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Update: 1970-01-01

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F18 vs F16 Air Battle 3D is an ultimate aircraft combat dogfight game for jet flight simulator lovers. Become a fighter pilot, control your super sonic F18 falcon and hornet from the cockpit. It’s a dream come true. This action packed jet fighter simulator features an air strike between the deadliest airspace force jet fighter, F18 vs F16.

Take off from the aircraft carrier, clear toughest combat missions against your enemy F16 fighter jet. This war game has the best radar system to locate the enemy. Steer towards the F16 fighter aircrafts, use your scope, lock the target and fire the missiles. Take off from your Airforce airbase, shoot your target airplane, destroy your enemies aircrafts and go for landing on the runway after a successful dogfight flying mission between F18 and F16.

Test your pro flight skills with F18 vs F16 Air Battle 3D. Your country’s freedom is at stake. Make use of the radar system flight tracker to track the enemy plane. Defend your country’s navy, army and airforce bases from the terrorist air strike mission and survive the war successfully.

There are 5 extremely addictive and challengin gameplay missions in campaign mode. Defend your base against air and navy attacks. Complete the series of air missions and save your country’s pride. 
Improve the Air Force's combat capability through victory. Disengage your jet from SAM missiles, avoid radars, select your favorite weapons and destroy warships, shoot Gunship aircrafts. Get ready for an ultimate air attack!

F18 vs F16 Air Battle Features

▶ Missions: Gameplay Engine with four different fighting missions

▶ Jet Fighters module encounter physical engine war

▶ Realistic controls with smooth gesture movement

▶ 3rd person and cockpit controller view
 flight simulator
▶ Artificial weather conditions featuring thick clouds, rain and hurricanes 

▶ Intensified blend on flight simulation and air combat

▶ Warcraft technology with target lock and radar visibility

▶ Very cool sound and screen effects in the aircraft attack

▶ Dozens Of modern weapons from the enemy, such as aircraft fighter, tank and aircraft carrier.

Use Various weapons to destroy your enemies, their tanks, ships & aircrafts in the best flight simulator game. Your Air Force is waiting for your victory at every level! The world war has begun; get on your fighters to save the world. 

 Enjoy endless hours fun!


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