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Juke-Car Apps for Android

App rating: 4.5/5

App information

Version 1.2
Last Updated
Size 5.83 MB
Downloads 50000 + Downloads
Developer Tata Motors Limited
Categories Music & Audio
Supported Android 4.0


Juke-Car is a music player application which extends beyond the functionality of normal music players. This app empowers the other users to pool tracks from their smartphones when connected via Wi-Fi Hotspot of your smartphone. When other smartphones are connected to your phone, it creates playlist on the air and play songs when your smartphone is connected to ConnectNext Infotainment System (via. Bluetooth or Aux) in your TATA MOTORS car. It engages with other users around this application to participate and play the songs as per their request while together in your car. The participating users are able to connect their devices to the hosting devices over the Wi-Fi and are able to play music of their choice. These requests are queued and are executed one after the other.
User can start hosting Playlist by starting the app in Juke car mode. Other users can join the host over Wi-Fi and then add their preferred tracks to the common playlist. This common play list can be played through ConnectNext Infotainment System when hosted smart phone is connected via Bluetooth or Aux.

Update version 1.1 Contains:
1. Improved UI to enter name in the home page to Start Juke-Car
2. Add your music via ‘My Music’ when you Join Juke-Car.
3. Bug Fixes
4. Enhanced performance.

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