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Flipagram for slideshow photo maker Apps for Android

App rating: 3.5/5

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Version 1.1
Last Updated
Size 6.23 MB
Downloads 5000 + Downloads
Categories Video Players & Editors
Supported Android 4.0


Tool that is easy to use, Flipagram downloads quickly and gives flawless perfect results. Creating beautiful and natural looking selfies has never been easier. Perfect Selfie Camera is the perfect app to take your selfie processing to the next level. Discover and virtually try new, trendy makeup looks or retouch, tune and edit your photos in one place!

The best, this app is amazing for all your features for your selfi and photo editor app :
Flipagram for Slideshow
Photo Video Maker
Flipagram Video Maker
Flipagram Slideshow Maker
Flipagram Animation Maker
Flipagram Video With Music


• Select photo from camera and gallery.
• Edit your photo with amazing effect.
• Add your photo on slide show.
• Also you add music in your slide show.
• Photo video maker support music trimming.
• Different frame are applied.
• Different stickers are providing.
• Choose different frame.
• Also give your photo album to color effect.
• Add your every photo to slide time.
• Save this photo story in your device.
• Share this video with your friends.

- Be part of a social community
- Share your videos and slideshows to Your Friends to become a star!
- Celebrate friendships, relationships, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, and all your memories with the people you love

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