Cake Maker chocolate desserts

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Update: 2017-06-03

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Game cake chocolate desserts of the best cooking games because it is one of the best games Olayn cake chocolate desserts of delicious dishes loved by adults and kids, and there are many different recipes for preparing varieties of cake desserts, and these recipes recipes candy biscuits, a favorite in the summer, the fact that most of them served cold In this Alabh you will learn how to prepare this cake, which is considered one of the best cooking games and games Arab girls.Cake chocolate desserts types of French pastries origin, usually eaten after meals, or between them as a kind of sweetener, served with tea or coffee, and there are many types and shapes him, and in some cases are made salty, and usually presents on special occasions and evening gowns, and it tastes delicious and distinctive.Are you ready to cook cake chocolate desserts Alabh very brilliant Let us with fun and play even more beautiful on the Cooking Games Girls is well known that the cake is a favorite meal for girls so Play the game and Enjoy preparing this unique cake If this is the first time for you to play this game if you will Tdkhlin However, if Conti familiar with playing Click on the start to open up to the game and give play before you complete the components sugar salt oil obesity and milk and eggs Add a little milk to accurately located with cracking eggs and put a small amount of oil and Follow the instructions inside the game until the cake appear as required she cake Marvelous wedding must be a very good look until you open the appetite of the guests of this wedding is known and will be attended by the eminent personalities so you must be present to prepare anything after this cake after you play this game you will be may Akmmelta task and Tamutai how the cake as required play now game cooking cake chocolate desserts.Ankhali flour and salt on a piece of paper, then Artkih aside. Ankhali soft powdered sugar in a pot blender, then add the butter, Thbta Tennis networking, then Whisk for a period ranging from 3-4 minutes, until you get a light creamy mixture of textures, and have a yellow color opening. Add the egg yolk and vanilla and a teaspoon of milk, then Beat on slow speed until the yolk disappears into the mixture. Lift up your tennis networked, and then proved racket flipping, and add the flour, then my job mixer on slow speed for about a minute, until all ingredients are mixed with each other, and so you get a cohesive dough somewhat. Prepare the oven at a temperature of 190 ° C, and then Bring trays short edge. Put the dough in the amount of piston biscuit, then Click it until you get the desired shape, then put the pills in the ready-oven tray, and make sure to leave a space between each bead and the other. Enter your oven tray, and leave for a period ranging from 8-9 minutes, until golden berry color. Chinese Get out from the oven and leave aside to cool completely, then Ankulaiha to a serving dish. My little jam between two pieces of the home immediately, then Olsquihma each other, and Zinni parties pistachio ground. Advice when preparing.When you place the dough in the piston biscuits, Click well on the dough until filled within the piston cavity and get rid of all the blanks, and keep clicking over and over again until the dough out of the piston parties, may need to make more than one piece of homework as soon as the aim of the experiment, so that gives piston definitely form a regular basis, and if you notice that the dough is very cohesive, add to it the rest of the milk. When you put the dough in the piston biscuit Click on the dough so that the piston cavity is filled with good and get rid of the blanks..

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