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Version 2.6.0
Last Updated
Size 9.43 MB
Downloads 10000 + Downloads
Developer Murmurdapp
Categories Social
Supported Android 4.1


Murmur is a new-age micro-blogging platform built on the blockchain, pushing the envelope of how we interact with one another online.

On Murmur, you can:
1. Create and share ideas freely, openly and without censorship, to the point of not posting spam or harmful information.
2. Own and control your data on the network.
3. Get rewarded for content creation and content engagement, including actions like watching and interacting with ads.

1. Murmur: Public messages worth 256 characters, viewable to anyone following you.
2. Whisper: Private messages that you can send to anyone on the network, encrypted for enhanced security.
3. Snoop: Appreciation for a piece of content, expressed with a single click.
4. Yell: Sharing of a content created by others on your profile.
5. Comment: Skip the bots and have discussions with real people by commenting on murmurs that interest you.
6. Apps and games: Enjoy and engage with apps and games integrated into the Murmur app, and get rewarded along the way.

The vision of Murmur is to allow all individuals to freely express themselves on the web and connect with their peers and the rest of the world in a truly open and democratic way. All of this, while still maintaining a healthy discussion on privacy, security, and community.

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