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By: Reference Point Ltd

Version: Validate Highways England QR App 1.1

Update: 2018-01-24

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  • Package: rpl.skillsafe.qrclientv4he
  • Version: Validate Highways England QR App 1.1 (245)
  • Size: 20.9 MB
  • Update on: January 24, 2018
  • Installs: 100
  • Signature: 5ad044485e78c9a7169ce990ed049bf7132d7927
  • APK File SHA1: ab74d0259c7df3fa7775a6584e897b2dddc7a657


NOTE: Once installed, the app name will be displayed as ‘Passport QR’ in your list of installed apps.
The app allows anyone to check their own Highways England Passport smartcard to view their current competences.

The app also allows authorised card checkers to undertake a range of other activities. These are:
• undertaking spot checks
• managing access control in and out of work – for both cardholders and visitors
• recording locally-delivered training (e.g. inductions and briefings).

A record of all checks and awards is automatically synchronised to the passport database to provide a full audit of activities and checks completed.

Highways England Passport smartcards can either be checked by scanning the QR code on the front of the card or by reading the microchip within the smartcard using NFC. This version of the app is intended for use on devices without NFC functionality. If your device does support NFC, search for ‘Highways England Passport NFC” to find the NFC enabled version (which also supports QR code scanning).

Note: Visitor passes can only be checked by scanning their QR code and CSCS cards can only be checked using NFC as they do not have QR codes printed on them.

This app can be used with any Android smartphone or tablet (Android 4 and above) with a rear-facing autofocus camera. Passport smartcards scanned via QR code will need to be scanned when the device has a mobile data connection to allow the cardholder’s details to be retrieved from the central database. When online, all checks and awards completed on the app are uploaded to the central database in real time.
All checks and awards are uploaded automatically to the database when an internet connection is present or can be uploaded later when connectivity is restored by re-launching the app.
This first time the app is launched you will need to scan the QR code available at the following address when prompted (you will only need to do this the first time the app is installed): https://he.validate.mitie.com/mobileapp

Now you’re ready to start checking cards. First scan your own card to log into the app as instructed.

Note: Even is you are not an approved card checker, you can still view the details on your own card by scanning it with the app. If you aren’t an approved checker, you will not have access to the full functionality available within the app but will be shown a copy of your own card details when scanning your card.

You can log into the app and access cardholders’ records by scanning the QR code printed on the cards themselves. You’ll need to have internet access the first time you scan a card by QR code, but you can then check the same card again later when offline as the cardholder’s details will be stored securely on the device itself after the initial scan. Remember, when offline the information you see is only current as of the last online scan, so you should ensure you scan cards when online whenever possible to make sure the information you are seeing is up to date. To help you, the app will always show the last time the cardholder’s data was updated from the central database, allowing you to make an informed decision about how current, and therefore, reliable, the information shown may be.

If you are an authorised card checker, once you’ve logged in with your card you’ll need to pick the location
(and, if relevant, zone) you’re working at. If there are lots defined, just start typing the name and all matching locations will be returned. Otherwise, just select from the dropdown list displayed. If you think you should be able to scan other people’s cards as well, contact your Highways England Passport administrator.

You are now ready to start swiping people into your selected location, complete spot checks etc.

Validate is sold exclusively by MITIE and is the full copyright of Reference Point Ltd..

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