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Child Lock (Parental Control) Apps for Android

App rating: 3.8/5

App information

Version 3.1
Last Updated
Size 3.02 MB
Downloads 50000 + Downloads
Developer Yogesh Dama
Categories Tools
Supported Android 4.1


Child Lock launcher: Control what your kids have access to on your phone.
Give your phone to your kids without any worry. be relax & happy !!

Complete Parental controls, child lock with simple easy design.

Note: Home key is not locked as per the Android standard but Child lock Launcher will start again till correct pincode provided.

✔ Simple design and easy to use.
✔ Allow only selected apps on Child Lock launcher.
✔ Exit from Child lock launcher by 4 digit pin code.
✔ Locks the Volume keys, kids wont be able to mute the ringer.
✔ Set Ringer, notification, Media, System Volume levels for Child lock launcher.
✔ Set Wifi on/off for Child lock launcher.
✔ allow/disallow Hardware keys: Back, Volume, Menu, Search, Camera.
✔ Set wallpaper for Child lock launcher.
✔ set Screen always On if you want.
✔ Paint for Kids
✔ ABCD for kids- Learn English ABCD for kids.

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