Talking Bean 应用 費iPhone / iPad
Talking Bean 应用 費iPhone / iPad

Talking Bean 应用 費iPhone / iPad

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Talking Bean 应用 費iPhone / iPad screenshot
Talking Bean 应用 費iPhone / iPad screenshot
Talking Bean 应用 費iPhone / iPad screenshot
Talking Bean 应用 費iPhone / iPad screenshot
Talking Bean 应用 費iPhone / iPad screenshot

如何安裝 Talking Bean 应用 費iPhone / iPad

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Talking Bean 应用 其他信息

44.64 MB


Super super cute 作者

My dotter loved Mr Bean since she saw e ad on tv.. N nw wif tis game, she can see Mr Bean anytime ;P e actions n sounds made by it r cute.. But of cos if there's more options or Mr Bean 2, I'll definitely dl again!

Healthy Beans 作者

Mr Bean character is so cute & lovable. Each time my baby is grouchy I let him see the ad, he starts chuckling. How I wish there is much more to play with & longer ad time.

Talking bean 作者

Cute movements , lovely actions . My 10mth old nephew are entertained with it throughout his awake days . Can have more movements n music for baby as accompanied by his movements .

Mr Bean Review 作者

Mr Bean is so lovable & cute at the same time ! My family loves him and always looks forward to a cone of Soya ice cream from a Mr Bean outlet always :)

Great!  But there's a bug. 作者

Hello I'm a mr bean fan here. Should add more actions and dance moves. There is a bug that prevents me from loading to my photos though.

Talking Bean 作者

It's so cute!! Good graphics and functions, but there should be more features. But overall, it's really cool. No doubts about it.

Add more actions! 作者

It's a nice app, but let us do more with this app! :) maybe include more actions or add short games to the app. :D

Funny cool app! 作者

This is cool! I also realised that the background changes over time! My 3 year old daughter enjoyed it too!

Baby bean 作者

Mr bean is so cute and I love you so much mr bean I like to the red bean pancakes and the soya bean drink

Very cute Bean :) 作者

One of the cutest and most endearing talking apps for sure! My son and nephew can't get enough of it!

Everything fine but ... 作者

Everything is find except the Facebook login and talking of bean. Please try to fix the bug.

Review 作者

It's very funny,but everytime I want to download,it's unable to be download.

Cutesy Bean 作者

Really v lovely & cute ; melts my heart esp when I'm tired fr work 


Mr bean is cute and adoable I love you mr bean

To improve by Tubbiebabe 2011-06-20

Bean bean is very cute, but it can't perform the act that was said. It can't talk to me. Beanie should be able to do more tricks. Maybe can program in a way whereby we cam feed & clean or even play with him 

Buggy by Itemsmono 2016-11-09

After recording the sound and pressing stop, there's playback but a blank dialogue box also appears and remains there, blocking half of Mr Bean.

Bean not talking by Bean fan 2011-06-16

Why Is my mr bean is not talking to me , anyone has this problem ??