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Dunk Star-Happy Basketball Sport Game Apps for Android

App rating: 3.7/5

App information

Version 1.0
Last Updated
Size 46.78 MB
Downloads 1000 + Downloads
Developer didinewcar
Categories Action
Supported Android 4.0.3


Catch the ball, turn around, fake moves over the opponent, shoot! Pretty, the ball is in! In the world of teasing, you will play a pair of acquaintance partners, you can control lively characters to catch, pass, shoot or dunk with just a click. You are willing to play as a precise three-point shooter in the backcourt, or a strong assaulter will never go ahead, depending on you. There is a double mode, you can play against your friends on a mobile phone, and learn the game! Don't forget to share the joy of this game with your family and friends!

Game features:
2018 latest basketball arcade gameplay!
A game of three minutes, play anytime, anywhere, convenient, fast and full of fun!
Test your hand speed, seize the opportunity to shoot, become the three-point hunter on the field!
At the same time, you must also do a good job of defense, pay attention to grab the rebounds, don't be soft when you block!
Massive fun skin with you laughing!
Double mode, compete with your partner on the same phone!
Festive flavoring in family gatherings!

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