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The History Channel network is originally criticized by many historians, and skeptics for broadcasting pseudo documentaries and sensational investigative programming, such as UFO Hunters, Brad Meltzer's Decoded , history vault , Ancient Aliens , and the Nostradamus Effect.

In History Documentaries, Subjects include religious beliefs , disaster scenarios , apocalyptic "after man" scenarios, doomsday, warfare, inventions, aviation, mechanical and civil engineering, technology, history vault , mythical creatures , monsters , unidentified flying objects, conspiracy theories , aliens , and superstitions.

Get select your history videos in the search bar of the history app or your can also select history videos from the navigation drawer including different and most amazing history documentaries like the following

educational documentary
ancient history
Military history
historical fiction
reiseführer paris
history videos
World History Documentaries
PBS Nova Documentary
SargeNotes History Playlists
Black History
Epic rap battes of history
History Of Rock
Rural history
Urban history
history people
history project ideas
history quiz
teach history
history facts
History of education
Ethnic history
history channel documentaries
history channel app
history chicks
history events
History of Africa
history facts
history of japan
teach history
history of israel
History of religion
Biografie History Channel

The History Channel network has also criticized for having a bias towards U.S. history

Historians sometimes debate the nature of history and its usefulness by discussing the study of the discipline. History channel app also includes reality television history videos involving pawn stores , antique and collectible "pickers" , truck drivers , alligator hunters , car restorers , photography and others.

History is the study of the past as it is described in written documents. The History documentaries originally broadcast different documentary programs and historical fiction series in this History channel app.

History channel has covered a very wide range of historical periods History can also refer to the academic discipline which uses a narrative to examine and analyse a sequence of past events.

History Documentaries : History Channel

History of Wakanda - Home of Black Panther and Vibranium

The Conquerors - History Channel
Social history
Os Sete Pecados Capitais
The Revolution
Middle Ages - History Channel
Demographic history
educational documentary
historical fiction
european history
improve knowledge
ancient history quiz
Haunted History
swamp people
US History
Mega Disasters History
History of the family
Labour history
American urban history
Women's history
history facts
history books for kids
educational documentary
history channel vikings
history videos
Cultural history
history channel shows
Diplomatic history
history app
history rhymes
Economic history
history stories
book world
Environmental history
teach history
history videos
travel channel
World history
history articles
history bee
People's history
history shows
history safari
Intellectual history
historical fiction
explore the world
tourisme ile de france
Gender history
united airlines
swamp people
hazrat ali history
Public history
history book
history vault
Space Documentary
Military Documentary
Mobsters, Biography Channel
Modern Marvels
Teaching history
gujjar history
hazrat umar history
History Channel
islamic history
History Documentories
Auxiliary sciences of history
Archival research
Computational history
Popular history
French Revolution
Bible Mysteries
Dark Ages
Lost Worlds
Atlantic history
islamic history podcast
world events
history report
history videos
history vault
modern history
modern world
world history
world history timeline
world history facts
catholic encyclopedi
history book
social history
learn history.

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