Pesky Humans 2D strategy game

By: VascoGames

Version: 1.4

Update: 2016-09-14

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  • Version: 1.4 (5)
  • Size: 38.3 MB
  • Update on: September 14, 2016
  • Installs: 100,000
  • Signature: a013739554b27eefe22160bd590d8e947f24df6d
  • APK File SHA1: 33798fec1d6174108049c7177295310830e88b1e


Build your base, build your army, and destroy those pesky humans that are stopping your evil kingdom from growing! Build your Orcs raiding parties to raid the towns of the humans and burn there little villages to the ground to make space for your awesome orc empire. As an orc warlord it’s your task to guide your forces of evil to victory! Pesky humans is a fast passing action strategy game that will keep you busy for some time. The humans control there empire from the sky fortress that is located in the sky mountains.

So you evil warlord, sent out your orc grunts the melee fighters who love punching humans for fun. After a clearing the first levels new recruits will join you like the Axe throwers they are armed with small throwing axes that they don’t use for chopping down trees. The trolls with their giant clubs perfect for smashing on top of the heads of those knights in shining armor. The magic of this strategy game is given by your very own warlock’s masters of dark magic but they have a little twisted mind and love to turn the enemy’s into sheep’s. Why you may ask my lord, we don’t now we don’t like to become a sheep ourselves. But the elite of your forces will be the dragons love gold nearly as much as smoked humans these are your forces lord. You need these troops to not only attack the villages and castles but also to defend your own camp. You can hurt the humans but they can also hurt you!

The eider downs is the where it all starts for you my, you are still a little chief of your orc tribe, but humans are at your borders and you decide to start pushing them back to where they came from!

The imperial coast is the heart of the human empire, full with little towns that are waiting to get burned and raided down to the ground. I mean my lord why stop after taking the eider downs back. Continue your path to victory till the awesome stronghold of the humans on top of the Sky Mountains

Sky fortress is the last stronghold of those little pesky humans, smash down there final resistance here and become the supreme orc warlord of your new evil empire.

Pesky humans’ 2D strategy game features:
- Build your base tap fast and grow your base so you can sent in an endless amount of orcs into the raiding parties.
- Battle and build your way through 30 fast passing action strategy game levels.
- Lead your orc tribes to victory in the wars against those pesky humans.
- You can destroy the humans but they can also destroy you my lord be fast.
- Multiple lanes to defend and to attack
- Super fun designs and child friendly graphics, therefore pesky humans is a game for the whole family!
- Easy game play tap and build. Switch between building modes troops or buildings by tapping in the middle of your screen.
- Special powers are available to wreak havoc on those pesky humans and there pesky knights and troops.
- Keep a close watch at pesky humans as we are planning to launch more levels in the future.

VascoGames is super proud of this fast passing 2d action strategy game, made for those who love strategy games with a little twist. For ones you are not on good side of things but on the dark side. Should be fun right! So to all you people out there who are looking for a super fun action strategy game download pesky human’s 2D strategy game to your device and have fun. If you love this strategy game and everything VascoGames does then give us your support by liking our Facebook or start following us on twitter. Furthermore the newest game trailers are posted on our very own YouTube channel

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