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Get a Powernap! Hypnosis Apps for Android

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Version 26.0
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Developer Kim Fleckenstein
Categories Health & Fitness
Supported Android 2.2


***The Audio files are high quality and therefore quite large, a good wifi Connection is necessary to download***If you face any issue with your Android application, please do write to our support email address before rating the application ***


► Recharge your batteries and improve your health
► Increase alertness and concentration
► Enhance creativity and performance

Power naps — the solution for that mid-day slump! You've probably experienced this before: Shortly after lunch, you start to feel a little tired, your concentration diminishes, it's hard to resist yawning, and you start thinking: "I could really use an afternoon nap...". It's no wonder — this "afternoon slump" is simply your body following its natural biological rhythms and attempting to replenish its performance and energy reserves. Usually, we simply ignore this drop in performance and get ourselves a coffee. However, it is more effective and healthier in the long term to simply take an afternoon nap.

Scientific studies have shown that even a nap that is only 20 minutes long has a regenerative effect that we benefit from for the rest of the day. By getting a little shut-eye — also called a "power nap" — you can significantly increase your quality of life and performance. The hypnosis program „Get a Power Nap! Powernapping by Hypnosis“ can help you make power napping part of your daily ritual. With its help, you can rest your physical and mental faculties for around 15 minutes each day. Your memory, creativity, and powers of concentration will improve. This relieves stress, while at the same time replenishing your energy. You will sense a pleasant feeling of calm in your entire body, and feel refreshed and in good spirits!


„Get a Power Nap! Powernapping by Hypnosis“ is a form of relaxation training that works effectively with the techniques of classical hypnosis and mental coaching. This 15-minute program is aimed at people who would like to rejuvenate themselves naturally and improve their health over the long term. For most people, the optimal time for a power nap is between 12 noon and 3 pm. Find your personal "nap window" simply by paying attention to your own biological clock. Find a place where you can close your eyes for approx. 15 minutes without being disturbed. If possible, find somewhere where you can lie down. During a power nap, deep sleep is generally not achieved — it is similar to dozing off or "snoozing". After your nap, take a few minutes to wake up fully.


„Get over Lovesickness!" was designed by well-known German Hypnotherapist Kim Fleckenstein. Kim Fleckenstein is a certified alternative practitioner in psychotherapy, a clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP-Master-Coach. Based in Munich she already published a range of best-selling self-help and hypnosis programs as Apps and MP3s under the label GET ON APPS!. Her unique technique and self experiences have helped to create the special character and heart of her recordings.

Together with professional and native speaker Cathy Weber she also publishes her programs in English.


* A highly effective 15-Minute professional Hypnosis session using the latest hypnotic and relaxation techniques – suitable for both, beginners and more experienced users.
* The professional and warm voice of Cathy Weber, which leads you into a deep state of relaxation and change.
* A high quality and state of the art recording.
* Professionally composed background music for every program by CSW Music.
* Customize your settings and discover other useful features.


Do not listen to this program while operating a motor vehicle or during any other activity that requires your full attention. This program does not replace a doctor or any other medical aids. The best effect can be achieved by listening to this program once a day over a period of 4 weeks.