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Battery Doctor - Fast Charger Apps for Android

App rating: 3.4/5

App information

Version 1.4
Last Updated
Size 1.59 MB
Downloads 1000 + Downloads
Developer Battery Booster Optimizer
Categories Tools
Supported Android 4.2


Battery Doctor - Fast Charger: Power master is a small, sleek and free elegant battery doctor that extends your battery life longer, and can help boost battery life of your android device up to 50% and cut down unnecessary processes to extend battery life. This battery saving app can provide the functions of battery percentage monitor, running app optimizer, customizing power saver mode, memory manager and clean booster. Now get the simple but most powerful battery saver to optimize your battery power.

· Battery Doctor : Power Master kills nonessential processes to extend standby time:
Clean up memory and speed up your phone by stopping or closing the redundant tasks. Battery reports on which apps are draining your battery, so you can force close or uninstall high-draining apps for battery life.

· Battery Life : Power Master optimizes battery with one tap:
Saving your phone battery with just one tap. Battery Saver: Power master will stop the background running apps that drain battery too fast and recommend the function to turn off in order to save more

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