Freedom - relief from addictions and bad habits

By: Tikamori

Version: 7.1

Update: 2021-02-25

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  • Package: com.tikamori.freedom
  • Version: 7.1 (71)
  • Size: 12.1 MB
  • Update on: February 25, 2021
  • Installs: 50,000
  • Signature: dfd248e93363c7526657806cee9d2e26ecd9be76
  • APK File SHA1: 3db4b1b6fde290d908f2c3b45addf3a104ffc325


Do bad habits poison your life? Are you still going to start on Monday? Then we are going to you! Freedom is your ticket to a dream.

There is a proverb:

"Sow a habit - reap a character. Sow a character - reap a fate". If you want a lucky fate - start by reconsidering your habits.

Freedom was created just to help you with this difficult task. Each of us has habits which determine a model of behavior and a way of thinking. Habits can be good, like morning exercises or evening jogging, and bad ones.

These are addiction habits that limit our freedom. They may seem harmless, but they gradually poison your life. Our application was designed specifically to help you get rid of:

● Smoking
● Alcohol addiction
● Gaming, internet, TV - addictions
● Sweets addiction
● Bad habits like nail biting

Change your life for better

This application will help you comfortably create your new lifestyle. Treat these changes in your life as a long-term project. If you try to change all the habits at once, things are likely to get out of control. You may be frustrated by the fact that it may take more than a month to get rid of bad habits. But it's worth spending a month to change one habit - and that will change your life!

Start right now

Nothing is more permanent than temporary.
Take it into consideration, when you want to postpone a new life until Monday. The sooner you start, the easier it will be for you.

What shall you start with?

What do you spend your precious time on? Do you smoke cigarettes not thinking about harm to your health and budget? Turn on TV in the morning, and that’s why forget all the plans for the day?
Imagine your ideal life. What is it full of? Include these things in the list of your new habits. Yoga, orange juice in the morning, get a dog and walk it every day ... What will you choose? Now it’s time to get rid of what is stealing your time, your money, your life. Now you know what to do. And Freedom is on your side!

But how will Freedom guide you along the chosen path?

● It does not let you give up, because you’ll always see your goals
● It counts how much money and time you saved
● Provides moral and motivational support
● Displays your progress on the widget

Do not lose your determination

Start by choosing one habit you want to get rid of. When you feel that a new way of life has become natural for you - you can proceed to the following changes. If you want dramatically change your life - do not hurry! Mentality and physiology take some time to rebuild. Your willpower is a limited resource, focus on one task. If you follow our recommendations, you will be satisfied with the results that will please you for many years!


Freedom has developed a system of rewards based on the accumulation of time and money saved for something that you have wanted but could not afford.
What will please you? To meet an old friend? Or to buy a branded piece of clothing that you can afford after 2 weeks without smoking? Decide by yourself. And pamper yourself - you deserve it!

Developers’ Farewell

It's not easy to get rid of something that makes your life more convenient and enjoyable at this very moment. It requires everyday determination. Do not let your weaknesses control your behavior and determine the future. Build it yourself! We know what we are talking about. After all, we have passed through this. And we will be with you on this way every day, for help and support..

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