad to have the app so I could constantly follow up on new updates without checking on FB!

Can't open app 作者

It would crash immediately after I launch the app. Couldn't see any of the content.

Review 作者

Funny comic 10/10. Always make me laugh when looking and reading at the comic

Finally! 作者

Love this app so much.. Thanks for making it for us..

Support!!!! 作者

Download it now or (YOU DUN CHI BAI!!!!!!!)

Best App in SG! 作者

A more convenient way to view all the gags

Finally our Singaporean funny app! 作者

A app which is truly Singaporean humor!!!

Ups 作者

Best app to view Singaporean humor!

You Don't Chibai 作者

Good job SGAG for creating an App.

No smooth graphics by Thinagaran 2015-08-26

I sincerely think that sgag needs to improve the user interface. In the feed itself, the images will never load. I have to click the image to view it . Please do something about it . I think everyone needs a smooth user interface

Suddenly ceased to function by Joel7050 2016-11-19

Not the first time this has happened. For a few days at a time, a certain SGAG post would cause the app to be unable to launch, or crash the moment I scroll to that post. It's been crashing on launch for a few days now.

App Not Loading On iOS 9.0.1 by SingaporeanHazeLover 2015-09-28

The app doesn't work on iOS 9.0.1 when I tried it today, when I open it, it closes immediately. I think it may be a bug or something, not sure if it's SGAG of Apple, thanks

Useless on new phone by That1booklover 2016-11-09

It was really entertaining on my I Phone 6 plus. But after I got my new I phone 7 set up, the app stopped working altogether. I can't even open it without it crashing.

APP ALWAYS CRASHING by Skshaiabslsisb 2017-01-21

The app always crashes after 5 minutes of being on it. And many times images don't load at all.

Crash by Alskjs 2017-02-07

It not so smooth, and when i scroll to a certain image or post, it always crash, very slow

Crash by SGAG user 2016-11-13

It keep crashing sia on my iPhone 5c. I can't scroll down to see post please fix leh

What is the problem by glen9000 2016-02-06

Can't comment and my Facebook account profile pic on SGAG is the old one

Back to top by Feltonlee 2015-08-11

A button to allow us to go back to the top of the page would be ideal

Sgag loading too long or not at all by Cockenschtuff 2015-04-06

Takes up to 2 minutes to load a picture. That's ridiculous

Cant refresh by Samdinzy 2015-10-15

Tried refreshing to load new post but can't.

Please update your app. by Jeremi! 2016-09-22

Apps is dead. Could image could not be seen.

Couldnt open by ehlikereal 2016-11-10

Cannot open app on iphone 7plus

Crash by GuyCoolBro 2016-11-16

Crash when open on iphone5