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Update: 1970-01-01

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Hello my young friends! Do you have a Poke-balls, you have to travel to find and catch pixelmons to my collection! There are over 100 different pixel creatures! For boys and girls! Each has its own characteristics, the most important thing that there are no zombies (unturned) that will scare you. In this adventure island are many pixelmons for you! Take poke-ball and catch there! Evolved survival world!
girls will be able to take care of your favorite pets, buy clothes and feed them! Boys like to explore the world, fight in the arena and build your city! Find the strongest that will fit you! Take care of them, to grow it, feed, build him Pok-house coaching and performed with his pixelmon the arena. The game is crafting menu! Collect items (wood, paper and stone) crafting of these things you need! Explore the large open world - a sandbox to find a new pocket pixelm and catch them in the pixel ball that you can throw at them! Mystical creatures roam the planet in search of the coach! Pixelmons coach needs to fight with other players on the battle arena. Spend your magical battle between beast and your other to see who among you stronger and more powerful whose friend! Pixelmons evolves and acquires new abilities and spells!
- Crafting
- Building
- Pixelmons
- Day & Night cycle
- Exploring
- Mods
- Multiplayer
- Pokecraft system
- Open world
- Zombies
- Survival
- PVP 1 x 1
- And more

Explore the world with friends, travel, open new pixelmons! Good luck to you!!!.

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