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Hippo Sports Games for Android

App rating: 4.2/5

App information

Version 1.1.2004
Last Updated
Size 37.42 MB
Downloads 50000 + Downloads
Developer Tivola
Categories Casual
Supported Android


Turn the slow, clumsy pachyderm into a master on the trampoline, a virtuoso with the jumping rope or into the next Bruce Lee of karate! With Hippo Sports, you now get your own sports tamagotchi to-go!

★ Train your friend the hippo and let him achieve his best!
★ Give Hippo a name and observe his improvements
★ Crazy accessories and curious items for a diverse gaming experience!
★ High-quality 3D graphics and funny animations
★ Intuitive controlling and great design for young and old

The hippo has got a problem:
He likes cake, fries and ice cream way too much, so now his belly is always in his way! The only solution would be sports, but the laziness always interferes with this plan. You are Hippo’s last hope for a sporty future! Train with him and make him fit!

Train your skills in three great games!
While practicing karate you kick and punch the flying balls in the right moment, so that they don’t hit Hippo. But watch out! The faster is gets, the more Hippo fails and tumbles down! But that looks very funny as well.
For rope jumping you’ll need the right timing – if you let Hippo jump too early or too late, his legs will get tangled!
Finally you can show your acrobatic talent on the trampoline. With a lot of fine feeling you show the hippo great poses. But also here you’ll have to watch out because Hippo is not the most elegant when it comes to falling!

After the exhausting workout you can treat Hippo to a relaxing shower in the wash room. Adjust the temperature right, make Hippo foam up and then rinse and dry him. After that, he’ll feel really great and comfy!

Hippo Sports uses the Unity engine and therefore offers high-quality 3D graphics and very realistic ragdoll movement animations. Even mistakes and mishaps turn into fun when Hippo trips clumsily and makes funny noises!

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