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Lyft Coupon Promo Code Free Ride Apps for Android

App rating: 3.9/5

App information

Version 1.0
Last Updated
Size 4.95 MB
Downloads 1000 + Downloads
Developer AAlpha
Categories Maps & Navigation
Supported Android 4.4


This application aggregates all discounts and coupons code for Lyft Taxi which you can apply when paying service or goods for Lyft Taxi. Not only you can have premium products from Lyft Taxi but also get many offers from the company and partners of Lyft Taxi too. More promotions and more discounts you can have. 

This app is designed for everyone. It is easy to use and really helps your shopping experience to be better. Have fun with the app for Lyft Taxi!


-          Variety of promotions : coupons, discount code, exchange, etc
-          Cover both goods and services
-          Real-time updates

How to:

-          Open the app and select Start
-          Swipe down to view the list of promotion codes
-          Tap to enter and view the description of how to apply each code
-          Copy and apply the code in the official app

Not only price saving you will have from this app. You will get many free and lowest-price offers from the business and its partners. The app is regularly updated so it is recommended to open and view new coupons frequently. Thanks for any feedback you send us via email.


++++ Please read ++++

Please be informed that this is not an official application from the business. The app developer did not issue or own the right of coupons distribution. This is a kind of assistant apps that help users to get products or services at the lowest price. 

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