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Autism Speech DiegoSays Apps for Android

App rating: 3.6/5

App information

Version 2
Last Updated
Size 12.58 MB
Downloads 10000 + Downloads
Developer Green Bubble Labs
Categories Education
Supported Android 2.1


This application represents a quick and practical form of teaching your child the basics of communication. The communication is the most important element for increasing the independence and progress of your child. This application uses the basic needs of your child in order to improve his communication skills.
How it works:
The children must push in the action button first (Ej: I want) and then push in one of the possible options (Ej. food)

Remember that the persistence is you’re best allied. You must encorage your son to use this tool whenever he needs to communicate. The practice will make the rest.

If you are following a diet free of gluten nd casein, then the bread and other elements, present in the application, are versions free of gluten and casein such as rice bread.
The DiegoSaysPro version has many other communicative elements.

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