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Alarm Clock Pro Apps for Android

App rating: 3.5/5

App information

Version 1.0
Last Updated
Downloads 500 + Downloads
Developer Mark Technologies
Categories Personalization
Supported Android 4.1


No more boring digital clocks
Turn your android device into a stunning, stylish alarm clock.

Key features:-

- Completely ad free.
- Shake to snooze
- More than 100 beautiful themes to choose from.
- Stylish digital bedside clock.
- Accurate weather updates of your nearby areas.
- Fully customizable gorgeous themes.
- Repeating alarm on the days of your choice.
- Wake up to your favorite tune while you are asleep.
- Inbuilt flash light which can be used as torch at night.
- 12 or 24 hour format.
- Vibrating alarm to wake you up.
- Snooze with adjustable time.
- Supports both portrait and landscape orientations for both mobile and tablets.
- Turns off alarm tune during call.
- Intelligently designed to optimize your battery.
- Adjustable snooze duration.
- Support for unlimited multiple alarms.
- Supports offline mode.
- Intelligently wakes up from doze mode in android marshmallow.

Why ask permissions?
- Camera:- Allows app to use flashlight.
- Storage:- Allows app to to scan through music files on your device to show you with alarm tune of your desire.
- Location:- To give you updates of nearby weather conditions.
- Internet:- To fetch weather data from server.

If you have any suggestions or feedback or want to report any bug, kindly mail it to us, through feedback section in settings.
We will do whatever we can to better your experience.

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