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Aroma TLV Apps for Android

App rating: 2.8/5

App information

Version 4.94.18
Last Updated
Size 16.22 MB
Downloads 10000 + Downloads
Developer BEENGO .ME LTD
Categories Lifestyle
Supported Android 4.1


The loyalty app for Aroma TLV!

** Attention, in this new version you need to reinsert the your credit card details **
For every 99 NIS, you get 11 NIS as a gift.
(Loading your card gives you a 10% discount in advance for future purchases)

Using this app you can:
- Get, redeem and share coupons with the app
- Order from the App
- Pay
- Browse through the menu
- Receive updates and promotions
- Send a gift card to a friend

A short explanation about the permissions

Credit card security issues
Send a gift card to a friend
Verify your location
Cache images and data on your device
Wi-Fi connection information
Connection to the server
Device ID & call information
Credit card security issues

Screenshots & Videos