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Hills Legend: Action-horror (Lite) Games for Android

App rating: 3.8/5

App information

Version 1.14
Last Updated
Size 79.58 MB
Downloads 50000 + Downloads
Developer EGProject
Categories Action
Supported Android 4.0


Hills Legend: Action-horror (Lite) — is a first-person action horror game with a tense and creepy atmosphere, a frightening plot, the outcome of which will be a mystery to the very end.

Explore the corridors and underground floors of the mental hospital. Look for answers to the questions that will help you unravel the mystery of treasures.

Brief background.

According to an old legend, under one of the temples there was an underground passage leading to the treasures. But once, during the excavation, the walls of the monastery were ruined and it was decided to fill the entrance to the passage with stones and pour concrete. The cave passages were left unexplored.

According to the legend, there was another entrance to the cave from the underground buildings of the temple. Even now this place is frightening and shouldn't be used for walking. But I plan to satisfy my interest and check the legend about the treasures...

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