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Home Art & Design Light Pixa-Loop: Photo Animation for Insta

Light Pixa-Loop: Photo Animation for Insta Apps for Android

App rating: 3.4/5

App information

Version 100.000
Last Updated
Size 46.64 MB
Downloads 10000 + Downloads
Developer Pixalight Photo Animator
Categories Art & Design
Supported Android 4.3


Bring your photos to life and animate them to magically with Light pixa-loop photo animation.
Light pixa-loop photo animation is a free overlay picture that makes creative videos or GIFs by mixing your photos with cool effects. Hype your photos with special heart, glitter, love & bokeh light effects. Transform your photos into cool videos or GIFs or to Live Wallpaper.
- Make your pic look appealing by adding some breathtaking animation pixa-loop effects, like glitter and sparkle effects,
- Photo editor: crop the image with square size or other sizes for all social networks.
- Animate your selfies and bring them to life : decorate with animated effects, nature effects to photos. You can easily create your photos many beautiful and attractive live hype and type animated effects with wonderful video effects.
- Add and hype animated text: add some typoram animated text on photos.

Infinite artistic possibility photo animation
Any photo element: strands of hair, waves, clouds, or clothing can be animated. light pixa-loop give you precise animation control so you can perfect your lomography idea.
-Easy photo animation & photo animator
- Camera FX lets you get creative by mimicking movement in a cinematic way. ‘Dolly’ effects for perspective distortion.
- New Geometrics tool to realistically animate objects like stairs, floors and hallways to create architectural animations with precision on mobile.
- Dull skies? Choose from a menu of sunsets and clear blue skies and then animate them with this AI-powered ‘auto’ tool.?

High-End Features of light photo animator
- Camera FX and lomograph effect
- Freeform paths for intuitive, freehand-style
- Real-Time Animation Speed Control
- Hundreds of effects: bokeh light, bokeh blur, galaxy, flower crown blossom, heart booth, virtual lighter, smoking, grainy filter, sparkle effects, glitter effect, snow, hype animate text and some nature photos effects etc.
- Choice of pixa loop styles
- Cool Overlays like flames and en light and raindrops to add mood
- Animate as many areas of your photo as you like