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Beautiful easy hairstyles step by step Apps for Android

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Version 1.1
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Developer Bernard Jean-Pierre
Categories Beauty
Supported Android 4.1


Whatever your haircut is, no matter how short or long your hair is, you need to try new looks to your hair, and be as glamorous as you can be. This application will provide you a set of beautiful and trendy hairstyle that you can try on anytime you need.

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Latest African Natural Hair Ideas - One of the most popular African American hairstyles is the Afro. It can be simply described as any length of hair that is in its natural african hair state. Like many other African American hairstyles it is an easy, low maintenance black haircut style since it can be cared for with a pick or simply with your fingers. For examples like Freeform Locs, Pinned-Up Volume, african hairstyles, Naturally Beautiful, Raised Curls, Wispy Ends, The Wet Look, Buzzed Fun, Mohawk, Ponytail and Loose Locks.

Hairstyles for black women with ponytails are great. The options are endless and the inspiration can be found right here. This application african hair contains african braids Closely Cropped Sides, Tight Voluminous Curls, african braids, Wild Waves, Combed-Out Afro, Asymmetrical Silver Swoop and Curled Bob. The thing about afro hair is that it is truly versatile.

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