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Home Arcade The Duck - catch all the eggs in basket

The Duck - catch all the eggs in basket Games for Android

App rating: 3.2/5

App information

Version 1.0
Last Updated
Size 4.65 MB
Downloads 500 + Downloads
Developer Mark Technologies
Categories Arcade
Supported Android 2.3


Catch The Egg is totally a time pass arcade game.This is Challenging game for Gamer.
Only left-right tilt your device and catch the EGG.

With every falling egg, this game becomes more and more harder than before.

- Catch the falling eggs in the basket.
- Tilt device left and right to move the basket.
- The more you tilt your device, the faster basket will move.
- Speed of falling egg will increase with each successful catch.
- Beware of edge of plank, Your basket may slide over and fall down.
- If any egg falls on ground, GAME OVER.
- Compete with your friends for high score.

Enjoy catching eggs .

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