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Pantepic Apps for Android

App rating: 4.4/5

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Size 43.96 MB
Downloads 10000 + Downloads
Developer Pantepic
Categories Communication
Supported Android 4.4


Introducing Pantepic! A robust, intelligent messenger application for your smartphone that allows a variety of ways to communicate. Pantepic short message services include a multitude of features such as direct text, group messages, proximity location chat, time delayed message setting, and the illustrious anonymous chat which displays secret chats which disappear after a matter of seconds.
Pantepic has comfortable, easy to operate controls within the application’s user interface design. It keeps personal and private information where it belongs. Send messages to anyone in the world with confidence who the intended readers will be on the most feature rich communication tool for smartphone devices.
Features that we’re most excited about in this release:
- Proximity Chat
- Anonymous or Secret Chat
- Encrypted Messaging
- Start, Create or Join Group Chats
- Time Delay Message - Schedule Messages for Later
- Share Images, Files, & Audio or Videos
- Available in over 100 languages
- Available on IOS & Android

So, what are you waiting for? Download the Newest and Hottest SMS replacement app for your smartphone to enjoy the most adaptable social sharing experience.

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We are constantly working hard on making better and more useful for you. We truly need your feedback especially in our early stages of releasing the tool.

Please get in contact for any suggestions or problems you face by reporting them directly on the application or our website. But also, please do not forget to rate us, leave a comment, and especially share us with your friends. Thank you for the support of our project and continue to explore the ever-advancing world of mobile communications.

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