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Life in the UK Test 2017: Free Apps for Android

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Version 1.0.14
Last Updated
Size 3.65 MB
Downloads 5000 + Downloads
Developer Spark Multimedia
Categories Education
Supported Android 3.0


Featuring questions based on Life in the United Kingdom: A guide for new residents, the official Home Office materials, Life in the UK Test: Practice Questions 2017 is the ideal study companion for anyone preparing to take the Life in the UK test. This free version is to give you a feel of our interface and the structure of the material inside it. Within this app is a number of questions over limited test papers and in the English language. Our full app possesses all the languages and full question bank.
Passing the Life in the UK test is a compulsory requirement for anyone wanting to live permanently in Britain and become a British citizen. This study guide makes preparing for the test a lot easier. This 2017 edition of our life in the UK test features practice tests completely revised based on our research and in all our translated languages (English, Spanish, Polish, Arabic, Urdu, Farsi/Persian/Dari) which can be unlocked in our premium version.
This means within our Life in the UK app every question has been checked against official samples and formats for accuracy in all the translated languages (English, Spanish, Polish, Arabic, Urdu, Farsi/Persian/Dari), our app features formats and questions seen in the test.
This app gives students access to practice questions which are just like the real test all are categorised to make your life easier. We have created 3 main types of questions for "The Life in the UK Test" and four subcategories based on the topics of the questions:

Multiple-choice Questions: You are required to select ONE or TWO answers from a total of four options.
True or False: This type of question requires you to decide whether a statement is True or False.
Statements: Selecting one statement from two that you think is correct.

Topic categories:

o Politics
o History
o Popular Culture
o Others

We are the only people offering "life In the UK" test in Spanish, Polish, Arabic, Urdu, Farsi/Persian/Dari (upgrade for premium content). We at SparkMultiMedia are aware that nearly 100% of the people taking the test are non-native English speakers and the market today offers revision material only in the English language. This can be problematic as we are aware that speaking and reading English as a foreign language is not the same as absorbing information in your mother tongue, we at SparkMultiMedia look to tackle this problem for you.



* Practice all 7 categories that you will be tested on in your exam.

* MOCK TESTS - Sit mock Life in the UK Tests with interactive case study questions, just like in the real test

* FEEDBACK - Receive immediate feedback to help improve your skills.

* EXPLANATIONS - Read our OFFICIAL Life in the UK explanations to help you learn and understand the correct answer.

* FLEXIBLE - Customise your learning by practising the question in your spare time.

* PROGRESS - Keep a track of your progress.

* WORKS OFFLINE - No internet connection needed after first-time use.

* FREE UK SUPPORT - Free UK based customer service & technical support.